A Lot of Hats for a Jackery to Wear

About five years ago I needed a one-line bio for an event I was helping to lead. After thinking for a few minutes I quipped, “You can find me near an electrical outlet.” And you know what? The bio stuck! It totally used to be true.


I wear a number of hats in my role as partner at The Youth Cartel. We are a five year old boot strapped start-up based in San Diego where we all wear several hats. Sometimes I’m hosting events, sometimes I’m designing book covers, sometimes I’m marketing our products at trade shows, and sometimes I’m traveling as a digital storyteller. But each of my distinct roles depend on consistent electrical usage.


Last January, I bought my first Jackery Giant+ to solve the problem of landing in an airport with less than 10% of my iPhone battery left. But since I’ve started to build a collection of them that I use for-- shall we say-- atypical applications.


Here’s a short list of my current favorites:


  1. Layover Friend-Making - Last Fall, I found myself stuck in an airport for a few extra hours because of a storm. Like any well-seasoned traveler I know that an essential thing, perhaps the most essential thing, when delays start is to grab a spot at an airport bar with a good menu and some wifi. As the delays and cancellations mounted I began charging up my phone at the bar. Next thing you know, I’m lending extra Jackery’s from my camera bag and charging 5-6 people’s devices. No one likes delays, but you might as well make some friends along the way.

  2. Solar-charging cameras and phones. Last July, I had back-to-back rustic trips sleeping in tents and hammocks. The first was in California’s Yosemite National Park and the second was a work trip to Southern Haiti. In both cases, I was able to keep my Jackery Giant’s charged with a small, inexpensive USB solar panel I purchased on Amazon. This allowed me to charge the batteries on both my Nikon, so I could take high quality shots, and my iPhone so I could post the perfect jealousy inducing shots.

  3. Nesting. I’ve recently started testing Nest Cam as a way to keep an eye on things at home and the office. While wifi isn’t a problem everywhere I want to broadcast, a direct line of power is. I’ve solved that by using two Jackery Giant’s on alternating days.

  4. Sporting Events. I’m an avid college football and basketball fan. On any given weekend you might find me at the game, home or away, cheering for San Diego State. I love to post a lot on Twitter during the games, stream warm-ups on Periscope, and share moments on Instagram and YouTube. I’ve found that the little guy, the Jackery Mini, is perfect for games. I can keep my battery topped up without having to carry the unnecessary weight.

  5. Exhibitor fee avoidance. I don’t mind exhibiting at trade shows. But I do mind paying all the extras, exorbitant fees that sometimes go with exhibiting at trade shows. This Fall I decided to skip a $250 electrical charge at one trade show and instead power our iPad’s with a couple Jackery battery packs. We had more than enough power for a whole lot less that $250!


I’m happy to report that I’m no longer constantly tied to electrical outlets. Now you can find me enjoying the conference, basketball game, or a hike with my gear constantly charging in my backpack.

Adam McLane is a partner at The Youth Cartel. When he’s not talking to teenagers and parents about healthy social media usage he lives in San Diego, California. 

Jack & Jackery, World Famous Iphone Photographer & His Charger Friend

(Jack Hollingsworth is an award-winning, 30-year career veteran in commercial photography. Jack has fallen in love with his iPhone camera as his primary capture tool.  He deeply believes that, when all is said and done, the iPhone may just be remembered as the most influential capture device ever in the history of photography)


Q:    What role do Jackery Products play in your mobile and travel workflow?

A:    Jackery products play a significant role in my mobile workflow.  And I’ll tell you exactly why.  First of all, I always shoot with multiple phones.  This requires lots of lots of portable power. Secondly, I shoot quite a bit of video with my iPhone.  Video shooting goes through power significantly more than just shooting stills.  Thirdly, I shoot SO MUCH content when I’m in production mode – oftentimes up to 2500 captures in a day.  I burn through power like you wouldn’t believe.  Jackery to the rescue!  I carry a full complement of Jackery premium portable charges in my mobile camera bag – Giant+, Bar, Mini, Titan.  There is absolutely no excuse at all to run out of power in the field.  Jackery has your back.  Take advantage!

My Jackery chargers are plugged in at night at home or in my hotel room.  I load them into my camera bag for a full day of shooting and I’m off. I NEVER worry about running out of power.  Ever.  Thank you Jackery.


Q:    Can you think of a single instance where a Jackery product has saved your photographic butt?

A:    I can think of literally hundreds of instances, all over the globe, where Jackery has saved me.  Since the beginning of my iPhone photography career, I have tried quite a few brands for back-up power.  The Jackery Product line has everything I’m looking for in a premium portable charger – form and function!  The entire line of chargers comes in varying shapes and sizes (and colors!) – so easy to throw in my bag or slip in my pocket. And then, of course, there is the name itself – doesn’t have much to do with my love of the product, but it does bring a smile to my face.


Q:    After 40 years of commercial photography, what led you to begin shooting with your iPhone camera?

A:    To be frank, I was initially resistant.  And had no ambition whatsoever to shoot with my iPhone.  Oddly, I had had an iPhone in my pocket for years without even taking more than a few casual snaps.  Than one crystal clear morning, while watching a sunrise on the island of Barbados, I had an epiphany.  It was love at first sight and I haven’t slowed down since that February morning of 2011.  At this moment in time, I have travelled to over 20 countries and shot over 400,000 exposures with my iPhone, and there is no stopping me now!

I do continue to shoot commercial work with my DSLR rig but I’m finding that my creative inner core is more deeply satisfied and fulfilled when I’m shooting with my iPhone.  It has literally changed everything about photography for me.  And, I suspect, I’m still only in ‘Chapter 1”!  I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring in the smartphone camera arena.  Smartphones are a smart move for photographers today.  The nature of photography has shifted from an unbalanced emphasis on technical quality and specs to everyday authenticity and realism in the subjects, themes and concepts we shoot.  Smartphone photography is here to stay.


Q:    Since becoming an active iPhone photographer, what exactly has changed about your shooting habits?

A:    Shooting with the iPhone, over the past four years, hasn’t just changed me a little.  It has changed me drastically for the better.  I’m a different kind of photographer today than I was four years ago.  It has changed what I shoot (the content), when I shoot (the occasion), where I shoot (the location), and why I shoot (the motivation).  Every single day I shoot something.  And I’m not just snapping what comes my way, like in my DSLR workflow.  I find myself going after shots I want.  Setting them up.  Being intentional about my habits. 

At least in my own journey, I can tell you, without any reservation, that shooting with my iPhone camera has resurrected a fire in my heart for the art and science of photography.  I sometimes feel like I am just now learning to shoot.  I am seeing the world with a brand new set of eyes.


Follow Jack Hollingsworth on Twitter at @photojack


Jackery Giant+, A Delightful Companion For Conference Speaker Traveler

“As an international technology conference speaker, I’m frequently on long airplane trips with my phone on, reading books or playing a few games during the flight. Then, after landing, I’ve frequently found myself getting into the cab, desperately trying to find that email with the hotel address on it to show the driver, as the phone’s power display glares ominously at me at 4%... 3%... 2%.... Sometimes I make it, and quickly show the driver the address of the hotel on the phone before it dies... And sometimes not, which then makes trying to find the hotel a pretty exciting operation, particularly if I’m in a country where I can’t even read the native alphabet, much less speak the native language.

“Jackery was kind enough to send me some of their mobile charging packs to try out, and sure enough, on a recent trip to Poland, I found myself in the exact same situation. This time, however, I had their monster external battery pack with me, since I now carry it on me pretty much all the time. Because I had remembered to slip  a charging cable into my pocket with it, I was able to not only get the address without stress, but also charge the phone back up to a full charge (which is not easy for an iPhone 6-plus), and have a little power left over to turn on the LED flashlight to look for a couple of Euros I’d dropped in the back seat while paying the driver.

“I didn’t think I would fall in love with it as much as I have, to be honest. Two USB ports on it, to charge a phone and a tablet simultaneously, as well as the aforementioned built-in flashlight--clean, simple, elegant. It’s 44Wh, which means it stores a ton of power, relatively speaking. That in turn means I don’t have to run it back to an outlet to recharge after  charging just one device, which is great, because I’ve used it to charge a few friends’ phones during a night on the town (and make a few new friends while I’m at it). It’s also got a 3-bar blue “charging” LED that comes on when you charge it up, bright enough to catch your eye when it’s done, but not so screamingly visually loud that it’ll keep me up at night when I plug it in before bed. And the charge port is a simple micro-USB connection, which means that’s one less special-purpose cable and charger I need to carry along with me.

“Honestly, if I had any complaint about it, it’s that it weighs significantly more than most external power packs, and that it gets a little warm to the touch when charging, but frankly, I’ve come to expect the warmth from most power packs, and given that the weight is pretty directly proportional to the power capacity, I can live with it. The power switch is nestled along the side, mostly flush with the rest of the case, so accidental “butt-starts” thus far have been pretty much a non-issue. (The pack also turns itself off, I’ve noticed, if it gets turned on but nothing is plugged in, so it’s entirely reasonable that any “butt-starts” have simply powered down again, which again is nice.)

“Because I go to so many software development conferences, I routinely come home with ‘conference swag’, and of late it’s become fashionable to hand out these little wimpy mobile chargers that are about a third the weight (and a quarter of the charge, it seems). Those, I give to the rest of my family, and they maybe get half a charge out of them before the battery pack runs out. The family can have ‘em; I like the one I’ve got, and they’ll have to pry it out of my cold, clammy hands long after I’m dead if they want to charge their phones. (Or, maybe, use the word ‘please’, whichever comes first; with kids, you can’t ever really know.)


“If you’re looking for a nice product with some solid manufacturing to it, I’d heartily recommend you take a look at the Jackery power packs."



Ted Neward

Author, Speaker, Mentor


A Working Mom's Day with Jackery

As a working mom with two young children, I am constantly on the go. I rely heavily on my phone, using it to communicate with clients, manage my children’s schedules, document our life with pictures and video, and keep track of all of the little responsibilities I face each day. Even with a clutter free home office inspired by Modernize, I often life to get out of the house and set up my office in a coffee shop or library and my phone always comes with me. There is not a whole lot more disruptive to my day than a dead phone battery, but when you use your phone as heavily as I do, it is almost impossible to avoid.

Typically, if I really want my phone to last me all day,I need to be able to charge it in the afternoon. This works fine, if I plan to spend our day at home. It really becomes a problem when we are on the go. This is why I was so excited when I received the Giant+ portable charger by Jackery. I immediately noticed how sleek the design is, and how small the charger was. I could easily fit the charger in my pocket or slip it into my purse, which means I could have a way to charge it whether I am writing at a coffee shop or taking my girls to the zoo. I also really loved the color options available with the jackery charger, knowing I could choose from orange, silver, gold, or black.

I read online that this charger is a high capacity charger, which means it can hold as much as 12,000 mAh of power, which is enough to recharge most smartphones multiple times before the charger needs recharged again. The Giant+ charger came with a USB cable, and once it was fully charged, it charged my cellphone in just under an hour. There is an LED display on the front, which was large enough for me to see from several feet away. This allowed me to monitor the charging status of my smartphone throughout the day.


Right away, I noticed the Giant+ charger is able to charge two devices at once, which would be very convenient if my husband and I are traveling and need an easy way to charge both of our phones at the same time. I could also use it to charge my tablet and my phone at the same time.

All-in-all, the Giant+ portable charger by Jackery was a win for me because it made my life more convenient by allowing me to charge my phone while on the go.


About the Author:
Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin, Texas where she currently works as an Editor for Modernize and nurtures her HGTV obsession. In addition to regularly contributing to Home Decor and Design websites around the web, her writing can be found on Lifehacker, About.com and on her personal blog Her Own Wings.

My Jackery Travel Strategy - Guest Blog Post by @MsNomadica

In the 4 months I've been traveling around Europe, Ireland and the UK with only carryon luggage, the contents of my bags have changed somewhat. I've left a trail of belongings scattered in my wake, and spent far too much sending things back home, because I packed too much...and wrong. 

With just a few short weeks until I've worn out the welcome a simple passport gets me, and I'm forced to return home for at least a few months, I've mostly figured out what makes the cut as travel necessities. Near the top of that list, right after my camera, phone and tablet, are the two Jackery batteries that help keep them all powered up.

My accommodations on this trip have been varied. I've stayed in hotels, hostels, apartments, a sailboat and an African Safari camp. What almost all of them have had in common were inconvenient power outlets.

However, this came as no surprise. In fact, I planned for it. My strategy was to keep my devices charging close to me at night, using the Jackery Giant, which can charge both phone and tablet completely and at the same time. There is almost always enough power left to throw my camera on after my phone is charged, too. Then I just charge the Giant while I'm out all day. 

At the African Safari camp in Nairobi, we were instructed not to charge anything in our tents, because they were solar powered. Instead, we were requested to hand over our devices to be charged by the outlets in the main sitting room tent. I would just charge my phone and camera in my tent at night with my Jackery Giant, then turn it over to be charged the next day while taking my devices on game drives during the day. 

I treasure a hostel which provides power outlets for each individual bunk, but they are few and far between. And while many of my roommates leave their devices plugged into the few randomly placed outlets overnight, I prefer to keep my devices close. So, again, out comes my Jackery Giant.

There was a heat wave in Barcelona during the two days we stayed on a small sailboat there. So I preferred to sleep outside in the lovely breeze, rather down in one of the cabins. I thoroughly enjoyed those two nights, they were a highlight of our trip...but there were no outlets up there. 

I specifically brought the Jackery Giant to be my nighttime savior, and it has served its purpose beautifully. But it went into overtime when my family joined me for part of this trip. We were passing it around so much that it barely had time to fully recharge before someone was reaching for it. 

Considering the size, weight and price of my Jackery Giant, it is easily one of the absolute best purchases I made for this trip. 

Of course, I wouldn't dream of going out all day without a power safety net. Since I'm leaving with fully charged devices, however, all I need is a little booster that can help out whichever of my devices that might get dangerously low. Not that I am constantly staring at my screens while out and about in fabulous places, but Google Maps drains the battery incredibly fast when used for real time directions. And I cover a lot of ground when sightseeing, I once walked ten miles in one day!

Fortunately, my bright orange Jackery Bar is easy to find quickly even in a black bag filled with stuff, and it packs more than enough power to help get multiple devices through the longest day and evening. Plus, it strikes exactly the right balance in size, weight and capacity. It even fits into my purse, if I don't need to take a backpack out, so I rarely leave home without it.

Choosing exactly which Jackery batteries to take on my trip was such a hard decision. They are all wonderful, and come in such great colors, I wish I could have ALL the Jackeries.  But the ones I finally settled on have served me very well, they've saved me untold inconvenience on this trip.  

And when my daughter came to join me for a week, she brought along the pretty silver Jackery Mini that I gave her for Christmas. Jackery is now part of our family!


CEO Interview - Featuring York Wu

The founder of the company that makes world's smallest, high-capacity mobile charger, York Wu, only came about the idea of Jackery after having experienced instances of running out of battery while traveling. Combining his knowledge of smartphone batteries as a previous Apple employee and his strong belief in "the fear of running out of battery as one of the biggest problems affecting everyone's daily life," York finally decided to step in and help the 200 million smartphone users overcome the issue. A product that thoroughly combines great efficiency, practicality, and aesthetics, Jackery was finally founded in 2011 and eventually became number one premium mobile charging brand on Amazon.

Behind the scenes of being a CEO at Jackery, York is also a husband, a father, an avid lover of rock music, movies, and sports. He frequently finds his inspirations from his favorite music and movies. As a young adult himself, York advises his younger peers who are interested in starting up a company to work towards success by selecting the right market with a great product to offer. Additionally, having great team members only facilitates the company into the positive direction, which is what primarily keeps York motivated throughout the day.

To inspire yourself, your friends, your family, your peers, keep in mind the following words by York Wu-

Never stop achieving greatness.


Jackery Made My Weekend Awesome - feat. Jackery Giant

Because of the name itself, Jackery Giant might make you think that the product is hard to carry around because of it's size. But the truth is, it's not big at all. In fact, it's actually roughly the same size as my iPhone 6, and its capacity is more than satisfying.

Four full charges? No problem.

Yesterday I went on a day trip to San Francisco to get brunch with my ladies. On my two-hour sitting in the Caltrain, all I did was use my phone. Yes, I admit it, I have a mild obsession with checking my phone; I love texting my friends and constantly checking social media. Upon arrival to SF, I was only left with 40% of my battery, and I still needed to use Google Maps to direct me to my destination, which was more than enough.

By the time I arrived to the restaurant, I was down to about 35% battery life. Brunch at Marlowe's was delicious. Here's just a glimpse of what I had - Marlowe's Burger, which I would highly recommend! The burger was extremely juicy and the patty just naturally broke into small pieces in my mouth. I substituted my fries with a salad on the side (trying to go with the healthier option). The salad tasted good too but the dressing was a bit too tangy and sour for my taste. But overall everything was delicious!

On the way back, I got a text from my friend asking if I wanted to go picnicking and star gazing near Shoreline Lake that night. When I realized that my phone's battery was down to 10%, I began recharging my phone with my Jackery Giant to figure out our plans. The rest of the ride back was peaceful - just some "me time." The sunset on the way home was good company. 

After I got back, I went with my friends to Mountain View, where we went to a grassy field to stargaze. It was dark but thankfully all Jackery products come with a flashlight feature, which made things much easier - whether it was walking, laying blankets down, taking out the food, or pouring drinks into the cups. It was a night filled with wonderful moments filled with friends, music, food, and I didn't have to worry about running out of battery because of my Jackery.

"Hello World!" From Jackery

Woohoo! Our first Jackery blog post! This blog will be dedicated to lifestyle and inspiration. Want to know more about us? Let me tell you who we are. 

Jackery is a well-known premium portable charger brand, with our products being available on Amazon in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. We boast our slick design and color, the smooth metallic surface, and the professional product finish. At Jackery, we believe that not only can we energize your electronics, but we can also bring energy to your life. Stay tuned for blog posts that are aimed to inspire YOU.

And of course, follow our Instagram (@jackeryusa) for a daily dose of inspiration, Twitter (@Jackeryinc) to receive life tips, and Facebook page to engage in meaningful discussions!

An energizing walk in the morning. Instagram @jackeryusa

Our CEO's favorite quote. 

Our CEO's favorite quote. 

Stay on the lookout for stories, interviews, and product info! If you are interested in guest blogging on our website, please email catherine@jackery.com .