Jackery Made My Weekend Awesome - feat. Jackery Giant

Because of the name itself, Jackery Giant might make you think that the product is hard to carry around because of it's size. But the truth is, it's not big at all. In fact, it's actually roughly the same size as my iPhone 6, and its capacity is more than satisfying.

Four full charges? No problem.

Yesterday I went on a day trip to San Francisco to get brunch with my ladies. On my two-hour sitting in the Caltrain, all I did was use my phone. Yes, I admit it, I have a mild obsession with checking my phone; I love texting my friends and constantly checking social media. Upon arrival to SF, I was only left with 40% of my battery, and I still needed to use Google Maps to direct me to my destination, which was more than enough.

By the time I arrived to the restaurant, I was down to about 35% battery life. Brunch at Marlowe's was delicious. Here's just a glimpse of what I had - Marlowe's Burger, which I would highly recommend! The burger was extremely juicy and the patty just naturally broke into small pieces in my mouth. I substituted my fries with a salad on the side (trying to go with the healthier option). The salad tasted good too but the dressing was a bit too tangy and sour for my taste. But overall everything was delicious!

On the way back, I got a text from my friend asking if I wanted to go picnicking and star gazing near Shoreline Lake that night. When I realized that my phone's battery was down to 10%, I began recharging my phone with my Jackery Giant to figure out our plans. The rest of the ride back was peaceful - just some "me time." The sunset on the way home was good company. 

After I got back, I went with my friends to Mountain View, where we went to a grassy field to stargaze. It was dark but thankfully all Jackery products come with a flashlight feature, which made things much easier - whether it was walking, laying blankets down, taking out the food, or pouring drinks into the cups. It was a night filled with wonderful moments filled with friends, music, food, and I didn't have to worry about running out of battery because of my Jackery.