My Jackery Travel Strategy - Guest Blog Post by @MsNomadica

In the 4 months I've been traveling around Europe, Ireland and the UK with only carryon luggage, the contents of my bags have changed somewhat. I've left a trail of belongings scattered in my wake, and spent far too much sending things back home, because I packed too much...and wrong. 

With just a few short weeks until I've worn out the welcome a simple passport gets me, and I'm forced to return home for at least a few months, I've mostly figured out what makes the cut as travel necessities. Near the top of that list, right after my camera, phone and tablet, are the two Jackery batteries that help keep them all powered up.

My accommodations on this trip have been varied. I've stayed in hotels, hostels, apartments, a sailboat and an African Safari camp. What almost all of them have had in common were inconvenient power outlets.

However, this came as no surprise. In fact, I planned for it. My strategy was to keep my devices charging close to me at night, using the Jackery Giant, which can charge both phone and tablet completely and at the same time. There is almost always enough power left to throw my camera on after my phone is charged, too. Then I just charge the Giant while I'm out all day. 

At the African Safari camp in Nairobi, we were instructed not to charge anything in our tents, because they were solar powered. Instead, we were requested to hand over our devices to be charged by the outlets in the main sitting room tent. I would just charge my phone and camera in my tent at night with my Jackery Giant, then turn it over to be charged the next day while taking my devices on game drives during the day. 

I treasure a hostel which provides power outlets for each individual bunk, but they are few and far between. And while many of my roommates leave their devices plugged into the few randomly placed outlets overnight, I prefer to keep my devices close. So, again, out comes my Jackery Giant.

There was a heat wave in Barcelona during the two days we stayed on a small sailboat there. So I preferred to sleep outside in the lovely breeze, rather down in one of the cabins. I thoroughly enjoyed those two nights, they were a highlight of our trip...but there were no outlets up there. 

I specifically brought the Jackery Giant to be my nighttime savior, and it has served its purpose beautifully. But it went into overtime when my family joined me for part of this trip. We were passing it around so much that it barely had time to fully recharge before someone was reaching for it. 

Considering the size, weight and price of my Jackery Giant, it is easily one of the absolute best purchases I made for this trip. 

Of course, I wouldn't dream of going out all day without a power safety net. Since I'm leaving with fully charged devices, however, all I need is a little booster that can help out whichever of my devices that might get dangerously low. Not that I am constantly staring at my screens while out and about in fabulous places, but Google Maps drains the battery incredibly fast when used for real time directions. And I cover a lot of ground when sightseeing, I once walked ten miles in one day!

Fortunately, my bright orange Jackery Bar is easy to find quickly even in a black bag filled with stuff, and it packs more than enough power to help get multiple devices through the longest day and evening. Plus, it strikes exactly the right balance in size, weight and capacity. It even fits into my purse, if I don't need to take a backpack out, so I rarely leave home without it.

Choosing exactly which Jackery batteries to take on my trip was such a hard decision. They are all wonderful, and come in such great colors, I wish I could have ALL the Jackeries.  But the ones I finally settled on have served me very well, they've saved me untold inconvenience on this trip.  

And when my daughter came to join me for a week, she brought along the pretty silver Jackery Mini that I gave her for Christmas. Jackery is now part of our family!