CEO Interview - Featuring York Wu

The founder of the company that makes world's smallest, high-capacity mobile charger, York Wu, only came about the idea of Jackery after having experienced instances of running out of battery while traveling. Combining his knowledge of smartphone batteries as a previous Apple employee and his strong belief in "the fear of running out of battery as one of the biggest problems affecting everyone's daily life," York finally decided to step in and help the 200 million smartphone users overcome the issue. A product that thoroughly combines great efficiency, practicality, and aesthetics, Jackery was finally founded in 2011 and eventually became number one premium mobile charging brand on Amazon.

Behind the scenes of being a CEO at Jackery, York is also a husband, a father, an avid lover of rock music, movies, and sports. He frequently finds his inspirations from his favorite music and movies. As a young adult himself, York advises his younger peers who are interested in starting up a company to work towards success by selecting the right market with a great product to offer. Additionally, having great team members only facilitates the company into the positive direction, which is what primarily keeps York motivated throughout the day.

To inspire yourself, your friends, your family, your peers, keep in mind the following words by York Wu-

Never stop achieving greatness.