Jackery Giant+, A Delightful Companion For Conference Speaker Traveler

“As an international technology conference speaker, I’m frequently on long airplane trips with my phone on, reading books or playing a few games during the flight. Then, after landing, I’ve frequently found myself getting into the cab, desperately trying to find that email with the hotel address on it to show the driver, as the phone’s power display glares ominously at me at 4%... 3%... 2%.... Sometimes I make it, and quickly show the driver the address of the hotel on the phone before it dies... And sometimes not, which then makes trying to find the hotel a pretty exciting operation, particularly if I’m in a country where I can’t even read the native alphabet, much less speak the native language.

“Jackery was kind enough to send me some of their mobile charging packs to try out, and sure enough, on a recent trip to Poland, I found myself in the exact same situation. This time, however, I had their monster external battery pack with me, since I now carry it on me pretty much all the time. Because I had remembered to slip  a charging cable into my pocket with it, I was able to not only get the address without stress, but also charge the phone back up to a full charge (which is not easy for an iPhone 6-plus), and have a little power left over to turn on the LED flashlight to look for a couple of Euros I’d dropped in the back seat while paying the driver.

“I didn’t think I would fall in love with it as much as I have, to be honest. Two USB ports on it, to charge a phone and a tablet simultaneously, as well as the aforementioned built-in flashlight--clean, simple, elegant. It’s 44Wh, which means it stores a ton of power, relatively speaking. That in turn means I don’t have to run it back to an outlet to recharge after  charging just one device, which is great, because I’ve used it to charge a few friends’ phones during a night on the town (and make a few new friends while I’m at it). It’s also got a 3-bar blue “charging” LED that comes on when you charge it up, bright enough to catch your eye when it’s done, but not so screamingly visually loud that it’ll keep me up at night when I plug it in before bed. And the charge port is a simple micro-USB connection, which means that’s one less special-purpose cable and charger I need to carry along with me.

“Honestly, if I had any complaint about it, it’s that it weighs significantly more than most external power packs, and that it gets a little warm to the touch when charging, but frankly, I’ve come to expect the warmth from most power packs, and given that the weight is pretty directly proportional to the power capacity, I can live with it. The power switch is nestled along the side, mostly flush with the rest of the case, so accidental “butt-starts” thus far have been pretty much a non-issue. (The pack also turns itself off, I’ve noticed, if it gets turned on but nothing is plugged in, so it’s entirely reasonable that any “butt-starts” have simply powered down again, which again is nice.)

“Because I go to so many software development conferences, I routinely come home with ‘conference swag’, and of late it’s become fashionable to hand out these little wimpy mobile chargers that are about a third the weight (and a quarter of the charge, it seems). Those, I give to the rest of my family, and they maybe get half a charge out of them before the battery pack runs out. The family can have ‘em; I like the one I’ve got, and they’ll have to pry it out of my cold, clammy hands long after I’m dead if they want to charge their phones. (Or, maybe, use the word ‘please’, whichever comes first; with kids, you can’t ever really know.)


“If you’re looking for a nice product with some solid manufacturing to it, I’d heartily recommend you take a look at the Jackery power packs."



Ted Neward

Author, Speaker, Mentor