A Lot of Hats for a Jackery to Wear

About five years ago I needed a one-line bio for an event I was helping to lead. After thinking for a few minutes I quipped, “You can find me near an electrical outlet.” And you know what? The bio stuck! It totally used to be true.


I wear a number of hats in my role as partner at The Youth Cartel. We are a five year old boot strapped start-up based in San Diego where we all wear several hats. Sometimes I’m hosting events, sometimes I’m designing book covers, sometimes I’m marketing our products at trade shows, and sometimes I’m traveling as a digital storyteller. But each of my distinct roles depend on consistent electrical usage.


Last January, I bought my first Jackery Giant+ to solve the problem of landing in an airport with less than 10% of my iPhone battery left. But since I’ve started to build a collection of them that I use for-- shall we say-- atypical applications.


Here’s a short list of my current favorites:


  1. Layover Friend-Making - Last Fall, I found myself stuck in an airport for a few extra hours because of a storm. Like any well-seasoned traveler I know that an essential thing, perhaps the most essential thing, when delays start is to grab a spot at an airport bar with a good menu and some wifi. As the delays and cancellations mounted I began charging up my phone at the bar. Next thing you know, I’m lending extra Jackery’s from my camera bag and charging 5-6 people’s devices. No one likes delays, but you might as well make some friends along the way.

  2. Solar-charging cameras and phones. Last July, I had back-to-back rustic trips sleeping in tents and hammocks. The first was in California’s Yosemite National Park and the second was a work trip to Southern Haiti. In both cases, I was able to keep my Jackery Giant’s charged with a small, inexpensive USB solar panel I purchased on Amazon. This allowed me to charge the batteries on both my Nikon, so I could take high quality shots, and my iPhone so I could post the perfect jealousy inducing shots.

  3. Nesting. I’ve recently started testing Nest Cam as a way to keep an eye on things at home and the office. While wifi isn’t a problem everywhere I want to broadcast, a direct line of power is. I’ve solved that by using two Jackery Giant’s on alternating days.

  4. Sporting Events. I’m an avid college football and basketball fan. On any given weekend you might find me at the game, home or away, cheering for San Diego State. I love to post a lot on Twitter during the games, stream warm-ups on Periscope, and share moments on Instagram and YouTube. I’ve found that the little guy, the Jackery Mini, is perfect for games. I can keep my battery topped up without having to carry the unnecessary weight.

  5. Exhibitor fee avoidance. I don’t mind exhibiting at trade shows. But I do mind paying all the extras, exorbitant fees that sometimes go with exhibiting at trade shows. This Fall I decided to skip a $250 electrical charge at one trade show and instead power our iPad’s with a couple Jackery battery packs. We had more than enough power for a whole lot less that $250!


I’m happy to report that I’m no longer constantly tied to electrical outlets. Now you can find me enjoying the conference, basketball game, or a hike with my gear constantly charging in my backpack.

Adam McLane is a partner at The Youth Cartel. When he’s not talking to teenagers and parents about healthy social media usage he lives in San Diego, California.