Houston, TX, January 2, 2018 – When Hurricane Harvey dropped over a trillion gallons of rain on Houston, it did more than just flood people’s homes. It also knocked out the electric power that people needed to communicate and clean up after the storm.

So when the Preemptive Love Coalition, a nonprofit relief organization, sent a team to Houston to help with recovery efforts, they had to find a way to power their tools and devices. Luckily, they were able to bring along their own portable power supply, thanks to a donation from Jackery.

Jackery has long made external batteries and power banks for smartphones and other small devices. For hurricane relief, they were able to send along a new product that was much more powerful: a 500 watt-hour portable solar generator known as the Explorer 500. Though not much bigger than a lunchbox, it is able to run power tools and other appliances, as well as charge up phones, tablets and laptops.

“It’s like carrying around your own wall outlet,” says Alok Sarna, Jackery’s Director of Business Development.

According to Sarna, Jackery’s portable solar generators have several distinct advantages over traditional gasoline-powered generators. Since they don’t run on fossil fuels, they create zero exhaust, allowing them to be safely used indoors. They are completely silent, so they can be used outdoors without disturbing the peace, or power TVs and sound systems without drowning out the audio. And with a solar panel included, they can be fully recharged using only the sun, meaning they are eco-friendly and will never run out of fuel.

For the Preemptive Love Coalition, the donated Jackery products can be lifesavers—sometimes literally. Besides serving people affected by natural disasters like Harvey, they also have an ongoing presence in war-torn parts of Syria and Iraq. There, Jackery products help doctors provide much-needed medical services, and allow relief workers to communicate even after spending days in the desert far from any reliable sources of electricity.

“The portable generators Jackery provided were indispensable to our relief efforts in Houston,” explains JR Pershall, Vice President of Preemptive Love Coalition. “Every hour counts when you’re drying out your home from a flood—it’s literally a race against time before the damage is irreversible. Jackery helped keep us working so we could get families back on their feet and in their homes.”

Besides the Explorer 500, Jackery also offers a smaller version, the Explorer 75, and is introducing a mid-sized Explorer 200 at CES in the iProduct Marketplace. All of them currently come with solar panels for off-the-grid recharging. The company plans to introduce larger, more powerful Explorer models later in 2018.

About Jackery

Jackery designs and manufactures innovative portable power and energy solutions. Founded in 2011, the company produces everything from lipstick-sized phone chargers to 500Wh portable solar generators. Jackery is committed to safety, quality and responsibility, with all of its products meeting or exceeding all regulatory and environmental standards. The company is based in Silicon Valley, with headquarters in Milpitas, CA.

About the Preemptive Love Coalition

The Preemptive Love Coalition is a nonprofit organization providing emergency relief—including food, water, medical care and more—in Syria, Iraq, the U.S. and other countries around the world. They stay long after the initial crisis has passed, helping refugees start small businesses and rebuild their lives. Founded by Jeremy and Jessica Courtney in 2008, the Preemptive Love Coalition team is based in Iraq, with additional staff and volunteers across the U.S.


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