Jackery Care:
The devastating Northern California wildfires left thousands of families homeless who have been forced to stay in tents and cars at makeshift camps. As a power solution provider, Jackery values the opportunity to contribute to frontline relief efforts. We hereby initiate a campaign where all of you can help make a difference.

How you can help :
For each Portable Power Station sold from now through Dec.15th, Jackery will give back $10 to support the relief work. You can also help by sharing the campaign. For each share, $1 will be raised (up to $50,000 in total).

What Jackery will do:
For every one dollar we raised from your purchase or share, Jackery will donate the equivalent in Explorer240/440 power stations and solar panels to help the victims stay connected.
-Fundraising goal: $20,000
-Event valid till Dec.31th.
-Eligible products: Jackery Explorer160/Explorer240/Explorer440
-We’ll update the fundraising progress every Saturday to keep you in the loop.

Where can you access:

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The event ended, we have raised $31,778 ultimately within one month and overachieved our goal of $20,000. What an amazing start of 2019! Thanks to everyone who’s joined us in the replay of love. The gears will be sent to CA victims with the help of @SalvationArmyUS