If you are planning to go camping this summer, know that others like you have the same idea to venture into the great outdoors. Camping is just one classic way to explore the nature at your reachable range, and the destination is entirely up to you.

When Kelly and Paul go camping, they let the road decide where they’ll end up, but no matter where they decide to stop for the night, there is always something to see. See their roads, vibe, and the sceneries while they are out in the nature.


The open road has a calling. That sense of adventure, and longing to roam are part of what attracts many people to the van life. The lifestyle is simple. It’s living in an RV or van, and you can travel to a different location every day.

For Matt and Amy, Van-Life means freedom. The life on the road allows them to go off tourist routes and find the unexpected.


Overlanding is one of the ultimate tests in self reliance. These are the explorers who can spend months, even years traversing road and terrain to reach their destination. When life is always on the move, it’s no longer about where you’re going, but how you’re going to get there.

When it comes time to leave, it only takes Dustin five to six minutes to pack everything up in search of a new place with different and spectacular surroundings. See his story to inspire your trip.