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We are here to help you. Find it here or call us at 1-888-502-2236 or email hello@jackery.com.


We are here to help you. Find it here or call us at 1-888-502-2236 or email hello@jackery.com.


Response to COVID-19 & California wildfires

In spite of the impact of COVID-19 & California wildfires, the courier man of Fedex and UPS is struggling to make the package arrive to you as soon as possible but delivery times may be longer than usual. Jackery's operations also continue and will try our best to provide quality merchandise and exceptional service during this challenging time. And meanwhile we extend our sincere thanks to your support and understanding may shipping and email response delay.

Pre-purchase Notes - Order Cancellation Request

Please kindly contact us through Amazon or Hello@Jackery.com within one day after placing order if you want to cancel order. Otherwise, this order can’t be cancelled if it is shipped out.

Is there a way to expedit my E500/E1000 order,I need this unit delivered by ETA !

Jackery do not provide expedited shipping service; We will ship out your order from the California L.A warehouse once you placed the E500 or E1000 order ; usually it will take 7~12 days during the transit However as you know that shipping may delays in the difficult period, thus the ETA can be not guaranteed;

We will try our best to process your shipment and we do need your understanding if any shipping delay happens.

Where are Jackery products shipping from ?

We will ship out the Jackery products from the California .

Have my package shipped out?

Order from amazon: You can track your order and deliveries from Your Orders on Amazon.com or the Amazon Mobile Shopping app.

Order from Jackery.com: You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number once your order has shipped from our warehouse. If you didn't receive this email, check your spam or junk email folder or contact us by email at hello@jackery.com. You can also view tracking numbers once your order has shipped by logging into your customer account.

Where is my stuff?

Order from amazon: You can Log in your account on Amazon.com or the Amazon Mobile Shopping app to find the tracking number, and track it on FedEx site.

Order from Jackery.com: You can review your email confirmation with your tracking number to find the tracking number, and track it on FedEx site. If you didn't receive this email, check your spam or junk email folder or contact us by email at hello@jackery.com. You can also view tracking numbers once your order has shipped by logging into your customer account.

Can the Jackery products be shipped to P.O. BOX address?

The Jackery products are too large to deliver the po box, please kindly provide the physical address when you order them.

Can you ship the Jackery products to Hawaii?

Sorry that Jackery doesn't provide shipping service to Hawaii, there are also some places which can’t deliver to : Puerto Rico, Alaska, Mexico, Europe and the places outside of the US.

I purchased two Jackery Items (E500+Saga 100W), Why did I only receive one package? Where is my other stuff?

Usually we will ship two items with two separate packages by Fedex due to the large size. And there will be two tracking numbers, but Amazon and the website systems allow only one tracking number to upload. So you can see only one tracking number in your order. Please kindly feel free to contact us to ask for the tracking number of other packages through the email address: Hello@Jackery.com

How to process a return and refund ?

Please feel free to contact us : Hello@Jackery.com. We will provide the after-sale service for you within 24 hours.



Can I use the Jackery portable power station to charge my CPAP machine?

Most CPAP machines are between 30-60 Watts. Watts is a unit of power and a function of current (amps) and volts (Watts= amps x volts).

Jackery E500 and E1000 is enough to power a CPAP machine. the working hours = Watt hours *0.85 / watts.

For example, the power of the Resmed Airsense 10 is 53W, and without running humidifier: 518Wh*0.85/53W=8.8 Hrs

Does my Jackery portable power station suppports pass-through charging?

All Jackery portable power stations, except Explorer 160, support pass-through charging.

How to store and charge the Jackery power station if I don’t use it for a long time?

Please kindly store the power station within 0-40℃. And please recharge it every 3-month to keep the battery power above 50% if you don't use it.

Can the E1000 power my home refrigerator or coffee maker?

The E1000 can run the device which operates less than 1000W. Please kindly check the detailed input data of your refrigerator or coffee maker, there will be current (amps) and volts (Watts= amps x volts). The E1000 can run it if your refrigerator or coffee maker power is less than 1000 watts.

Can I use the third party solar panel to charge the Jackery power stations, such as E500?

The input power data of Jackery E500 is 12V~30V (100W Max) and the input port is 8mm, to connect the solar panel , must meet the 2 points as above;
But we can not recommend other band products to recharge Jackery power station, for the safety, please buy the Jackery Saga 100W for Jackery E500 solar recharging, because we can not guarantee their quality or provide after-sale service for it.

Can I use the Jackery solar panel to charge the other brand power stations, such as Saga 100W?

The output power of the Saga 100W is 18V, and the cable connector size is 8mm. If the power station can meet these request, and then can use it.

Are the Jackery solar panels waterproof?

No, the Jackery solar panels including the Saga 100W and Saga 60W are not waterproof.

I have a specific question about a product, where do I find the information?

We have the specification and FAQ tabs on every product page, you can find most information of each product. If you still haven't found the answer, you can submit your question on the product page, or drop us an email at hello@jackery.com, or call us directly at 1-888-502-2236.

How to know if the Explorer can charge my device and how long does it support?  

First, you need to check out your device's operating power (measured by watts), if it is no more than the output power of the Explorer's AC port, it can be supported by Explorer.

Then, you can calculate the charging time by the formula: Working time = Explorer's Watt-Hous * 0.85 / operating power of your device. For reference, assuming power consumption of your device is 60W (might be a box fan), and you want to use the Explorer 500 to run iyour device. The working time will be 500wh*0.85/60w=7 hrs (rough calculated) . Please note the actual power consumption varies from different usages, consult Jackery for better purchase decision.

Can I take Explorer portable power station on a flight? 

Unfortunately, you can't. Under FAA regulations you are not allowed to take any battery exceeding 100Wh on a plane.

Why some people call the Jackery portable power station a solar generator? 

All Jackery portable power station can be recharged by a AC outlet and optional solar panels, some models can be charged vai DC port. So Jackery portable power station can store the energy collected from the sun, that's why we also call it a solar generator.

Where types of battery does Jackery use?

All Jackery battery-powered products are made by premium lithium-ion battery cells. We only choose the reliable battery suppliers, like LG and BAK Battery.

What is the difference between Modified-sine wave inverter and Pure-sine wave inverter?

Modified sine wave inverters are very affordable. Using a more basic form of technology than pure sine wave inverters, they produce power which is perfectly adequate for powering simple electronics, like your laptop. Modified inverters are best suited for resistive loads which don't have a start up surge.

Pure sine wave inverters use more sophisticated technology to protect even the most sensitive electronics. Pure sine wave inverters produce power which equals – or is better than – the power in your home. Appliances which may not function properly, or which may be permanently damaged, without pure, smooth power will be safe with pure sine inverters

Are all Jackery portable power stations come with Pure-sine wave inverter?

No, at the moment except the Explorer 160 features Modified -sine wave, all other Jackery portable power stations use Pure-sine wave inverters.


Wondering the charging cable is inlcuded in the package of the Jackery power stations?

The package includes the AC charger cable and car charger cable.

Are there extension cables available to make that easier or can you recommend a cable?

Sorry that we don't have a longer extension cable. Because the extension cable is too long, it will cause a large loss.

Where is the Saga parallel cable/ Y-cable?

The Saga parallel cable to connect 2*Saga 100W is included in the package of the E1000.

What's the size of the two small DC output port on the E500?

The two DC output port size is 6.5*1.4mm. If only you device port can match it, then can use.
They are for DIY use. Or you can use the car cigarette lighter port besides them, their function is same.


Where does the brand name "Jackery" come from, or originate from?

The brand name "Jackery" comes from the combination of word "Jacket" and "Battery". Originally, Jackery was a brand making Apple jacket batteries.

How can I be notified if you ever offer any discount or sale? 

You can sign up to our newsletter in the footer of the website.

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Product Maintenance

·Tips for Solar Panel

1. Do not flex or bend the folding solar panels

2. Do not place folding solar panels in shading places, while tree shades, buildings, and any other obstructions should be minimized

3. Do not soak the solar panels in water or other liquid

4. Do not clean the solar panel with water, please gently wipe it with a damp cloth

5. Do not use or store solar panels near open flames or flammable materials

6. Do not scratch the surface of solar panels with sharp objects

7. Prevent corrosive substances to damage solar panels

8. Do not step on or place heavy objects on the solar panels

9. Do not disassemble the solar panels

10. The output circuit of the solar panels must be correctly connected to the equipment. Please do not short-circuit the positive and negative poles. Ensure that there is no gap between the connector and the insulated connector. If there is a gap, sparks or electrical shocks will occur.

11. Check the connection status of each component, including cables, wires and plugs.

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