Why Jackery?

We prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction, and are committed to making solar energy easy and accessible to all.


Portable Power You Can Trust

Jackery Explorer is as safe as it is powerful. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with build quality batteries, temperature control, and a pure sine wave inverter.

Red Dot Design Award

Jackery Explorer Series won Red Dot Design Award, they were designed with unique module. Lightweight, stylish and carry-friendly design makes them stand out on the market.

NMC Batteries System

Equipped with lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) batteries,the same type of battery that Tesla uses in their Powerwall units. It provides high energy density and long cycle life.

Advanced Charging Temperature Adaption

Inbuilt temperature sensor can activate the running of the fan to reduce the noise and charging loss. If the temperature is over the risk line, the charging can stop automatically.

BMS Protection

Battery management system (BMS) enables multiple safety protection, including short circuit protection, voltage control, over chargiing and more advanced safety operations.


Give Back & #JackeryCare

There are many causes to support with power solutions, and we value the opportunity to contribute to front-line relief efforts.

CA Fire Relief Donation

The 2018 CA wild fire let thousands of people homeless. We raised and donated an equivelent of $20,000 portabler power stations and solar panels to the affected people.

Support Hurricane Dorian Relief

The Hurricane Dorian in 2019 caused power outage in many areas, we sold our Explorer 240 with 25% off and also donated an equivelebt of $3,000 of portable bundles.

Sponsor NGO Photostart

Photo Start is an non-profit organization developed to teach marketable skills to disadvantaged children in depressed areas. Jackery donated a bundle of portable chargers to them.

What They Say About Us

David Rule


"As a travel photographer, Jackery has helped me keep my gear charged up no matter where the road takes me. Whether I need to charge a camera battery while driving or work on my laptop at the park, Jackery has become an absolute necessity of my workflow."


Marco Hernandez


" Since I got the Explorer 500 and the SolarSaga 100 from Jackery, the whole game changed! Now I can keep my 12 volt fridge running for more than 30 hours and have my cameras batteries fresh and charged without the need to start the Jeep on a single charge of the portable power station."


Kristen Frasca


"Since we love primitive camping we needed an economic way to charge and power devices without having to rely on typical campgrounds. The Explorer 240 has been amazing for powering anything we need on the road such as our laptop,mattress pump,DSLR camera,and headlamp."

"With its Amazon best-seller Explorer 160, Jackery is a well-known name in portable power stations or outdoor gear."

— Jordan Druber


"Both of the Honda-licensed power stations are solar ready, making them truly ready for your next excusion."

— Jack Kocsis


"The portable power station’s 240 watt-hour battery can be recharged using an included AC adapter while at home, a DC adapter in the car."

— Kraig Becker


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