Ultimate Guide to Must-Have Off-Grid Tools

Off-grid living is becoming more popular among people looking for freedom and self-sufficiency. It's like the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. But let's not forget switching from an on-grid to an off-grid lifestyle demands proper planning and the right gear. You'll need some off-grid tools and appliances that require less electricity and maintenance.

jackery solar generator for off grid tools



Besides, it's important to pack a powerful yet portable battery backup to charge those appliances and tools. Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro features a massive battery capacity of 2160Wh. The Jackery Solar Generator for off-grid living is designed to charge 96% of your outdoor devices and tools for long hours.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro


- Delivers a colossal charging capacity of 2160Wh.

- Compatible with Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels for quick recharging.

- Built with BMS technology and 12 layers of protection.

- Equipped with a first-rate lithium-ion battery.

- Offers high-temperature protection and heat dissipation for improved durability.

What Does "Living Off-Grid" Mean?

Off-grid homes are usually disconnected from the municipal electricity, gas, water, and sewer systems. In most cases, people who live off the grid invest in solar systems and private wells for consistent power and freshwater supply.

The purpose of living off-the-grid is to help people live sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint. Since you'll use solar energy to power your off-grid tools and appliances, it lets you save on electricity bills and eliminate carbon emissions.

What Are The Pros & Cons of Living Off-Grid?

Global warming is the main reason why people prefer a sustainable lifestyle. Even though there are multiple benefits associated with this type of living, it comes with a few downsides.


  • Since you'll be using more renewable energy and fewer non-renewable resources, it impacts the environment positively.
  • Living closer to nature reduces stress and anxiety, helping you improve your overall physical and mental health.
  • Choosing solar power systems to charge off-grid appliances and tools protects your home from prolonged power outages.


  • You have to prepare before you begin living off the grid.
  • The complexities of off-grid may not suit someone who enjoys a lot of amenities.

Must-Have Off-Grid Tools

When living off the grid, you'll need the right tools to repair broken things and maintain the ones that function well. However, with so many tools available in the market, it can be hard to choose the most important ones.

This reasonable off-grid tool checklist outlines the necessary equipment for a comfortable off-grid living experience. In addition to everyday tools, our ultimate checklist includes agricultural, power, safety, and high-end items that will equip you with everything you need for your new journey.

>> Download The Off-Grid Tools Checklist PDF

Off-Grid Everyday Tools

There's no doubt that you don't have to choose each and every off-grid tool. However, a few off-grid everyday tools can help you when the weather wears on your roof or rain mucks up your roads.

  • Survival Axe:If you live in an area that experiences snowfall often, consider getting the multi-purpose off-grid tools survival axe. It can help you chop wood for a campfire while being a handy tool for clearing ice from the driveway.
  • Hammer:The multi-purpose tool is a perfect companion when you're looking to build or tear down anything.
  • Wrench:From helping you tighten the loose bolt on the lawn mower to fixing the bike, the wrench can help you do it all.
  • All-Purpose Knife:Whether you're looking to cut cords, protect against wild animals, or gut the fish, an all-purpose knife is an important off-grid tool.

Off-Grid Power Tools

Off-grid power tools are generally battery-powered appliances that improve work efficiency and provide convenience.

  • Electric Drill: With a battery-powered electric drill, you can do heavy tasks that your hammer cannot handle.
  • Circular Saw:Assuming you don't want to hand saw everything, you must pack a circular battery-powered saw that can last a lifetime when stored and maintained properly.
  • Hand/Angle Grinder:This helpful off-grid tool can help you speed up sharpening the axe or mower blade, take the rust off from the steel roof, or cut off a rusted bolt.
  • Flood Light:A waterproof LED flood light uses less power than a halogen lamp, making it ideal for homesteads.
  • Jackery Solar Generator: A portable battery backup is required to keep all appliances charged when you're off the grid. Jackery power stations and solar panels can keep your gear powered so you can enjoy home comfort. An additional advantage of Jackery power stations is that they are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for off-grid camping trips.

Battery backups will ensure you have access to electricity even if you're away from the grid. These agricultural pro tools can streamline how to move off-grid in grid mode.

Off-Grid Safety & Emergency Tools

Safety and emergency tools come in handy during off-the-grid living. They can range from personal safety equipment to something you'll need when stuck anywhere.

  • Work Gloves: Most homesteader work is done by hand. Investing in comfortable, long-lasting gloves will avoid injuries and protect your hands.
  • Safety Glasses: A good and comfortable pair of safety glasses is critical to keep your eyes protected. Always buy glasses with a neckstring that doesn't easily scratch.
  • Fire Extinguisher: This is a non-negotiable emergency tool for those living in a home built with wood.

Off-Grid Agriculture Tools

Garden lovers should keep a few agriculture tools handy before they start their off-grid adventure.

  • Garden Rake:Buy an adjustable rake head that makes it adaptable to handle different natural materials on soft and hard surfaces.
  • Extendable Hose:Pack an all-weather garden hose with premium rubber and brass fittings.
  • Garden Shears:Such an off-grid tool can trim back trees and bushes to keep your garden and crops healthy.

Off-Grid High-End Tools

High-end tools aren't mandatory but can highly improve your off-grid experience.

  • 4-Wheel ATV: If you've got the budget, consider buying an all-terrain vehicle (or ATV). It can help you haul all the materials, supplies, and tools to the building site to build your cabin.
  • Storage Box:A temporary solution can help you safely store all your off-grid tools and firewood.

What Size of Solar Generator Needed for Off-Grid Living?

Off-grid living power requirements are generally lower than those of a traditional home. That being said, choosing the right size generator depends on how many appliances you have in your off-grid cabin.

The simple way to calculate the power needs is by multiplying the wattage of each device by the number of hours you use it. The following table reveals the common off-grid appliances and the wattage they require.

Off-Grid Tools



Solar Power Needed

Electric Drill








Circular Saw




Electric String Trimmer




Water Pump








Electric Lawn Mower




Electric Chainsaw




Electric Pressure Washer





Jackery is a leading manufacturer of superior and portable solar equipment, including power stations, solar panels, and solar generators. These robust and durable charging solutions feature intelligent BMS technology and temperature sensors to improve safety and security.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro 

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro has a large battery capacity of 2160Wh to charge 96% of outdoor tools and appliances. It is built with superb BMS technology to raise the bar of safety. The solar power station can be fully recharged in under 2.5 hours using 6*Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels.

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station has multiple outputs to power most low to high-power-consuming appliances and tools. It weighs only 43 lbs and has a foldable handle design to charge off-grid tools on the go.

jackery solar generator 2000 pro for off gridCustomer Review

"I love the Jackery SG2000 because it gives me an additional piece of mind in case of power failures. For example, I can use the generator to run electric heaters. Add to that the solar panels that recharge the unit in case of long-term power outages is a major plus." — Suzanne.

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro 

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro features three 1800W AC charging ports, one car charger, and two USB-C charging ports to charge multiple tools at once. It features a 1512Wh battery capacity to power 95% of appliances. It weighs only 37.4lbs, making the power station ideal for outdoor adventures.

jackery solar generator 1500 pro

Customer Review

"I really like this solar generator and solar panel. The panel is very lightweight and folds easily, which is very convenient. The generator is really nice. Well made and practical! Charges quickly." — K.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

The super quiet Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro has a 1002Wh battery capacity that can be charged within 1.8 hours. It has a dual 100W PD design and 2*USB-C ports that deliver steady power to charge 93% of off-grid appliances. The Jackery solar generators have a pure sine inverter to provide stable power to devices.

jackery solar generator 1000 pro


Customer Review

"Great Product! It's super easy to set up and charges super fast! We used it off-grid, and it was easily portable. Has all the outlets you need." — Kya.




Operating Temperature

Off-Grid Tools

Solar Generator 2000 Pro


1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

14-104°F (-10-40°C)

  • Electric Drill (720W): 2.5H
  • Jigsaw (300W): 6.1H
  • Circular Saw (1200W): 1.5H
  • Electric String Trimmer (600W): 3H
  • Water Pump (1000W): 1.8H
  • Edger (960W): 1.9H
  • Electric Lawn Mower (1440W): 1.2H
  • Electric Chainsaw (1200W): 1.5H
  • Electric Pressure Washer (1200W): 1.5H

Solar Generator 1500 Pro


1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

-4-104°F  (-20-40°C)

  • Electric Drill (720W): 1.7H
  • Jigsaw (300W): 4.2H
  • Circular Saw (1200W): 1H
  • Electric String Trimmer (600W): 2.1H
  • Water Pump (1000W): 1.2H
  • Edger (960W): 1.3H
  • Electric Chainsaw (1200W): 1H
  • Electric Pressure Washer (1200W): 1H

Solar Generator 1000 Pro


1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

14-104°F  (-10-40°C)

  • Electric Drill (720W): 1.1H
  • Jigsaw (300W): 2.8H
  • Electric String Trimmer (600W): 1.4H

How to Live Off The Grid?

While living off the grid may sound like a lonely and isolated experience, many people choose it as an alternative lifestyle. If you're interested in living without your home being connected to the main power grid, here are a few things you must know.

  • Plan Ahead: Planning how you will live off the grid is one of the most important things. For instance, the first step is to determine how you will power the off-grid home.
  • Find Remote Location: The next thing is to choose a secluded area with a good climate and terrain.
  • Grow Your Food: This is a great way to be self-sufficient and live a sustainable lifestyle. You can choose a traditional garden or set up containers to save space.
  • Collect and Filter Water: Off-grid means no access to public utilities. Rainwater harvesting is much cheaper and more sustainable than choosing a water supply company.

Off-Grid Tools FAQs

What tools are essential when surviving without electricity?

There are endless tools available that can help you during off-the-grid living. However, it's worth noting that you don't have to invest in all the off-grid tools.

Instead, you can buy basic tools like a two-wheeled wheelbarrow, wood cookstove, chainsaw, axe, splitting maul, etc. Additionally, you can choose your own power source, like a solar generator, to charge battery-powered and other appliances.

How important is a solar generator for living off the grid?

A solar generator is a great way to power all your off-grid tools and appliances. Jackery power stations and solar panels are designed by keeping off-grid living in mind.

They are portable, compact, and durable charging solutions that convert maximum sun rays into electricity. The powerful solar generators can help you charge most outdoor devices like power tools, electrical grills, LED lights, and more.

Is living off the grid worth it?

Yes. Instead of depending on the electricity grid and urban infrastructure, living off-grid focuses on self-sufficiency. It lets you reconnect with nature and reduce the negative environmental impact. Additionally, a fresh air and stress-free life can improve your mental and physical health.

Final Thoughts

It's no secret that off-grid living is a rewarding experience. However, the choice of off-grid tools may vary from one homestead to another. Careful planning and understanding your needs can help you choose the appropriate gear and live comfortably.

Those wanting to pack multiple battery-powered or electric tools should consider investing in a compact and portable battery backup solar system. For instance, you could carry Jackery Solar Generators, as they are capable of powering most electronics and off-grid tools.

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