Jackery Solar Generator 1000 v2

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 v2

$ 1,299.00



  • 1070Wh capacity and 1500W output,  a 50% boost
  • USB-A/C ports, up to 100W dual PD charging
  • The next-gen Chargeshield 2.0 with 62 forms of all-round protection
  • Emergency super charging capability from 0 to 100% in just 1 hour
  • Equipped with a bifacial high-efficiency solar panel
  • 3-year warranty + 2-year extended warranty (applied automatically if purchased from our official website
  • Due to high demand, the Jackery Explorer 1000 v2 will start shipping on June 28. And the 200W panel will start shipping separately on June 22.

2-3 business days shipping

3+2 Years Warranty

30-Day Money back

Explorer 1000 v2 + Solarsaga 200W
Explorer 1000 v2 + Solarsaga 200W
$ 1,299.00
  • Explorer 1000 v2 + Solarsaga 200W


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Portable Yet Powerful:

1070Wh Capacity, 1500W Output

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The Explorer 1000 v2 portable power station offers a remarkable 1500W output, 50% higher than previous generations. It is capable of running high-power essentials smoothly, from refrigerators to kettles to portable air conditioners, making it the ultimate companion for your power needs. Additionally, it features USB-A/C Ports, up to 100W Dual PD Charging, and the capability of keeping multiple devices (phone, laptop) charged simultaneously.

Coffee Maker (550W)


Microwave (1160W)


Weeder (1100W)


Ice Maker (500W)


Heated Throw (230W)


Projector (100W)


Portable Refrigerator (60W)


Camera (8.4W)

47 Times

Drone (90W)

25 Times
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Versatile Usage Scenarios, Empowering Your Life

Versatile usage scenarios await with the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 v2. Boasting a 1070Wh capacity, it is the perfect companion for camping adventures and a reliable emergency backup power source.
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Elevate your camping experience with the Jackery 1000 v2. Power up your campsite with ease, running your lights, cooler, and even a portable stove. Keep your devices charged for capturing those memorable moments, ensuring you stay connected even in the great outdoors. The Jackery 1000 lets you enjoy the beauty of nature without sacrificing modern conveniences.

Emergency Backup

Be prepared for any emergency with the Jackery 1000 v2 by your side. Keep essential devices like your phone, radio, or medical equipment powered up during power outages. With its high capacity and versatile output options, the Jackery 1000 provides peace of mind, ensuring you can handle unexpected situations with ease.

3 Simple Ways to Charge Quickly

  • Solar Charging(200W*3)
  • Solar Charging(200W*1)
  • Wall Charging
  • Car Charging

3 Simple Ways to Charge Quickly

Solar Charging(200W*3) 3H
Solar Charging(200W*1) 7.5H
Wall Charging 1.7H
Car Charging 12H
Experience superior charging efficiency with our advanced technology. Rapidly recharge your devices and enjoy extended usage times. Stay powered up and connected, wherever you go. Please note: Car charging cable sold separately.
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Lightweight, Compact, Power on the Go

The Jackery 1000 v2 Portable Power Station, designed for power on the go. Weighing just 24.2 pounds and featuring a compact foldable handle, it's lighter and more portable than mainstream products. Easily fitting into the rear compartment for convenient storage, this powerhouse ensures you're never caught without power.
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Next Level Safety

Experience next-level safety with the Jackery 1000 v2 Portable Power Station. Featuring upgraded ChargeShield 2.0 technology, it offers diverse charging modes including fast charging, emergency super charging, and whisper-quiet charging. Tailored for durability, emergency preparedness, and whisper-quiet operation, this power station ensures you're always powered up and ready to go. With 62 protection mechanisms, 12 forms of BMS protection, and 4 forms of physical protection, it provides all-around safety for peace of mind.
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UPS≤20ms,Seamless Power Switching

The UPS delivers outstanding performance, ensuring seamless power switching for your hard drives, desktops, fish tanks, and more. With a response time of less than 20 milliseconds, it guarantees continuous operation of your devices during power outages or voltage fluctuations, preventing data loss or equipment damage caused by power issues.
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Charging with Bifacial High-Efficiency Solar Panel

200W Bifacial High-Efficiency Solar Panel combines leading IBC technology with a pure black aesthetic, delivering increased power generation without the added weight. With no front shading and an optimized cell structure, this panel ensures maximum sunlight absorption and extra energy yield from the backside. Experience lighter weight and superior performance with our innovative solar solution.
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    Specs in Pictures

    Explorer 1000 v2 Portable Power Station
    • Car Port
    • USB-C1 Output
    • USB-C2 Output
    • USB-A Output
    • DC/USB Button
    • AC Button
    • AC Output
    SolarSaga 200W



    What's in The Box

    • Jackery Explorer 1000 v2
    • AC Charge Cable
    • Solar Saga 200w x1

    User Manual

    User Manual
    Notice notice

    * This product (portable power station) can supply power to your device in the temperature range of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius (-10 to 65 degrees Celsius for solar panels). If the operating temperature is outside the above range, this product may not work.


    • Connect the AC charging cable to the input port of the power station and plug it into the
      wall outlet.

    • Long press the AC Button and Main Power Button until the Energy Saving Mode icon lights up on the screen

    • Under this mode, you can rapidly power up the portable power station using the AC charging
      method. This emergency charge function can be activated or deactivated through the Jackery
      app. When in emergency charging mode, the circular light indicating the state of charge (SOC)
      will blink at an increased pace

    • Jackery provides 3 years standard warranty and 2 years extended warranty. Please note that we only provide our warranty to customers who purchase from the ocial Jackery website,
      Jackery-branded third-party platforms, or local authorized dealers.

    • The recommended charging temperature for the product is between 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F),
      and the discharging temperature is between -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F). Operating the product
      outside this temperature range may restrict its charging and discharging capabilities, or even render it
      unable to charge or discharge.

    • It is rated as IP68 water-resistant, offering protection against water splashes (Please avoid exposing it to heavy rain or submerging it in water). The pocket's zippers are designed to secure power cords and cover the power port.

    • We mentioned this point in the manual. Please use a soft cloth to remove the dust and dirt on the surface. Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the solar module to remove any remaining dust or dirt. Any guano or other adhesive should be removed as soon as possible from the solar surface to avoid a reduction in performance.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Dave Galloway

    Jackery Solar Generator 1000 v2

    Money well spent

    Jackery ran a pre-sale on this Explorer 1000 v2 and I couldn't pass up the deal. I own the small 300 and love it, bought another brand solar power and just didn't like it as much. I haven't used my new Explorer 1000 v2 but I'm sure I'll love it too!!3

    Emily L. Christian
    Don't know yet

    Haven't had occasion to use the Jackery 1000 Solar Generator as yet, but will review as soon as I do. Service was great!

    Chad Urbanek

    Jackery Solar Generator 1000 v2

    All is good

    This is my second Jackery generator I've purchased this year. Works just as described.

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