Jackery solar panel connector

Jackery Solar Panel Connector

$ 69.00



  • Due to high demand, Solar Panel Connectors will be available for sale at the end of March.
  • The solar panel connector is fitted with 1*male & 3*female solar connectors. It can be used to connect to the Solar Generator 3000 Pro / 2000 Pro / 1500 Pro / 1000 Pro / 2000 Plus / 1000 Plus / 700 Plus power solution for solar extension.
  • The solar panel connector can be used for Explorer 2000 Pro, two or three solar panels can be connected in series through this connector. The female connector features a change-over cover so you can switch between two and three solar panels when in use.
  • Filmed with PC material, the solar panel connector kit is durable that can resist fire and harsh weather, making it suitable for solar connection in any outdoor applications.

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Jackery Solar Panel Connector
$ 69.00
Jackery Solar Panel Connector

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We provide our customers with 3 years warranty for every purchase of Solar Panel Connector and an extra 2-year extended warranty (apply automatically if purchased from our official website). If purchase from the third party supplier, you need to fill out a form to claim the extended warranty.

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DC Input Working Voltage: 20V

DC Input Working Current: 12.5A

DC Output Working Voltage: 60V

DC Output Working Current: 12.5A

Dimensions(LxWxD): 22.8 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches (579.4mm x 66mm x 24mm)


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• 1x Jackery Solar Series Connector

• 12 Months Warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Jackery Solar Panel Connector

Item works as advertised, was received on time. Wil by another if I need to.

Stephen Koenig
Real Deal Solar Generator

I brought the Jackery 1000 Plus Solar Generator Kit for camping and prepping. It is amazing. I was able to use it to run CPAP and other items for over a week before having to recharge it. Then charge it with the solar panels within 4 hours out in the sun. Wow! I had a few questions to support. They were fantastic!! This is the real deal in terms on solar generators!!

Robert Loop
Hate it

Want to return it and ask for full refund. It does not work to specs and is not practice. Recommend others beware.


Perfect way to join multiple panels

Jackery 12V Automobile Battery Charging Cable

I just bought my Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus and needed this Automotive Charging Cable. Excellent cable, it handles the Amps/Volts just fine. Doesn't heat up excessively and is very thick and durable. It went above and beyond at a good price. Thank You Jackery