Jackery Solar Panel Connector

Jackery Solar Panel Connector

$ 69.00



  • The solar panel connector is fitted with 1*male & 3*female solar connectors. It can be used to connect to the Solar Generator 3000 Pro / 2000 Pro / 1500 Pro / 1000 Pro / 2000 Plus / 1000 Plus / 700 Plus power solution for solar extension.
  • The solar panel connector can be used for protable power station, two or three solar panels can be connected in series through this connector. The female connector features a change-over cover so you can switch between two and three solar panels when in use.
  • Filmed with PC material, the solar panel connector kit is durable that can resist fire and harsh weather, making it suitable for solar connection in any outdoor applications.

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Jackery Solar Panel Connector
$ 69.00
Jackery Solar Panel Connector

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DC Input Working Voltage: 20V

DC Input Working Current: 12.5A

DC Output Working Voltage: 60V

DC Output Working Current: 12.5A

Dimensions(LxWxD): 22.8 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches (579.4mm x 66mm x 24mm)


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• 1x Jackery Solar Series Connector

• 12 Months Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Rick Redfearn

Jackery Solar Panel Connector

Gary Emory
Original or Aftermarket

I am learning as I go. I have two 2000 Plus systems connected and tied into a breaker panel as my only source of electric. I tried using after market parts and equipment to accomplish this. In the end I order original equipment to hookup my eight fixed solar panels to the unit and will add another eight. I will power my garage using only Solar Power.

Tom Walker
Plus Expansion Unit

Works perfectly and adds to my total power output. Would recommend and buy again.

Nancy Irish

Jackery Solar Panel Connector

Phil V.
Great Product; Poor Implementation

While I have found Jackery products to be of very high quality, the implementation of this product is lacking in that its output cable connector is not compatible with their own extension cable's connector! To use this device with 3 panels, Jackery wants you to buy 3 times the number of extension cables, thus costing triple the money, plus inflicting triple the loss of power! CS tells me it's because the wire size of the extension cable can't withstand the current of 3 panels; hey Jackery, this is a SERIES Adapter.... the output current is still around the nominal 10 Amps, not 30 Amps as CS believes!

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