Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station

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  • Power on the Go: Weighing only 8.27 lbs, it's ideal for camping, road-trips and more
  • All-around Safety: Max safety featuring 52 protective mechanisms, 12 BMS algorithms, and 4 types of physical protection
  • Superior Reliability: FCC/CE, UL 94V-0 flame-retardant, Class 9 impact resistant, and UL certified for 300 Plus
  • Long-lasting Lifespan: the battery life is boosted by 50%. Durable LFP (LiFePO4) batteries, coupled with BMS protections ensures up to 10 years of use, even when recharged every 3 days
  • Smart App Control: Easy battery management via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Warranty Extension: 3-year warranty + 2-year extended warranty (applied automatically if purchased from our official website

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Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station
$ 299.99
Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station


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Power on the Go

The solar generator kit weighs only 11 lbs, making it incredibly easy to carry. The 40W book-sized foldable solar panels also slip easily into your backpack!
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Multiple Charging Ports, 100W USB-C Input & Output

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The Jackery 300 Plus has a capacity of 288Wh and an output of 300W, with one 100W and another 15W USB-C port, supporting fast charging for multiple devices simultaneously and offering various charging options, making it convenient for outdoor use. The following data is based on laboratory test results and is for reference purposes only.

Drone (90W)

5 Times

Camera (8.4W)

12 Times

Mobile Phone (29W)

13 Times

Computer (80W)

3 Times

Gaming Console (18W)

10 Times

Smart Speaker (10W)

18 H

Outdoor Inflatable Pump (60W)

3.5 H

Lighting Lamp (5W)


Ventilator (20W)

11 H

Running Time Simulator

To power with Explorer 300 Plus (288Wh Capacity)
Please enter the wattage of the appliance (not exceeding 300W)

Input power does not exceed
0 Hrs
Expected Running Time
Note: This is a calculation for reference. Please take the actual use for accuracy.
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Safety First

Boasting a durable 10-year lifespan with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery, the Jackery 300 Plus provides a constant voltage and pure sine wave, ensuring safety for all your electrical appliances. The innovative ChargeShield technology and stable power output also protect against potential equipment damage.
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4 Simple Ways to Charge Quickly

  • Solar Charging(40W)
  • Wall Charging
  • Car Charging
  • USB Charging

4 Simple Ways to Charge Quickly

Solar Charging(40W) 9.5 H
Wall Charging 2 H
Car Charging 5.5 H
USB Charging 2.8 H
9.5 H
2 H
5.5 H
2.8 H
Experience efficient charging with our advanced technology, ensuring rapid charging times and extended battery life. Stay powered up and connected, whether at home or on the go. With seamless charging solutions, you can rely on the 300 Plus to power your outdoor adventures!
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Sustainable Next-Gen Generator

The Sustainable Next-Gen Generator. With 150,000+ global five-star customer ratings and over 3 million units sold, Jackery is the solar generator global leading brand.
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JACKERY Solar Generator 300 Plus LiFePO4 UPS Power Station Review

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    Specs in Pictures

    Explorer 300 Plus
    • Car Port
    • Main Power Button
    • LED Light
    • USB-A Output
    • AC Output
    • USB-C Input/Output
    • USB-C Output



    What's in The Box

    • Jackery Explorer 300 Plus
    • AC Charge Cable
    • DC8020 to USB-C Adaptor

    User Manual

    User Manual
    Notice notice

    * This product (portable power supply) can supply power to your device in the temperature range of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius (-10 to 65 degrees Celsius for solar panels). If the operating temperature is outside the above range, this product may not work.


    • It's LiFePO4 with the advantages of high temperature resistance, strong safety stability, and better circulation performance.

    • We provide 3+2 year warranty for Explorer 300 Plus. A 5-year total warranty (includes a 2-year extension) for
      Jackery website orders, and for Amazon orders, please register your item on official website: https://support.jackery.com/extend-warranty to get the extra 2-year warranty.

    • It is rated for 4000 full charge cycles, at that point you will have about 70% of your original capacity, and it will gradually reduce from there. 
      ( it's not to say the battery only has 4000 cycle life span. Among 4000 cycles, the unit can exert its best performance. It would not perform its best after 4000 cycles because of internal wastage.)

    • Yes,the Explorer 300 Plus supports EPS.

    • Ultra-low power consumption and ultra-long standby time. 80% of battery stored for 2 years can still be left 20% or more.

    • The SolarSaga 40/60/80/100 can be connected to Explorer 300 Plus for charging.

    • Yes,it can. The light on the power station supports this function.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews

    Perfect size, weight and capability for my outdoor adventures.

    joseph mazzarelli
    300 plus

    Excellent generator I even went out and bought the 40w solar panel that goes to it I'm loving it

    Carlos Casarez
    Powerful !

    We needed a 120v output but wanted to keep the price affordable. The Jackery 300 Plus was just the ticket.

    David Renneisen

    Ordering was easy, filled quickly and received in less than a week.

    Michael Cressey

    Returning an Item