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Honda by Jackery 290

Licensed Lithium Power Station

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You live life on your own terms, using technology to explore outdoors and stay connected. Jackery powers your mobile life-style with portable power stations and solar panels so you can keep going, even when you go off the grid. Now you have the energy and power to go where you want to be.


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Honda by Jackery

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Both of the Honda-licensed Jackery power stations are solar ready, making them truly ready for your next excursion

Jack Kocsis

The Jackery SuperCharge offers the same fast, 45 W charging as our top pick, and it’s able to recharge itself at that speed too.

Mark Smirniotis

Jackery Bolt offers the best bang for your buck as an ultra-portable battery pack for just about any iPhone or Android device

Rudie Obias

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