Jackery Explorer 880 Pro Portable Power Station

$ 799.00



  • Medium-Capacity Powerhouse: Boasting an 880Wh capacity and delivering 1000W output (with a peak of 2000W), the 880 Pro ensures reliable power for all your needs.
  • Efficient Multi-Mode Charging: With multi-mode fast charging, including wall charging in just 2 hours, car charging in 5.3 hours and solar charging, staying powered up is quick and convenient.
  • Top-Tier Safety & Performance: Elevate your peace of mind with our self-developed BMS, UL-compliant design, and advanced thermal management system, providing unparalleled protection and efficiency with every charge.
  • Portable Design, Enhanced Convenience: Designed for on-the-go use, the 880 Pro features folding handles on both its energy storage and solar panels, making transportation and storage effortless.
  • Warranty Extension: 3-year warranty + 2-year extended warranty (applied automatically if purchased from the official website)

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Jackery Explorer 880 Pro Portable Power Station
$ 799.00
Jackery Explorer 880 Pro Portable Power Station
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Jackery Explorer 880 Pro is your go-to energy solution for on-demand power. With its mid-capacity storage, rapid multi-mode charging, and advanced safety features, it's the ultimate choice for reliable, portable power wherever you go. Whether camping, traveling, or staying at home, the 880 Pro ensures you stay connected and powered up with ease.
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Entry-level Capacity, Cost-effective Model:
880Wh, 1000W (2000W Peak)

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Jackery 880 Pro weighs 24.25 lbs, has a capacity of 880Wh, supports fast charging for multiple devices simultaneously, and offers various charging methods, making it convenient for outdoor camping.

Coffee Maker (550W)


Electric Grill (900W)


Projector (100W)


Ice Maker (500W)


Space Heater (350W)


Camera (8.5W)

4o Times

Mobile Phone (20W)

36 Times

Computer (80W)

7 Times

Camping Light (3W)


Running Time Simulator

To power with Explorer 880 Pro (880Wh Capacity)
Please enter the wattage of the appliance (not exceeding 1000W)

Input power does not exceed
0 Hrs
Expected Running Time
Note: This is a calculation for reference. Please take the actual use for accuracy.

Fast Charge Anywhere,3 Ways to Power Up

  • Solar Charging(100W Mini*4):
  • Solar Charging(100W Mini*1):
  • Wall Charging:
  • Car Charging:

Fast Charge Anywhere,3 Ways to Power Up

Solar Charging(100W Mini*4): 3 Hrs
Solar Charging(100W Mini*1): 12 Hrs
Wall Charging: 2 Hrs
Car Charging: 5.3 Hrs
3 Hrs
12 Hrs
2 Hrs
5.3 Hrs
Experience efficient charging with our advanced technology, ensuring rapid charging times and extended battery life. Stay powered up and connected, whether at home or on the go. With its seamless charging solution, the 880 Pro can provide power for your outdoor camping adventures!
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Easy to operate, one-click start

Our energy storage and solar panels feature folding handles for easy transport and storage. Whether you're on the move or setting up camp, the Explorer 880 Pro offers unmatched performance and user-friendly design, making renewable energy accessible and hassle-free.
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Safe and worry-free

Battery Management System (BMS) combines cutting-edge technology with rigorous safety measures. It‘s designed for efficient heat dissipation through forced convection, which quickly dissipates heat into the air. In addition, Explorer 880 Pro meets UL drop standards to withstand 3 drops from 0.9 meters. Utilizing top-grade 94V-0 fire-resistant materials, our prioritizes safety without compromise.
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    Product Details

    Specs in Pictures

    Explorer 880 Pro
    • USB-A Output
    • LED Display
    • Car Port
    • AC Output
    • AC Button
    • USB-C Output



    What's in The Box

    • Jackery Explorer 880 Pro
    • Car Charge Cable
    • AC Charge Cable
    • DC7909 to DC8020 Adaptor x2

    User Manual

    User Manual
    Notice notice

    * This product (portable power supply) can supply power to your device in the temperature range of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius (-10 to 65 degrees Celsius for solar panels). If the operating temperature is outside the above range, this product may not work.


    • A:We provide 3+2 year warranty for Explorer 880 Pro. A 5-year total warranty (includes a 2-year extension) for Jackery website orders. The extended warranty would be applied automatically if purchased from official website.

    • Yes, This product supports two modes of charging at the same time: solar charging and AC wall charging. When AC wall charging and solar charging are turned on at the same time, the product will give priority to solar charging and both methods will be used to charge the battery at the maximum permissible power.

    • The time it takes to charge your device depends on its power requirements and the power source. For example, if your projector consumes 100 watts, the Jackery Explorer 880pro can charge it for approximately 7 hours. This is calculated using the formula: Working Time = Capacity in Wh * 0.85 / Operating wattage of the device. For specific charging times, you can adjust the formula based on your device's wattage.

    • The operations are as follows: Press the LED Light Button, the LED will be turned on. The light will always turn on in Low Light mode and the output power on the screen is 1W. Press again to enter the Bright Light mode and the output power on the screen is 3W. Press the third time to enter the SOS mode and the output power on the screen is 3W. Then, press again to turn o the LED Light. In any of these modes, the light can be turned on by a long press.

    • If one or two solarpanels are connected, you can directly connect the DC8020 port of the solar panel to the DC8020 port of the Explore 880 Pro for charging. If four solar panels are connected, please charge through the solar series connector. (Note: The solar series connector is Not in standard configuration, so you need to purchase it separately)

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