Harness Power of the Sun

Explorer Solar Panels

The perfect solution to keep your Power Station charged when off the grid

Explorer Solar Panels. Off the grid Power

Jackery explorer solar panel

Explorer 50W Solar Panel

Charge everywhere: Recharge your Jackery Explorer on-the-go with 50W solar panel, keep your devices and appliances charged on-the-go, eco-Friendly.  Perfect companion for the Explorer 160 or 240 Power Station.

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Jackery explorer solar panel

Explorer 100W Solar Panel

More power for off the grid - power your larger Power Stations with the 100W Solar Panel.  Keep your outdoor activities powered longer with this Solar Panel that is a perfect companion for Explorer 440 Power Station.

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Easy Plug & Play Operation

Fold and Go

Easy Portability

Explore Outdoors. In the heat or in the cold.