Best Camping in Wisconsin: Top 10 Places to Go

Due to its rolling hills, Wisconsin is a popular camping site. These hills were created due to the Ice Age bypassing this region 12,000 years ago and avoiding flat territory. It is straightforward to find a waterfront campsite, given that the Mississippi River and two Great Lakes surround the area. It is also highly likely that your camp will be shaded and located in one of the state's many forested enclaves.

best camping in wisconsin

Imagine lifting the flap of your tent to a stunning landscape with meandering rivers and hills. Or get out of your comfortable RV as you camp along Wyalusing's spectacular cliffs. Even stargazing is possible when a historic Rock Island lighthouse is in view. Enjoy woodland campsites, sand beaches, and stunning waterfront scenery you can only find in Wisconsin, whether you pitch a tent with friends, RV with the whole family, backpack, or live in a van. Here are the best camping in Wisconsin, along with some suggestions for camping necessities and advice.  

Top 10 Places to Camp in Wisconsin

Wisconsin offers a wide variety of camping possibilities. The Wisconsin State Park System has thousands of specific campsites, in addition to private camping areas, rentals, and other amenities. Both devoted RV fans and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts can find a spot. Because camping reservations are nearly always necessary, the key is to plan, so you are aware of what you are signing up for. Wisconsin's camping season is at its busiest from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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Try booking a campground in April or October, or choose a more remote spot to ensure you only encounter a few other visitors because some parks are open all year. Wherever you go, make sure to bring sturdy hiking boots and swimwear. Let's examine the best camping in Wisconsin listed below.

1. Devils Lake State Park

Devil’s Lake State Park

Location: 101 S. Webster Street, Madison, WI 53707-7921

Phone: 1-888-936-7463

Website: Devil's Lake State Park  

When to Visit: Any time of year (early morning)

Best Campsites: Quartzite Campground, Northern Lights Campground, Ice Age Campground

Activities: Camping, hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing, birding

With nearly 3 million people a year, Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin, is the most visited in the state. More than 27,000 acres of parkland and natural areas in Sauk County, which are available for public use, are anchored by the approximately 10,000-acre park. Devil's Lake, also known as "De Wakacak" or Spirit Lake, was historically located on Ho-Chunk ancestral land and is home to numerous historic effigy mounds.

A 360-acre lake is seen from 500-foot quartzite bluffs in Devil's Lake State Park, located alongside the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Nearly 30 miles of hiking paths, picnic sites by the Lake, swimming beaches, paddling options, and year-round naturalist activities are available to visitors. At Devil's Lake State Park, camping is quite well-liked. Make bookings for camping or other lodging before your trip, plan, and weigh your options. Three campgrounds totaling 423 sites in Devil's Lake State Park can each accommodate a family. The park no longer provides first-come, first-served campsites. Additionally, there are nine group campsites with a capacity of 240 people. On the south side are group campsites. 

“We had a great time exploring the area. We hiked the East Bluff woods trail to the top and saw Devil's Doorway, which is quite a feature.”

2. High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

Location: N7630 State Park Rd, Sherwood, WI 54169

Phone: 920-989-1106

Website: High Cliff State Park  

When to Visit: Fall to Winter

Best Campsites: Family Campground, Group Campsites

Activities: Hiking, camping, hunting, climbing, fishing, biking

The sole state-owned recreation area on Wisconsin's largest Lake, Lake Winnebago, is High Cliff, State Park. The Niagara Escarpment, a limestone cliff that runs parallel to Lake Winnebago's eastern coast, gave the park its name. A well-liked attraction in the park is the spectacular 12-foot statue of Winnebago Indian Chief Red Bird perched high atop a massive granite boulder overlooking the Lake. In recognition of its outstanding cliff habitats, untouched wet-mesic Forest, and more than a mile of Lake Winnebago shoreline, a 125-acre section of the 1,147-acre park has been designated a state natural area.

In Devil's Lake State Park, next to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, 500-foot quartzite bluffs provide views of a 360-acre lake. Visitors can access nearly 30 miles of hiking trails, picnic areas by the Lake, swimming beaches, paddling opportunities and year-round naturalist activities. The practice of camping is prevalent at Devil's Lake State Park. Plan ahead, consider your options, and plan a camping or other lodgings before your vacation. A family can stay at any of Devil's Lake State Park's three campgrounds, which have a combined 423 sites. There are no longer first-come, first-served campsites available in the park. Nine group campsites with a combined capacity of 240 people are also available. There are group campsites on the southern side. 

Beautiful state park with good trails. We enjoyed the various parts of the park, from the Indian mounds to the trails that lead us by the lead ovens by the Lake.

3. Harrington Beach State Park

Harrington Beach State Park

Location: 531 Co Rd D, Belgium, WI 53004

Phone: 262-285-3015

Website: Harrington Beach State Park  

When to Visit: Summer

Best Campsites: Harrington Beach Campground, Lazy Days Campground

Activities: Camping, hiking, picnicking, birding, fishing, stargazing, horse riding

The Harrington Beach State Park beach extends more than a mile along Lake Michigan. A white cedar and hardwood swamp, old field grasslands with restored wetland ponds, and a picturesque limestone quarry lake are all characteristics of this 715-acre park. At one of the observatory's monthly public viewings, you can camp, suntan, picnic, hike, watch birds and fish, or do some astronomy. Harrington Beach State Park, one of Wisconsin's most significant state parks, is proudly located in Wisconsin. The park has one of Lake Michigan's finest sandy beaches, a breathtaking quarry lake, a Welcome Center, and lovely hiking and snowmobiling paths. Natural splendor and wildlife abound.

A family campground with five walk-in sites, a group campsite, a wheelchair-accessible cabin, and a kayak site are all available at Harrington Beach State Park. The campground contains 69 family campsites, 31 of which have electrical hookups. A picnic table and a campfire ring are provided at each campground. The group camping is a non-electric, bookable location that can accommodate up to 30 people. There are five picnic tables and two campfire rings in the campground. 

“Harrington beach state park is wonderful. I like camping when it's colder because only a few people are there. The Rangers are excellent!”

4. Mirror Lake State Park 

Mirror Lake State Park

Location: E10320 Fern Dell Rd, Baraboo, WI 53913

Phone: 608-254-2333

Website: Mirror Lake State Park  

When to Visit: Autumn

Best Campsites: Sandstone Ridge Campground, Cliffwood Campground

Activities: Hiking, camping, biking, boating, birding, hunting, paddling, canoeing

A 2,179-acre state park in Wisconsin's Wisconsin Dells is called Mirror Lake State Park. The creation of the garden got underway in 1962, and it was formally inaugurated in 1966. The park's showpiece, a lake that frequently is so still that no ripple can be seen on its surface, is called Mirror Lake. The Lake reflects wetlands home to a variety of wildlife, a swimming beach, and cliffs up to 50 feet high. The 2,200 acres of the park's 2,200 picnic spaces, woodland campsites, summer rentals, and a cottage for disabled people.   

There are 2000 acres in Mirror Lake State Park, three miles southwest of Wisconsin Dells. The Lake, ideal for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and birdwatching, is surrounded on half by sandstone bluffs. Additionally, there are woodland campgrounds, picnic spaces, a boat launch, and miles of cross-country skiing, hiking, and biking paths. In three different campgrounds at Mirror Lake State Park, there are 151 campsites for families and seven group sites. The campgrounds are primarily covered in Forest, with lovely oaks and pines making up most of the trees. Every camp has a fire ring and a picnic table, and the majority also have a sand tent pad. There are 68 sites at Sandstone Ridge campsite. Disability access is available at site #63.

“Spent time paddling Mirror Lake and biking some of the trails at this park. The scenery is gorgeous. The park offers stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and pontoon boats if you don't have your watercraft.”

5. Kohler-Andrae State Park 

Kohler-Andrae State Park

Location: 1020 Beach Park Ln, Sheboygan, WI 53081

Phone: 920-451-4080

Website: Kohler-Andrae State Park  

When to Visit: July to September,

Best Campsites: Family Campground, Group Campground

Activities: Camping, hiking, biking, fishing, boating, kayaking, horse riding, hunting

Two Wisconsin state parks are combined into Kohler-Andrae State Park, situated in the Town of Wilson, a few miles south of Sheboygan. They are run as a single entity. The community of Kohler-Andrae is home to spectacular dunes, miles of golden beach, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Michigan, lulling pines, and a wide variety of wildlife and recreational opportunities. One of the last remaining natural areas along the shore of Lake Michigan is Kohler-Andrae State Park, which is free to visit and enjoy.

Explore the distinctive dunes that line Lake Michigan's shore. Pets are permitted in Wisconsin State Parks, but they must always be leashed and under supervision. 52 of the 137 campsites in the family campground in the park have electricity hookups. Each campground features a picnic table and a campfire ring, which may hold up to one family or a maximum of six individuals. The family campground offers showers, flush toilets, and laundry facilities during the warm weather months. Fifty people can fit into the two available group campsites.

“We were impressed by the long shoreline and clean beach. It was late September, and the beach was pretty empty. We thoroughly enjoyed walking the beach there and will go again.”

6. Willow River State Park

Willow River State Park

Location: 1034 Co Hwy A, Hudson, WI 54016

Phone: 715-386-5931

Website: Willow River State Park  

When to Visit: Summer

Best Campsites: 300 Campground, 200 Campground, 100 Campground

Activities: Camping, hiking, picnicking, biking, boating, fishing, hunting, swimming

Five miles north of Hudson, on 2,891 acres, is Willow River State Park in Wisconsin. The park's focal point is Willow Falls, a vigorous cascade in a gorge that is 200 feet deep. Little Falls Lake, a small reservoir on the Willow River, is another well-liked attraction. This well-known Wisconsin park offers breathtaking views of Willow Falls and the Willow River Gorge. Within 2,800 acres of rolling countryside, there are remains of prairie, miles of beautiful hiking routes, family and group camping, lakeside picnic places, and a nature center. Little Falls Lake offers visitors options for swimming, fishing, and canoeing.

Beverly Beach State Park's creekside campground is one of the biggest in the state and is tucked away in a woodland halfway between Cape Foulweather and Yaquina Head. Steps separate some campsites and the park's day-use area from kilometers of coastal sand that stretch from Yaquina Head to Otter Rock. The park is close to great vantage spots for whale watching, tidepools abounding with marine life, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and Newport's shops and eateries. The campsite is protected by woodland just a few feet from the ocean. Enormous, wind-sculpted trees and nurse logs surround the grounds along Spencer Creek's pebbly bed. One of the most crowded campgrounds in the Wisconsin State Park System is Willow River, located on the southern end of Little Falls Lake.

“We often visit to hike and have even camped here. I love canoeing the Lake, although I have yet to catch fish. Beautiful parks and trails. One of the prettiest waterfalls I've seen.”

7. Black River State Forest  

Black River State Forest

Location: Black River Falls, WI 54615

Phone: 715-284-4103

Website: Black River State Forest  

When to Visit: Mid-April to October

Best Campsites: Castle Mound Campground, East Fork Campground, Pigeon Creek Campground

Activities: Camping, hiking, fishing, ATV, biking, hunting, picnicking, boating

About 67,000 acres in Jackson County are part of the Black River State Forest, founded in 1957. The region stands out among the state forests primarily due to its geological characteristics. The forest is located east of Wisconsin's rocky coulee region, often known as the driftless area, on the border of the state's glaciated central plain. You can see what once was the bed of glacial Lake Wisconsin if you take the natural route up to the top of Castle Mound. The vast woodland area is peppered with unglaciated buttes, sandstone hills, and castellated bluffs like Castle Mound.

Two forks of the Black River traverse this 68,000-acre forest of pine and oak woodlands beneath tall sandstone abutments. In central Wisconsin, numerous outdoor activities are available on this property, including camping, canoeing, shooting, hiking, skiing, and riding ATVs. Even elk may be spotted roaming the woodland by visitors. After being gone for more than 125 years, elk were returned to the area in 2015 and 2016. There are several various camping options available at the Black River State Forest, including family campgrounds, group camping, and rustic camping. There are primarily three campgrounds; the modern family campground at Castle Mound is available all year and has a total of 35 sites; the rustic family campground at East Fork is open from mid-April to the Monday following the second weekend in October.

“The Forest is a quick 8-minute drive from I-10 and was a perfect place to stretch my legs on my latest road trip. The trail is well marked, well maintained, and easy to hike.”

8. Buckhorn State Park

Buckhorn State Park

Location: W8450 Buckhorn Park Ave, Necedah, WI 54646

Phone: 608-565-2789

Website: Buckhorn State Park  

When to Visit: April to November

Best Campsites: Family Campsites, Backpack Campsites, Cart-in Campsites

Activities: Fishing, swimming, camping, hiking, boating, hunting, picnicking

Watersports enthusiasts, hunters, hikers, campers, and environment lovers will find nirvana at Buckhorn State Park. More than 8,000 acres of land are covered by the park and two other state wildlife areas on a peninsula in the Castle Rock Flowage of the Wisconsin River. The park offers a variety of camping options, including family and group campsites, unusual cart-in camping, a cottage for individuals with disabilities, a canoe trail, and an accessible fishing pier.

Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park, in the Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky's Appalachian foothills, is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to get away from it all. Family campsites, an outdoor group camp, 50 cart-in campsites, and a wheelchair-accessible cabin are available at Buckhorn State Park. There are 69 campsites for families that allow tents or trailers. You'll find the campground outside of Launch A in the park, off 19th Avenue. The primary entrance is located by the park office. The campground is next to the park headquarters and has drive-in campsites, pull-through sites, a shower/toilet structure, and a dump station.  

“The park has a few hiking paths. It also has an interpretive kayak trail you can follow in the water. The Lake is beautiful. The campsites are large and level.”

9. Brunet Island State Park

Brunet Island State Park

Location: 23125 255th St, Cornell, WI 54732

Phone: 715-239-6888

Website: Brunet Island State Park  

When to Visit: Winter

Best Campsites: The South Campground, North Campground

Activities: Camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, picnicking, hunting

More than 1,300 acres of scenic beauty and recreational activities can be found at Brunet Island State Park, located on the Chippewa and Fisher rivers. Canoeing and animal viewing are both fantastic activities in quiet lagoons and waterways—Chippewa County's undulating topography results from the most recent Ice Age. The Old Abe State Trail, which connects Chippewa Falls to Cornell, may be accessed from the park.

Brunet Island State Park, an island in the Chippewa River divided by smaller streams, inlets, and hiking trails, is located in the center of the North Woods. Take a peaceful stroll through a dense hemlock forest on the Jean Brunet Trail. If you walk carefully, you can even see a deer. Grab a paddle and a co-pilot and explore all the canals on Brunet Island if adventure and riches are what you're for. There are two family campgrounds on Brunet Island. Twenty-four sites at the South Campground have electricity. It features flush toilets in the shower facility and a campsite accessible to those with impairments.

“Very pretty campground with direct access to water on *each* campsite in the north campground. The flow age area makes for lovely kayaking conditions. The water is still, cool, and clean.”

10. Rock Island State Park

Rock Island State Park

Location: 1924 Indian Point Rd, Washington, WI 54246

Phone: 920-847-2235

Website: Rock Island State Park  

When to Visit: Spring to Summer

Best Campsites: Walk-in Campsites

Activities: Hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, kayaking, boating, canoeing

At the meeting of the Caney Fork, Collins, and Rocky Rivers, on the 883-acre headwaters of Center Hill Lake, sits Rock Island State Park. The Caney Fork Gorge, located beneath Great Falls Dam, is part of the park's untamed beauty. Some of the most beautiful and notable viewpoints may be found along the Eastern Highland Rim. Great Falls is a 30-foot horseshoe-shaped waterfall cascading down from the cotton textile mill it powered more than a century ago. In 1969, Rock Island was designated as a Tennessee State Park.

Take the ferry to this remote Lake Michigan island from Memorial Day weekend until Columbus Day, when cars are not permitted. The Pottawatomie Lighthouse and stone structures erected by a wealthy inventor who owned the island between 1910 and 1964 are included in this distinctive park. Rock Island has miles of undeveloped shoreline to explore, walk-in campgrounds, hiking paths, and a swimming beach. There are basic walk-in campsites available at Rock Island State Park. It is required to carry all items into and out of campgrounds. Every camp features a fire ring and a picnic table. Only in designated campgrounds is camping allowed. Near the dock and boathouse, there is drinking water.

“You will enjoy the park overall. We did have to report some bedding issues to the office. The mattress cover had some major staining from a previous guest.”

Camping in Wisconsin Essentials

Wisconsin has a ton of fantastic campgrounds. There are plenty of unique possibilities, from Waukesha to Creston. Make sure you've packed the appropriate equipment once you've decided where you and your family will stay for the next few days. We often pack a list of basics for the best camping in Wisconsin, which includes a few camping must-haves.

- Portable Power Generator: Jackery Solar Generator 1500, Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

- Campsite Essentials: tent, sleeping bag, table & chair, flashlight, firewood;

- Camp Cooking Essentials: cooking grill, stove, knife, cutting board, coffee maker, food, fridge

- Camping Clothes: water-proof jacket, hiking pants, boots, gloves

- Cleaning Essentials: hand sanitizer, toothbrush, shower kit, suncream, towel

- First Aid Kit: personal medication, bandages, finger splints, eye drops

>> Download Camping Essentials Checklist PDF

A portable solar generator is necessary to pack when camping in Oregon. A portable solar generator is a great way to guarantee power wherever you need it, even if there is no nearby power grid. If you're camping or off the grid, the Jackery portable solar generator can keep your electronic devices running for hours or even days.

jackery solar generator

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The Jackery Solar Generator 1500 is a fantastic option for camping, fishing, or other outdoor excursions. Solar Generator 1500 comes with 3 bundles, including Explorer 1500 plus 4* SolarSaga 100W, Explorer 1500 with 2* SolarSaga 100W, and Explorer 1500 with 1 SolarSaga 100W. The bundle is ideal whether you're camping for a weekend or extended time. The Explorer 1500 has a sizable 1534Wh capacity and 1800 operating watts (3600 peak watts). It also has 3 AC Pure Sine Wave outlets, 1 PD 60W USB-C port, 1 Quick Charge 3.0 port, 1 USB-A port, and one 12V carport. It can run up to 85% of the equipment in your RV, including microwaves, refrigerators, lights, power tools, household appliances, and other major power users.



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Camping in Wisconsin Tips

While certain inherent risks are associated with camping in Wisconsin, you can take steps to reduce these risks, improve safety, and enjoy your trip to this stunning state. Wisconsin's state parks and national forests offer enough to do and see for outdoor enthusiasts, whether they are seasoned campers or novices. However, safety must always come first. Here are some of the best camping advice for Wisconsin:  

  • Here are the camping regulations you should be aware of from the Wisconsin Department of National Resources if you're planning a trip to the beautiful state of Wisconsin: Since there are no trash cans at campsites, buildings, or picnic spots, make sure to pack as little garbage as you can on your camping vacation.
  • As the weather gets warmer, mosquitoes appear shortly after. Mosquitoes are annoying but can also spread the West Nile Virus (WNV) when they bite. Wear insect repellent with DEET because WNV can make you very ill. When the weather allows, put on long sleeves and pants.
  • Look at the pier, deck, and swimming area. It is better to pick a different swimming area if it is filled with trash or animal waste, has rough edges or gaps in the deck, or any of those things. Keep an eye on your kids constantly, and avoid drinking alcohol while swimming or watching swimmers.

Final Thoughts

This state has numerous picturesque landscapes, from large cities to little communities in Wisconsin, to the best state parks. For those who enjoy the outdoors, adventure, history, etc., there are enjoyable things to do in this area. The finest places to camp in this area are the state parks. This state offers everything, whether you want to camp in the forest, stay in a cozy cottage, or spend the night in an RV. Find the best camping in Wisconsin and any camping advice or necessities in this article.

Wisconsin is ideal for camping since there is so much open area to enjoy. A portable generator is more necessary outside when camping in Wisconsin. For your camping trip in Utah, the Jackery portable solar generator is a cutting-edge power bank that provides a dependable and environmentally responsible power source. You might begin your camping adventure by having a solar generator!

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