Jackery Stories/Jessie's Surfing Journey
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Jessie Brown

Jessie's Surfing Journey

Jessie Brown was your typical Californian, basking in nature any chance she got. It started in childhood when her father’s outdoor adventures influenced her own. Growing up in the mountains, he had introduced her to mountaineering, hiking, camping, and anything that would keep her willing to explore and connect with the great outdoors.

Now, at 42 years old, Jessie is the owner of a surf gear shop in Santa Cruz, California. She manages the Santa Cruz branch while also working as a surf instructor. While she started her outdoor journey with mountaineering, she soon realized when working with an outdoor brand just how much she enjoyed the ocean as well as the Alps. 

While they were two very different hobbies, one thing they had in common was the sense of accomplishment while mastering both. The feeling of achievement was great whether she was on a mountain top or riding a wave. The idea that she could conquer nature, whether on land or in the sea, made Jessie strive for greatness by doing what she loved most. 

As a way to fulfill her dreams and continue living a life she loved, Jessie packed all of her things into her van and continued her outdoor adventure on the go. She had all of her surfing gear and was ready to hit the waves in any beach town she found herself in. Off-grid living had always been intriguing to Jessie, so she prepared herself for a life on the road. The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus was the solar generator she landed on, and it became an essential companion for her rogue lifestyle. 

In a world where you can live anywhere, Jessie chose one beach after another. For this, though, she needed constant support from her generator. With limited access to power, the solar generator offered her much convenience. She was able to utilize it for anything she needed, from brewing her morning coffee to inflating her surfboard with its electric pump to listening to surfing lessons on her mobile sound system. It helped recharge her teaching equipment, which ensured smooth instructional lessons. 

Jessie would soon go on to compete in American surfing competitions, including the one in Mavericks Beach. Again, her trusty Jackery had provided her with a portable power station that was fully capable of accommodating her on her long trips from one competition to the next. Each venue offered different accommodations, but Jessie found she didn’t often need to utilize them since she had her own backup power source. 

While at the competitions, she would recharge all of her equipment using the portable power station her solar generator provided. Not only did it save her time without having to stop to do this elsewhere or locating decent places to recharge, but it kept her moving steadily while chasing her outdoor adventure dreams.

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus became an extension of her life, her adventures, and her surfing success. The convenience alone was worth the investment, but the reliability was also something she was well aware of as she encountered other obstacles along the way. None of which her portable power station couldn’t assist her with. It kept her comfortable and offered a worry-free experience while on the road. 

Because of this, she was able to fully focus on her competitions without having to scramble to figure out how to keep up with the others. She was ready for whatever those waves threw at her, and it was all thanks to her solar generator. Without it, her trips would’ve been chaotic, and her off-grid living may have been cut short due to discouraging events or mishaps.