Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

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  • Get up to $1,589.7 in rebates. Click for information
  • Expandable for Versatile Scenarios: 2-24 kWh of expandable capacity
  • Leaping Performance: Powers Heavy-duty Devices up to 6000W
  • Ultra Fast Solar Charging: Advanced IBC Technology, Fast Solar Charge in 2 Hours with Solar Panel 200W*6
  • Long-lasting Reliability: Outstanding LiFePO4 Battery with 10-Year Lifespan
  • ChargeShield Technology: Using a unique variable-speed charging algorithm, fast charge technology boosts battery life by 50%
  • High Power Output: Maximum 6,000 W power in parallel connection and 120/240V expandable voltage
  • Explorer 2000 Plus: 3-year warranty + 2-year extended warranty. Solar Saga 200W: 3-year warranty + 2-year extended warranty (automatically applied when purchased from our official website)
  • Use a transfer switch (Value $399.99) to create a whole-home backup solution. Power from any outlet, anywhere in the house, click here to learn more!
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3+2 Years Warranty

30-Day Money back

Explorer 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W x2
Explorer 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W x2
$ 3,099.00
  • Explorer 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W x2
  • Solar Generator 2000 Plus Kit (4kWh + SolarSaga 200W x 2)
  • Solar Generator 2000 Plus Kit (4kWh + SolarSaga 200W x 2)+ Transfer Switch
  • Solar Generator 2000 Plus Kit (6kWh + SolarSaga 200W x 2)
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The Solar Generator 2000 Plus delivers a mega 2 kWh - 24 kWh expandable capacity. Expand all the way with gigantic 24 kWh, by adding a battery pack and solar panels. Ideal for off-grid living, and powering you during extended blackouts. Taking an amazing 2 hours for a full solar charge - power has become fully independent, charging with solar energy.
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2 kWh large capacity with up to 24 kWh extended power, elevates off-grid living to the next level.
A single Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Power Station supports up to 5 add-on battery packs at a time, expanding capacity from 2 kWh to an exceptional 12 kWh - perfect for road trips, outdoor camping, heavy duty and home emergency.
2 x Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Stations can be connected in parallel, expanding capacity to a mega 24 kWh.

Flexible Capacity for Versatile Scenarios

2 kWh - Powers one-day camping
4 kWh - Powers hours' professional work
24 kWh - Supports 2 weeks of home backup

Note: Data for reference only. Actual performance may vary.

Emergency Power Supply

High Power

Parallel Operation

Ultra-Long Standby

Rest easy when you have your appliances plugged into our 2000 Plus! With a 20ms EPS, important appliances like your refrigerator and your CPAP stay powered in the blink of an eye during a power outage.
Ideal for emergency home backup due to its high output power, the Jackery 2000 Plus ensures essential devices like lights, refrigerators, and medical equipment remain functional. Power up to 99% of devices and rest assured during power outages.
With a double 2000 Plus kit, enjoy expandable capacity, increased output, and parallel operation from all AC/DC port. Freely power up to 18 devices with our solar generator kit!
Out of sight, out of mind. The 2000 Plus has an ultra-long standby mode that holds a 50% charge for up to 2 years!


Expandable to 6000 W, an increase of 30% in rated power, compared to other 2 kWh products on the market. Powers almost all essential devices.

Portable Air Conditioner (1150W)

1.9 H

Microwave (1050W)

1.5 H

Kettle (850W)

1.9 H

Coffee Maker (550W)

2.8 H

Drone (90W)

45 Times

Electric Oven (800W)

2.1 H

Hand Drill (400W)

3.1 H

Angle Grinder (400W)

4 H

Outdoor Electric Grill (1700W)

1 H

Running Time Simulator

To power with Explorer 2000 Plus (2042Wh Capacity)
Please enter the wattage of the appliance (not exceeding 3000W)

Input power does not exceed
0 Hrs
Expected Running Time
Note: This is a calculation for reference. Please take the actual use for accuracy.



Current Bundles Recharging Time
Explorer 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W x 6
2 H
Explorer 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W x 2
7 H
AC Adaptor
2 H
12V Car Adaptor
25 H
The Solar Generator 2000 Plus takes just 2 hours for a full solar charge (with 6 SolarSaga 200W solar panels).Power source becomes fully independent, charging with solar energy instead of the power grid.


Born for durability, the superior LiFePO4 battery ensures up to a 10 year lifespan - even if used just once per day.

Note: The battery level will remain at 70%, after 4,000 charge cycles.

High Temperature Resistant

The latest and innovative lithium battery technology delivers incredibly efficient and safe operation.

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ChargeShield is Jackery's leading-edge fast charge technology providing 62 protective mechanisms, 12 protective algorithms, and 4 types of physical safety protection. By using a unique stepped variable-speed charging algorithm, this technology enhances safety and increases battery pack lifespan by 50%.
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The Industry's First TÜV SÜD’s Carbon Footprint Verification Brand

Jackery portable power station series (inc. Jackery Explorer 500/708/1000/1500/800 Pro/1000 Pro/2000 Pro/3000 Pro/2000 Plus/1000 Plus/300 Plus) and SolarSaga series (inc. Jackery SolarSaga 80/100/200) have received TÜV carbon neutral certification, making Jackery the first portable power brand to get verified on their carbon footprint.
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Control and monitor your 2000 Plus with the Jackery App. It supports different devices, real-time status monitoring, customization settings, and more.
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Jackery 2000 Plus 3000w LiFePO4 Modular UPS Solar Generator Power Station Review

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    Product Details

    Specs in Pictures

    Explorer 2000 Plus
    • Main Power Button
    • Car Port (12V,10A)
    • 2 x USB-A Output, 18W Max
    • 2 x USB-C Output, 100W Max
    • DC Button
    • AC Output, 25A Max
    • 4 x AC Output, 20A Max
    • AC Button
    SolarSaga 200W



    What's in The Box

    • Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus
    • Car Charge Cable
    • AC Charge Cable
    • DC7909 to DC8020 Adapter x 2
    • SolarSaga 200w

    Solar Generator 2000 Plus (Explorer 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W x2)
    Solar Generator 2000 Plus (Explorer 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W x1)
    Solar Generator 4000 Kit (Explorer 2000 Plus +Battery Pack 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W x2)
    Solar Generator 6000 Kit (Explorer 2000 Plus +Battery Pack 2000 Plus x 2 + SolarSaga 200W x2)
    Solar Generator 24000 Kit (Explorer 2000 Plus x 2 + Battery Pack 2000 Plus x 10 + SolarSaga 200W x6)

    User Manual

    User Manual
    Notice notice

    * This product (portable power supply) can supply power to your device in the temperature range of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius (-10 to 65 degrees Celsius for solar panels). If the operating temperature is outside the above range, this product may not work.

    Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus
    Explorer 2000 Plus + 200W
    How to connect Jackery Battery Pack 2000 Plus


    • Yes,Explorer 2000 Plus can be expanded up to 12 kWh and can be expanded up to 24 kWh when paired with a parallel drain plug.

    • It's LiFePO4 with the advantages of high temperature resistance, strong safety stability, and better circulation performance.

    • It is rated for 4000 full charge cycles, at that point you will have about 70% of your original capacity, and it will gradually reduce from there. 
      ( it's not to say the battery only has 4000 cycle life span. Among 4000 cycles, the unit can exert its best performance. It would not perform its best after 4000 cycles because of internal wastage.)

    • You can plug in Jackery 80W/100W/200W solar panel to charge the Explorer 2000 Plus.

    • It has a unique silent charging mode with a maximum noise of up to 30DB(like in a library) and it will take 4.5 hours to fully charge the power station in this mode.

    • Yes, search for “Jackery” in Google Play or Apple Store to install the App. After that, you can register and login.

    • 30% of the power stored for 1 year can still be left with 20% or more.

    • Yes,the built-in Battery Management System (BMS) and pure sine wave inverter protects your sensitive devices from damage.

    • We strongly do not recommend using other solar panel brands to recharge Jackery power station products since we cannot guarantee other brand quality and provide an after-sale service - for instance if damaged through using other company's solar panel brands.

    • We provide 3+2 year warranty for Explorer 2000 Plus. A 5-year total warranty (includes a 2-year extension) for Jackery website orders, and for Amazon orders, please register your item on the official website: https://support.jackery.com/extend-warranty to get the extra 2-year warranty.

    • Yes,the Explorer 2000 Plus supports EPS.

    • Yes, the Explorer 2000 Plus supports pass-through charging and it won't cause any damage to the battery life.

    • Up to 6 solar panels can be connected simultaneously to charge the E2000 Plus.It will take 2 hours fastest to fully charge the item if you plug in 6*200W Jackery solar panel.

    • Yes, the product is 94V-0 fireproof and meets UL2743 certification requirements.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 79 reviews
    Redge Hudson
    Great Generator

    Working on a small build that still does not have power. This generator has been a great add to my tools and has power to run miter saws, table saw, and paint sprayer, all the while charging batteries for my power tools. Solar panels are easy to install and keep us in power all day long. Also nice to have it at night to run fans to keep us somewhat cool as we sleep on the property. Excellent product!


    Only had it a few days, so far so good I guess.

    DC Extension

    Love the feel. Great build quality and length is just right. I will be sticking with Jackery products and recommend.

    Jack Mortimer
    Electricity where you want it when you need it

    This electricity collection and storage system is impressive. Such a small box can hold 2000 watts of electricity. The 200-watt solar panels are simple to set-up and adjust for maximum solar collection. Using the smart phone app, I can monitor the system as it is charging. When a shadow creeps across the solar panel, I can immediately notice a drop in the charge wattage so I can move the panels back to the sunny side of the yard. I am happy that I chose this brand and this system. When power goes out, I won't have a noisey, belching gas powered generator in my yard.


    Package is missing the 2 solar panels that I purchased!