Solar Power Water Pump: Can Solar Generator Run A Water Pump

A solar power water pump sounds very exciting indeed. It is the same as a regular water pump except that it has almost zero power consumption cost because it runs on free and renewable energy sources. Using a solar power pump has a lot of advantages, such as it is a green and environment-friendly solution for generating power. It is very cost-effective, and it is portable. Also, it makes you independent of any paid energy resource and is very easy to install.

Solar power water pumps work for irrigation, bird baths, livestock, and off-grid applications. It is interesting to know that there are different solar power water pumps options, such as fully submersible water pumps that can be used for ponds and wells. Then there are the groundwater pumps that may be used for fountains and livestock.

What is Solar Power Water Pump

A solar-powered water pump is a water-pumping machine running on solar energy. As fuel prices soar, these low-cost energy sources are an alternative to electric and oil-water pumps. It is a great solution for the areas where you need an electricity connection. And even if you have a connection, you may want to try solar power water pumps because of their low cost of running. It gives a viable solution to people in these times of very high fuel costs.

Solar power water pumps have different types.

  1. The submersible pump is a solar system to draw water from boreholes or deep wells.
  2. The circulator pump circulates water to keep it warm and ensure a continuous water supply.
  3. The booster pump moves water from the storage tank to other facility parts.

How Does A Solar Power Water Pump Work

A solar power pump has three main parts, i.e., solar panels, a controller, and a pump. The solar photovoltaic (PV) system's size depends on the pump's size, the amount of water to be pumped, and the solar irradiance.

The solar-powered water pump has a very simple working principle based on the photovoltaic concept.

  1. When sunlight falls on the solar panel’s surface, these panels absorb the solar energy. This absorbed radiant energy is then converted to electricity.
  2. However, this electricity is in the Direct Current(DC) mode that will not run the AC water pumps. So, here you need a solar pump controller that converts the DC electricity to AC.
  3. The solar water pumps also use inverters to regulate the voltage output to help the system run smoothly and efficiently.
  4. The pump uses AC power to draw water and circulates it through the pipes.
  5. If you want your solar power water pumpto work at night or when you do not get enough sunlight, you also need a generator for your system.

Solar Power Water Pump VS. Solar Generator for Water Pump

You have two choices when using solar energy for your water-pumping system. Either use a solar power water pump or use a solar generator for the water pump. Though you may think there is little difference at face value, there are some nitty gritty details that you need to know.

A solar power water pump is a complete system including a water pump, solar panels, and a controller. On the other hand, a solar generator for a water pump takes your regular AC-powered water pump and powers it up using a separate solar generator. Below diagram shows how a solar generator works.

how solar generator works

The following table summarizes the pros and cons of both systems.




Solar power water pump

Environment friendly

High cost of purchasing the system.

Zero fuel cost

All the equipment can be used for one system only.

Easy to install

Does not work at night.

Low cost of running

Does not work on cloudy days or low-light weather.

Solar Generator for Water Pump

Your existing water pump will work in this system.

Initial setup cost.

You can use the generator to power up other appliances too.

It would be best to charge your solar generator to work at night.

The water pump and solar generator are independent of each other.


It works even at night or on low-light days with charging.

Environment friendly

No noise

How Many Running & Starting Watts Does A Water Pump Use

When you want to estimate the capacity of your required solar water pump or solar generator, there are two numbers you need to know. One is running watts, and the other is starting watts. So what do they mean?

Running, or rated watts is the continuous supply of watts needed to keep your device running. Starting watts, on the other hand, are extra watts required for two to three seconds to start motor-driven appliances, e.g.  a refrigerator or circular saw. This is the maximum wattage a generator can produce.

Running watts: Running watts are also called rated watts. These are the continuous watts needed to keep your solar water pump running.

Starting watts: Starting watts are extra or the highest required watts needed for two to three seconds to start your water pump.

Water Pump

Running Watts

Starting Watts

1/3 HP



1/2 HP



3/4 HP



1 HP



1 1./2 HP



2 HP



3 HP



5 HP



7 1/2 HP



10 HP



How Much Power Does A Water Pump Need

The power required for a water pump depends on the pump size and the gallon-per-hour capacity. Generally, we can classify the water pumps into the following sizes and capacities.

  1. A small pump is used for small water pumping requirements, like around 160 gallons per hour.
  2. The medium-sized pump is suitable for ponds and wells that need around 360+ gallons per hour of pumping.
  3. Large Pumps are used for fountains and waterfalls that yield around  900+ gallons per hour of pumping.

A solar water pump generally requires 250 watts to 1500 watts, depending on its size and yield in gallons per hour.

Solar water pump

Running watts

Starting watts

0.3 horsepower

60 watts

4 x running watts = 240 watts approx

0,4 horsepower

75 watts


0.5 horsepower

100 watts


0.7 horsepower

125 watts


One horsepower

185 watts


1.3 watts

250 watts


Can A Solar Generator Run A Water Pump

The simple answer is yes. It depends on many factors, including the number and output of your solar panels, the efficiency and smooth functionality of the inverter, the size of the water pump, etc. If you are using a reliable and big enough generator, then it can run your water pump.

We recommend using Jackery solar generator series for your water pump. This recommendation is based on the variety of solar generator solutions that Jackery offers. These generators are efficient, portable, noise-free, and well-built to smooth the functionality of your water pump. They offer different sizes of solar generators and solar panels so that you can make your bundle based on your requirements.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro (Explorer 2000 Pro + SolarSaga 200W)

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

The Jackery solar generator 2000 Pro offers  2,160 Wh capacity, 2,200W AC power, and 4,400W peak power. This is a magnificent power output to support multiple devices simultaneously, including large appliances, e.g., refrigerators, ACs, and TV. The dual battery protection and four temperature core detectors make maintenance and protection of your solar generator easier. Also, you can keep your appliances safe from any damage due to voltage fluctuations.

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 (Explorer 1500 + SolarSaga 100W)

The Jackery solar generator 1500 gives you 1534Wh capacity with 1800 running wattage. This is also enough configuration to run multiple devices and save you from stress during power outages. The fast solar engineering supported by Solarpeak™ technology charges it to 80% within 4 hours.

Jackery Solar Generator 1500

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro (Explorer 1000 Pro + SolarSaga 80W/200W)

The Jackery solar generator 1000 Pro is a versatile indoor and outdoor power generation solution. It has an integrated battery system that monitors and protects the battery life and safeguards your equipment from fluctuations.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

The Jackery solar generators have received plenty of positive reviews which add to their reliability factor and speak volumes about their efficiency and quality.

"I'm glad I bought this. I've been using this as a portable power station to power all of my tools, and it always had juice. When used with the 200W solar panel, this could become a reliable source of electricity for days. The option to charge via a 12V outlet makes this very convenient for camping or any outside activities. I'm planning to buy another one so we can rotate while charging. Highly recommended!"

What Size of Solar Generator to Run A Water Pump

The size of the solar generator required to run a water pump depends on the pump's wattage and the generator's size. We have summarized the working hours of different sizes of water pumps and the working hours you may expect.

In the following table, it is important to note that we use 85% of the capacity of the generator to estimate hours because when using the water pump, there will be a loss of capacity during use.

Working time = Capacity Wh * 0.85 / operating wattage of your water pump

To increase the working hours of the water pump using the solar generator, we can use solar panels to get renewable power to continue supporting the appliances when the portable power station is running out of capacity. It is important to note that Jackery solar panels and solar generators support pass-through charging, so you can recharge the generator and continue powering up the water panel simultaneously.




Water Pump Watts


The Jackery solar generator 2000 pro

2160 wh






AC Output:120V, 60Hz, 2200W (4400W Peak)

USB-A Output: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max

USB-C Output: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)

Car Port: 12V,10A

AC Input: 120V, 60Hz, 15A Max

DC Input: 11V-17.5V, 8A Max, Double to 8A Max

17.5V-60V, 12A, Double to 24A/1400W Max


60 watts


75 watts



100 watts


125 watts


185 watts


250 watts


The Jackery solar generator 1500 pro







AC Output: 120V, 60Hz, 1800W (3600W Peak)

USB-A Output: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Ma

USB-C Output: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A

Car Port: 12V,10A

AC Input:120V, 60Hz, 10.83A Max

DC Input: 11V-17.5V, 8A Max, Double to 8A Max

17.5V-60V, 12A, Double to 24A/1400W Max


60 watts


75 watts


100 watts


125 watts


185 watts


250 watts


The Jackery solar generator 1000 pro







AC Output: 120V, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Peak)

USB-A Output: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max

USB-C Output: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)

Car Port: 12V,10A

AC Input:120V, 60Hz, 15A Max

DC Input: 12V-17.5V, 8A Max, Double to 16A Max, 17.5V-60V, 11A, Double to 22A/800W Max

60 watts


75 watts



100 watts


125 watts


185 watts


250 watts


The Jackery solar generator 500






AC Output: 110VAC, 60Hz, 500W (1000W Surge)

USB-A Output: 5V, 2.4A

Car Output:12V, 10A

DC Output: 12V, 7A


60 watts


75 watts


100 watts


125 watts


185 watts


250 watts


Solar Power Water Pump FAQs

1. How many solar panels do I need to run a water pump?

It depends on the size of your water pump. A 1 horsepower water pump generally uses 1200 watts of power for running. Hence you need 12x100 watts solar panels to run this water pump. Similarly, a half-horsepower water pump needs 6 x100 watts solar panels.

2. How can I design my solar power water pump?

Designing your solar power pump requires gathering some basic information and then researching the required equipment for your water pump. Let us summarize the process.

  1. You need to determine what your critical water supply needs. Domestic water needs and irrigation needs are very different.
  2. Calculate your pumping head.
  3. Estimate the required solar resource.
  4. Find an appropriate solar pump and a DC to AC inverter.
  5. Calculate the requirement for PV panels.

3. How much does it cost to run a water pump?

Generally, one horsepower costs between $0.10 and $. 20 per hour to run. It means if you have a five-horsepower water pump that you run for 5 hours a day, you will pay up to $5 per day. It makes it around $150 a month.

This is a big expense, and it adds up because you need a monthly water supply. The best solution is to invest in a solar power water pump. Though it is a large investment for setup, after that, there is zero fuel cost and very less maintenance cost.

4. Is it worth it to run a water pump with a solar generator?

A water pump with a solar generator is a win-win situation. You have a water pump that you can run on AC power and also with a solar generator. The solar generator can be used to power up other appliances as well. For example, if you have a Jackery solar generator 2000 pro, you can use it for running AC, refrigerator, Hot plate, coffee maker, and much more.

Additionally, using their solar panels, you can charge your generator at zero cost. So, in the long run, you can see how the initial setup cost is covered easily, and you start saving.

Final Thoughts

Solar power water pumps and solar generators for water pumps are very useful, efficient, and cost-effective pumps you can use to maintain your water supply for both irrigation and domestic use. You can use these even in remote areas where you do not have an electricity connection. Jackery offers a range of solar generators with different capacities and solar panels. These generators are portable, noise-less, and efficient, making their operation smooth and fluctuation-proof.

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