Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro Can Power Up Your Home and More!

In emergency situations, power outages and brownouts are challenges many of us face, especially when there are natural calamities and extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re at home or living the life on the road, having a consistent power supply and power backup prepares you for these situations.

Worry no more! You won’t have to worry over sudden power cuts with the newest addition to the powerhouse green energy product from Jackery! Enjoy backup energy that will power your home appliances with Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro.

Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro Power for Home

Powering Your Home with Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro

Be prepared to power your home in emergencies and power outages! Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro enables unlimited power through both plugged charging and solar energy.

The newest addition to Jackery’s powerhouse renewable energy products is at the forefront to deliver electricity by harnessing stored and solar power to operate necessary appliances you need at home. It can serve as an emergency power supply in case of outages due to calamities or extreme weather conditions.

Gigantic Power Capacity

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro offers an enormous charging capacity with 2,160 Wh, an ideal for prolonged power supply for emergencies that power home appliances such as hot plates, blenders, air conditioners, and many more!

This device is perfect for people living on the road and those who are adventurous. Portable Power Stations are necessary for outdoor off-grid activities like hiking, camping, and van living. Get solar power for a mobile home and get solar power for off-grid living.

Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro perfect for off-grid living

Unlimited Solar Power

Harness the power of the sun! You can fully charge this portable power station in three ways. You can either charge it from the grid via wall charger, from solar power, and from the car.

It can be fully charged with 6 SolarSaga 200W solar panels in only under 2.5 hours (from 0%-100%). Meanwhile, you can charge it via an AC wall outlet in just 2 hours (from 0%-100%), and also use the car battery in 24 hours (from 0%-100%).

It additionally supports pass-through charging, which lets you charge your power station and your essential devices simultaneously.

First Class Safety and Reliability

Jackery takes quality, reliability, and safety to the next level with products we offer. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro has a first-rate lithium battery that houses two chips for dual protection and four core detectors, guaranteeing the perfect blend of safe and reliable charging.

The battery is extremely effective and efficient as it features comprehensive circuit protection with Jackery’s built-in Battery Management System (BMS)™

Press & Play Feature

No need for elaborate setups with this portable power station. With a simple press of a button, the access to outstanding charging efficiency becomes available in seconds. The Explorer 2000 Pro delivers under 53DB of charging, ensuring quiet and peaceful charging.

Its upgraded LCD screen display includes a fault code indicator and low battery indicator delivering high-quality information, making it clear and easy to understand.

Innovative Foldable Design

One of Explorer 2000 Pro’s strengths is its portability and innovative foldable design. You can easily carry it on-the-go for outdoor activities, or you can store it safely at home.

This device emits no toxic gasses, operating extremely cleanly, causing no harm to the environment. Moreover, the product operates with less than 53 dbs, ensuring quiet and peaceful charging.

Power Up Your Life

Power up your life with Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro and enjoy the ultimate solar experience! Use it to power your appliances, devices and gadgets both indoors and outdoors.

Use it for:

  • Indoor Power Backup
  • Outdoor Off-grid Living
  • Emergency Power

Get your Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro today!

Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro makes life better

Having a reliable power supply is essential in every home. It’s crucial to have power backups, especially in emergencies, calamities, and extreme weather conditions. With Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Pro, fret no more.

About Jackery

Founded in California in 2012, Jackery is a top-selling global outdoor solar generator brand that emboldens campers to go further outdoors without compromise. As the pioneer of the Solar Generator concept and products, Jackery offers a range of portable, versatile green generators that meet all outdoor needs, from charging a cellphone or laptop to powering large devices like electric cooking equipment, heaters and lights. Its products have been consistently selected as Best Sellers on Amazon, Amazon's Choice since 2020.

So far, Jackery has received 12 prestigious international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the A' Design Award and Competition, and the CES Innovation Award. The New York Times, CNET, Digital Trends, Forbes, Tom's Guide, Newsweek, Bob Vila, PCWorld, and other publications have ranked it the best solar generator.

Since 2018, Jackery has sold more than 1.5 million units worldwide and boasts a global footprint spanning from the US to Europe, Japan and China.

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