DIY Home Heating Hacks: Quick Fixes for a Warmer Winter

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DIY Home Heating Hacks: Quick Fixes for a Warmer Winter
Keeping your home well heated all year round, especially in colder months, is a real challenge. Not only do you want to ramp up the temperature so your family visiting from warmer climates stays comfortable, but you also want to avoid those excessive energy bills. In these situations, finding methods to weatherize your home and boost its ability to trap heat is crucial for your comfort and pocketbook. 
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Keeping your home well heated all year round, especially in colder months, is a real challenge. Not only do you want to ramp up the temperature so your family visiting from warmer climates stays comfortable, but you also want to avoid those excessive energy bills. In these situations, finding methods to weatherize your home and boost its ability to trap heat is crucial for your comfort and pocketbook. 

Extreme cold can lead to many unwanted issues. Using solar for home helps avoid potential problems with heating food, keeping the temperature up for your aging mother, or even ensuring the medical equipment needed for your family remains charged and online. Between the evenings when a cold winter chill is frosting your windows or the extreme snow makes it impossible to keep power on, having a portable power station is perfect for a warmer experience. 

With that in mind, there are a number of tips, tricks, and hacks you can use to better ''winter-proof'' your home, especially if you live in an older building where drafts are commonplace.

Remember, you want to keep your family safe and warm by proactively preparing for a cold winter, power outage emergencies, or other weather events. 

Emergency Heating Solutions Suited for Households

In US, winter temperatures get way down below zero. Combine those frigid temperatures with an extreme winter storm, and you have a recipe for disaster. Every year, people from all backgrounds and socio-economic situations succumb to maladies, sickness, and, in some rare cases, death related to poor heating. 

Step one in preventing such dangers is to take the threat seriously. Those cold winter nights may look nostalgic and inviting in a Hallmark TV series, but they are harsher to manage in reality. Traditional heating methods that rely on public infrastructure, freezable fuels, or metal mechanisms that can break pose a risk. This is even more dangerous for populations of aging or medically supported communities. 

Always have a backup plan ready to go. You want a way to safeguard yourself and your family from the cold. Solar for home use is a great way to keep your solar generator working all season long. However, you want to go a step further by including plenty of blankets at hand, investing in insulated curtains, or many other techniques discussed below. 

The benefits of a heating backup plan include: 

  • Comfort: Cold is not relaxing. It makes your body twitch and tighten, leading to pains and aches you don't want. 
  • Health/Safety: Frigid temperature leads to cold exposure, hypothermia, and other sicknesses – especially for the elderly. 
  • Prevent Pipe Freezing: When your pipes freeze, you lose out on water-related systems for maintaining a clean and efficient household. 
  • Grid Independence: Whether you're living off-grid or in the middle of a city, having an alternative through solar for home allows you to maintain your comfort level if the public services go dark.
  • Cost Savings: A premium solar generator results in less expensive and highly renewable energy efficiency for your home. 
  • Peace of Mind: You don't want to spend cold winter nights stressing about whether you'll have enough heat to make it to the morning. 
  • Enhanced Home Value: A solar generator setup for your home increases the overall value of the property if you want to resell it down the road. 
  • Response to Emergencies: When the power does go out, you have a reliable DIY solar system so you can keep the lights on all night long. 

Why go the DIY heating route? Professional plumbers, electricians, and providers are a fantastic resource. However, they can be expensive and, in many cases, impossible to book because of high demand. 

Sometimes, going the DIY pathway offers way more flexibility and success. No one is going to know the unique attributes of your home better than you. The years of dealing with a tricky furnace or having to close that one-bedroom window just right offers you insight a professional may not have. 

You want to optimize your home's insulation by using techniques and materials for better capture and generation. Even knowing that you should take a shower during the daytime when the sun is shining in your bathroom goes a long way to lowering your reliance on more natural resources. 

The Role of Portable Power

A home solar power system is crucial during power outages and other weather-related emergencies. You want portable solar for home instead of a fixed solution so you can adapt to whatever is happening around you. 

You'll still get the energy production needed for essential heating devices like space heaters, electric blankets, or smaller heat-emitting appliances. In addition, you'll have a portable power station for maintaining all your various devices during such an emergency. That way, when the local government or nearby neighbors make an announcement, you'll be ready. 

Speaking of your neighbors, having solar for home that is portable helps your friends and family. Maybe your home has the power it needs, but your aunt lives out in the boonies and is likely to be out of power for a week. Then, you can pack up your solar power for home system and be the hero of the day (or week). 

The idea is to be ready with alternative heating whenever an emergency occurs or you have dropping temperatures and a home needs some quick solutions.

Jackery Solar Generator Provides Portable Power

DIY Household Heating Tips

Every home is unique and has demands and needs based on the occupants. A retired couple in a guest house is going to need way different heating than a family of six in a Greek revival without proper insulation. 

DIY heating tips go well beyond dependable solar for home solutions. In many cases, you can achieve these solutions with little to no investment and a couple of free hours on the weekends. Just try to jump on these heat-boosting tips and tricks well in advance of the colder winter months. 

#1 – Go with a Programmable Thermostat

This doesn't help much if the power is out, but having a programmable thermostat ensures your home remains nice and warm during the most active hours. It also goes a long way to lowering your monthly bills. You can set the temperature to a lower setting whenever you're out of the house at work or enjoying a movie. 

#2 – Clear Your Heating Vents

Time to move that old couch from the heating vents. Your home's HVAC system needs a clear pathway to precious hot air that can flow evenly throughout your living space. Clean out those vents and check for any leaks along the lines in the basement or attic. You want them to be at least 25% open, even in rooms only used for occasional visitors. 

#3 – Consider Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers are those funny little snake-like devices. They are fabric wrapped around sand or other material that reduces cold air from sneaking through door joints, window seams, or other drafty areas of the home. The idea is to target the areas where you feel a draft and don't get used often in the colder months. 

#4 – Insulate Windows

If you get the time, interior storm windows are easy to make and cost very little. In many communities, there are organizations that will help you if you donate time to make some for less fortunate families. You can also use plastic wrap to create an air gap so the colder air doesn't sneak into your warm spaces. 

#5 – Strategic Curtain Use

Solar for home is only good if you have a sunny day. On those occasions, open your curtains to let the sun naturally heat your home. Otherwise, go with insulated curtains that can block out the cold. You may want to invest in some UV lights that imitate the sunlight to balance your mental and physical well-being. 

#6 – Reverse the Fans

Most modern ceiling fans have a switch you can flip that pushes hot air down. In the warmer months, you use one setting to circulate colder air. The reverse is true in the winter. When hot air rises, you want a way to distribute that heat throughout your home for a more even result. 

#7 – Use Rugs, Blankets, and Foil

Make use of electric blankets or comforters around the home. Having a "winter" designated blanket in your living room that you only use in the colder months can be a lot of fun. The same is true for rugs on your laminate or tile flooring and foil behind the radiators that reflect the heat. These are easy-to-install tricks for added warmth. 

This list could go on for miles. Everything from checking the filter in your furnace to leaving the oven door open after cooking a roast helps keep your home well-heated and lowers your energy bills. Of course, if you can get a solar for home solution, you're in much better shape. 

Jackery Solar Generators as a Home-Heating Ally

One of the best solutions for keeping your home warm and cozy all winter is picking up any Jackery solar generators. These are easy-to-use systems that are powered by renewable energy. You don't have to venture outdoors to fuel up to keep running. Some of the better options include: 

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus Features:

  • High Capacity & Output:Offers a 1264Wh capacity and a 2000W output, supporting 99% of devices.
  • Expandable Capacity:Can connect up to three additional battery packs, expanding up to 5kWh for extended backup power.
  • Sustainability Leadership:First in the industry verified by TÜV SÜD for setting new sustainability standards.
  • Long-Lasting Reliability:Features LiFePO4 battery cells providing up to 10 years of lifespan and 4,000 charge cycles.
  • Intelligent Control:Advanced APP feature for control and monitoring via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Rapid Solar Charging:Equipped with Advanced IBC Technology for swift solar charging in just 2 hours.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus Features:

  • Versatile Capacity Expansion:Ranging from 2-24 kWh for various power needs, ideal for off-grid living or extended blackouts.
  • Powerful Output:Can power heavy-duty devices up to 6000W, with 120/240V expandable voltage for high energy demands.
  • Ultra-Fast Solar Charging:Utilizes Advanced IBC Technology for a full solar charge in approximately 2 hours.
  • Longevity and Protection:Outfitted with a LiFePO4 battery ensuring a 10-year lifespan and a ChargeShield technology that boosts battery life by 50%.
  • High-Temperature Resistant:Features innovative lithium battery technology for efficient and safe operation under various conditions.
  • Smart App Control:Conveniently manage and monitor power usage and settings through the Jackery App.

Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro Features:

  • Large Capacity & Powerful:Boasts a 3024Wh capacity and 3000W power output, accommodating up to 99% of outdoor appliances.
  • Ultra-Fast Charging:Achieves full solar charge in 3-4 hours and wall charge in 2.4 hours, ready for rapid deployment.
  • Portable Design:A pull rod and double wheels are included for easy mobility and storage.
  • Cold Weather Resilient:Remains functional in temperatures as low as -20°C /-4°F.
  • Silent Operation:Features a unique quiet canyon cooling system for noise-free operation.
  • Comprehensive Safety:Enhanced with a fully upgraded BMS and IP68 Waterproof and Dust-resistant solar panels for all-around protection.

The primary differences between the three relate to how much power you need for warmth this season. For example, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus is the best option for portability and shorter-term power needs if you want to power a small a-frame or vacation cottage. For extensive capacity, you want to go with the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus. That is the best option for off-grid living or more extended emergencies.

Finally, the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro offers massive capacity for RV trips or home emergency backups during a harsh winter event. Every one of these products has easy-to-use features and comprehensive benefits that are more than worth exploring. Be sure to choose an option well in advance of the colder months in case there is a backlog of orders or demand.

You want a solar for home generator that powers critical heating disasters whenever the power goes out. Something that allows for full at-home adaptability for electric blankets, smaller space heaters, or heating pads. It is even better if they provide hours of chargeability so all your devices help prevent the isolation and boredom that comes when you're stuck indoors for days on end!

The Advantages of Jackery Solar Generator

Wrapping Up

Being well-prepared for the winter in North America is crucial to your comfort, health, peace of mind, and survival. Having reliable portable power through solar for home options available from Jackery is a surefire way to keep your family safe and happy.

Follow the tips and home heating hacks provided and create a more welcoming environment this season. A portable power station is not a luxury. It is a necessity, so you experience the winter in style, comfort, and joy.