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Picnic Packing List: What to Bring to A Picnic [PDF Checklist]

Taking your supper outside with a picnic is one of the best ways to soak up the sunlight. A picnic is the ideal setting for trying out new dishes, whether it's a date, a single adventure, or a gathering with friends and family. Visit your favorite park or a beach you've been meaning to visit, or set up camp in your backyard with some lawn games - all are excellent locations for a picnic.        

what to bring to a picnic

What makes you unhappy is opening your basket and realizing you still need to complete the packing list - neglecting the essentials may completely ruin your day. 

You'll need a picnic basket or blanket, utensils, and plates, but there are some less apparent essentials you should remember. Please continue reading for our comprehensive picnic packing list, which includes some basic items, foods & drinks, cleanup essentials, and entertainment necessities. In addition, a Jackery Portable Power Station should be on your picnic checklist because it can power all your electronics outside.       




Rated / Peak Power

Noise Level


Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 500


500W Rated, 1000W Peak



Explorer 300 Portable Power Station

Explorer 300 Portable Power Station


300W Rated, 500W Peak



Why You Should Have A Picnic?

After a long week at work, let alone a long year, a picnic is precisely what the doctor would order for the entire family. If you're not the "picnic type" or don't have a cause to load up the family van for a picnic, here are a few advantages to consider.

Breathe The Fresh Air: Whether you work from home or in the office, breathing in indoor air for a full day is unhealthy. When you go on a picnic, you will inhale fresh air, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready for the week ahead.    

Relieve Stress: Our bodies seem to relieve stress immediately when we go outside. Something about the fresh air and blue sky tells our body to take a deep breath and unwind. When cooped up indoors all day, it's easy to become preoccupied with the never-ending list of tasks you must complete by the end of the day rather than being grateful for each day.

Connect with Friends & Family: You don't need to go on a costly vacation or throw a lavish party to reconnect with family and friends. A simple picnic with snacks and light dishes is all you need to spend quality time with family and friends. A picnic is a fun and peaceful way to create memories while also enjoying the company of others.

Peace in Mind: As you breathe fresh air, your mind will shift gears and dwell on everything you have to be thankful for, from family and friends to a roof over your head and a warm supper. Whether you have a single picnic or invite a few friends, a picnic is an excellent opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what matters.

Why Picnic Packing List Is So Important?

Utilize this picnic packing list to ensure you have everything you need before going on a picnic, and you will feel confident and well-prepared when planning the amassing of picnic supplies. The following are suggestions for enhancing the effectiveness of inventories.       

Picnic Packing List: How can you ensure you have everything for your picnic? By adhering to our picnic packing list, you can concentrate on picnicking and enjoying the gathering without fretting about forgetting anything; this will never occur.           

Picnic Instructions: Regardless of the picnic type, it may be necessary to give attention to something, even if you have a list. Ensure you have brought everything before departing for the fun event. Avoid eliminating items from the list because they were found in the pantry. Not until after they have been packaged are they marked. Alternatively, you could forsake your plans. 

Printable Checklist PDF: Examine the picnic checklist PDF, then add or omit items as needed. A printable PDF version for distribution is available below. Once you have created your version of the list, you can use it each time to remind you of the items you need to bring to a picnic.

>>Download The Picnic Packing List PDF  

Picnic Packing List: What to Bring to A Picnic?

It's picnic season, that wonderful time of year when friends and families meet, blankets are spread, and baskets are packed with delectable foods to snack on till late afternoon. A picnic may be one of the most delightful ways to spend time outside, whether at the beach or in a park.

Packing a picnic makes a routine lunch feel spectacular without cost. It's a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors without spending money on concert tickets or amusement park entry. Even if your budget is limited, you can still have fun! But if you're wondering what to bring to a picnic, the following are some suggestions: 

- Basic Picnic Items: These are the essentials for any picnic gathering;

- Picnic Foods & Drinks: Popular snacks and drinks that are simple to prepare and take;

- Picnic Cleanup Essentials: Items that aid in the cleanup of trash and leftovers;

- Picnic More Extras: The more items you will need for a picnic;

- Picnic Entertainment Necessities: Increase the joy and laughter at your picnic.

Consider these tried-and-true picnic ideas for a memorable meal that hits all the right notes to make the most of the longer days and more excellent weather. Continue reading to learn more about things to bring to a picnic.

Picnic Basic Items

A blanket is the first fundamental item that comes to mind when asked what to bring to a picnic. Even if your picnic location has tables, you should bring at least one blanket for the children to play on, for lounging, or an outdoor snooze. Wool gets too hot and could be damaged if wet, and linen is insufficiently dense to serve as a barrier against damp or uncomfortable surfaces.

picnic basic items

Choose a lightweight and large blanket to accommodate your group, and remember that you can always combine multiple blankets. A waterproof and sand-proof blanket or mat is suitable for beach use. Typically, it will have a water-resistant backing to prevent the surface from becoming damp or a nylon material that simplifies removing grit. Other than the blanket, additional products are essential for use.

Picnic Basic Items

Picnic Blanket

Picnic Basket


Portable Picnic Table





Water Bottle


Cutting Board



Food Container

Jackery Portable Power Station

Unbeknownst to you, a portable solar power system can enhance the moment in various ways. It is a remarkable lifestyle improvement. If you have a long trip with companions or family, you must carry at least one mobile phone. However, consider bringing a portable solar power station to your picnic to avoid spending money on a phone charger

Picnics and outdoor festivities can become uncomfortable when there is no shade to provide relief from the sun's rays. Keep your cooler cool to prevent food from spoiling rapidly. How can you keep your coolers chilled if there is no electricity in the area where you will picnic?

The Jackery Portable Power Station is excellent for bringing on a picnic to keep your electronic devices charged. Jackery is the industry leader in producing portable power stations, solar panels, and portable solar generators. To protect the environment, we always contemplate sustainability and utilize solar energy as our power source. Whether you choose the Jackery Explorer 500 or 300, the solar-powered power station will safeguard your picnic by keeping everything working.

Picnic Foods & Drinks

Ensuring sufficient food and beverages is the simplest method to keep the good times rolling. Consider easily prepared and shareable foods, such as a gorgeously curated cheeseboard. Please find a few of our favorite simple recipes for entertaining that are ideal for a picnic. 

picnic foods and drinks

Picnic cuisine is all about food that tastes great whether you eat it now or in two hours. It should be simple to consume and tidy. And the fewer tools required, the better. Wraps, loaded pita pockets, roll-ups, and delicious traditional sandwiches are the most popular picnic foods because they are easy to serve and consume. There are additional delicacies that can be brought to a picnic.

Picnic Foods







Cup Cakes

Fresh Fruits

Dried Fruits


Ice Bags





Scotch Eggs

Sausage Rolls

Fried Chicken

Utilize re-freezable ice containers to preserve the freshness of food and prevent spoilage. Alternatively, fill a few resealable bags with ice crystals. They will refrigerate food during transport. During the picnic, add ice crystals to each beverage. Empty out any remaining items before departing for a reduced journey home.

Picnic Drinks

Soft Drinks

Ice Tea






Sparkling Water


On a picnic day, staying hydrated is one of the best ways to combat the heat. Bring a variety of beverages, including bottled water and fruit juice. What food and drink should you bring on a picnic? It is the ultimate query. Besides getting fresh air and creating memories with loved ones, the most critical aspect of a picnic is the food, so we've included a list of what to bring on a picnic in our practical guide. 

Picnic Cleanup Essentials

As a responsible member of society, please remove your rubbish from the premises or deposit it in the appropriate container. Some individuals carry a small plastic grocery bag if no waste can is available. Also, remember to bring some wipes to clean hands that may have touched the monkey bars a few minutes before lunch.

picnic cleanup essentials

Always bring trash bags, particularly if you are still determining whether your picnic location will have a trash can. The preponderance of national parks and beaches are "carry in, carry out." Because there will be no waste cans, you should be prepared to carry out everything you bring in. The following is a list of picnic essentials for cleanup.

Picnic Cleanup Essentials

Trash Bags

Paper Towels

Moist Towelettes

Cling Wrap

Food Wraps

Eco-friendly Wraps

Wet Wipe


Dust Pan

When no running water is available, moist towelettes make it simple to clean your hands after eating. Keep a roll of paper towels on hand for washing dishes, containers, plates, and utensils before repacking them.

Picnic More Extras

Unfortunately, the best time for a picnic date is also optimal for ants, flies, and mosquitoes. Insect repellent is a must-bring item on our picnic checklist, though more romantic things exist. While attempting to enjoy time with a partner, nothing kills the mood faster than slapping away uninvited visitors.

picnic more extras

The only downside to enjoying the outdoors with loved ones is when the pests show up. Do not allow mosquitoes, gnats, flies, or other annoying insects to destroy one of life's unique pleasures: the great outdoors. You should include additional supplies on your picnic packing list.

Picnic More Extras

Bug Spray

Bug Repellent




Portable Fan


Bottle Opener

Food Covers

As enjoyable as it is to bask in the sun for hours, we cannot deny that the sun's rays are terrible for your complexion. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and a beach umbrella if you're particularly cautious.

Picnic Entertainment Necessities

After savoring your favorite savory snacks and sweets from your picnic basket, organize a kickball, soccer, or flag football game at your next outing as a fun way to bond with your friends. Or, you prefer a game of paddle ball or frisbee instead. Regardless of the sport, providing an activity that gets people moving is always appreciated.

picnic entertainment items

For a beach-side picnic, plan to keep children entertained with games you believe they will appreciate, such as arts and crafts, bubbles, or sandcastle-building materials.

Picnic Entertainment Necessities

Board Games



Flag Football





Sand Castle Making

Portable Hammock

Bluetooth Speaker


Portable Projector



Cricket Bat

Water Guns


Music is an excellent method to maintain the party atmosphere throughout the day. Therefore, we advise you to bring a portable outdoor speaker. On your phone, you can make a playlist and even take requests from other people. If your portable speaker runs out of power during your picnic, bring along a Jackery Portable Power Station!  

Jackery Portable Power Station for Your Picnic

Suppose you are going on a picnic with friends or family and will use your cameras during the outing. Sadly, no electricity is available in this location; therefore, these cameras will not function correctly without a power source. In such circumstances, you should bring a Jackery Portable Power Station to charge your devices as needed.

how Jackery portable power station works

Jackery offers portable power solutions for recharging electronic devices during an excursion. Jackery Portable Power Stations can be paired with Jackery Solar Panels to maximize solar energy use (Jackery Solar Generators), or they can be recharged in wall outlets or carports. 

The Jackery Portable Power Stations are compact, portable, and user-friendly. Choose between 240Wh and 24kWh based on your picnic's energy requirements.       

Before purchasing portable power stations, determining how much emergency electricity is required is essential. This formula can calculate the working time by using the Jackery Portable Power Station to charge your electronics.             

Working Time = Power Station Capacity*0.85 / Your Device's Operating Wattage

Using the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station (518Wh), a 20W Bluetooth speaker can be powered for approximately 20.7 hours, sufficient for a picnic (518*0.85/20). Using the formula mentioned above, it is simple to determine which power station to acquire.   

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station for picnic

The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station provides long-lasting power for low- to high-powered devices. The power station is ideal for picnicking and outdoor activities because of its 518Wh battery capacity, ergonomic design, foldable handle, and industry-leading BMS technology. With a weight of just 13.32 pounds, it is incredibly portable. 

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station has 2 * DC ports, 1 * AC outlet, 3 * USB-A ports, and 1 * carport for charging picnic equipment, including mini coolers, portable speakers, and more. The power station's compact size and lightweight design make it suitable for picnics. For instance, it can power a portable 150W chiller for 2.8 hours and a portable 50W projector for 8.3 hours.

The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station eliminates the need to locate an electrical outlet for charging. Multiple alternative charging methods, such as solar panels, vehicle outlets, and electric generators, ensure that you can charge your equipment anywhere, at any time. The most extended battery life is the finest feature of the Jackery Explorer 500 Power Station. Even after 800 charge cycles, the battery capacity of the power station will remain at 80%.


Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station



Noise Level


Life Cycles

500 cycles to 80%+ capacity


18.6x14.1x14.7in (6kg)

Using Temperature

14-104F (-10-40)

Output Ports

1*AC Output: 110V, 60Hz, 500W (1000W Peak); 2*DC Outputs: 12V7A; 3*USB-A: 5V2.4A; 1*Carport: 12V10A

Working Hours

Cooler(150-300W): 1.4-2.8H

Portable Projector(50-150W): 2.8-8.3H

Bluetooth Speaker(10-20W): 20.7-41.4H

Portable Fan(40W): 10.4H

Camping Lighting(25W): 16.6H

Camera(4-15W): 27.6-103.6H

Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 300 portable power station for picnic

With a 293Wh power capacity, the Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station can simultaneously charge up to six smart devices. Using a combination of a 90W wall charger and a 60W USB-C PD Charger, it offers a lightning-fast recharge time of 2.5 hours. With a pure sine wave inverter and a built-in BMS, the charging station safeguards sensitive devices.

The Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station has a power capacity of 293Wh, allowing it to power small electrical devices such as cameras, lighting, and portable projectors. The updated multifunctional outputs, which include two pure sine wave AC outlets, a 60W type C PD port, and a QC 3.0 port, allow you to power multiple devices simultaneously. For instance, a 10W portable speaker can be powered for 23.4 hours, and a 15W camera for 15.6 hours.

SolarSaga 100W solar panels can recharge the Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station in 3.5 hours (0-80%). Combining the wall outlet and USB-C PD port for quicker charging is possible. Other available charging options include vehicle outlets and wall outlets. The lithium-ion battery in the Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station is of superior quality and has a lengthy lifespan. Even after 800 charging cycles, the power plant will continue to operate at 80% capacity.


Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station



Noise Level


Life Cycles

500 cycles to 80%+ capacity


9.1x5.2x7.8in (3.2kg)

Using Temperature

14-104F (-10-40)

Output Ports

2*AC Output: 110V, 60Hz, 300W (500W Peak); 1*USB-A: 5V2.4A Quick Charge 3.0(x1), 18W Max; 1*USB-C: 60W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V up to 3A); 1*Carport: 12V10A

Working Hours

Cooler(150-300W): 0.8-1.6H

Portable Projector(50-150W): 1.6-4.7H

Bluetooth Speaker(10-20W): 11.7-23.4H

Portable Fan(40W): 5.9H

Camping Lighting(25W): 9.4H

Camera(4-15W): 15.6-58.6H

Picnic Packing Tips: How to Pack for A Picnic?

We adore the relaxed atmosphere of a picnic: What could be better than reclining on a soft, grassy patch with friends and rosé? However, before reaching that stage, you must pack your picnic essentials. In addition to the picnic packing list, you must learn picnic packing tips.    

Take A Cooler: If you remember only one thing about food safety, let it be this: The "danger zone," defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Within this spectrum, bacteria can double in size in only twenty minutes. Therefore, maintain a temperature of less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit for food that needs to be stored for an extended time.         

Organize in Order: So that there is no digging and less time is required to open the lid, arrange the items you intend to serve in the order in which they will be served - from bottom to top. Since flimsy storage containers can be broken, we recommend using robust bowls and covers.       

Pest Control Strategy: We consider prevention essential because insects can ruin an otherwise pleasant day. We recommend bringing a portable food cover and an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-)-approved insect repellent to prevent insects from invading your picnic area.

Don't Forget Drinks: Plastic containers or bottles are preferable for young children to prevent breakage. Consider packing a lightweight tray to rest wine glasses on during pouring and between drinks if you're bringing wine glasses for adults. If you are sampling cork-sealed wine, remember to bring a bottle opener.

Final Thoughts

If desired, outdoor gatherings can be enjoyable, relaxing, and leisurely. How about a picnic if you are searching for a more comfortable outdoor activity? Before heading to the park for a picnic, you must determine what to bring to a picnic. This list will ensure that your next picnic is the best. Remember to include a Jackery Portable Power Station on your picnic packing list to ensure all your electronics work with electricity.

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