Jackery's New Plus Line Redefines Power Convenience with World's Lightest Solar Generator and Expandable Power

The Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus, 700 Plus, and 1000 Plus models are newly optimized for cutting-edge performance, reliability, and peace of mind.

Jackery's New Plus Line Redefines Power Convenience

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jackery, a global leader in innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solutions, announced today the launch of three new products to the Plus Series, continuing to raise industry standards for portable solar generators. The additions to the series include three new models: Solar Generator 300 Plus, 700 Plus, and 1000 Plus, each designed to deliver unparalleled performance, innovation, and versatility at their range.

Following the successful release of the Solar Generator 2000 Plus earlier this year, the three new additions to the Plus family fulfill the growing need for green energy with minimum hassle. As an industry leader in solar and generator power, Jackery strives to ensure users have complete control of their energy needs. Whether it is the portable, ultra-lightweight 300 Plus that can fit snugly into a backpack or the powerful 1000 Plus to power an entire outdoor adventure, Jackery ensures that the Plus series becomes an impeccable necessity.

Jackery 300 Plus: The First Solar Generator in Your Backpack

Discover the next generation of portable power with the Jackery 300 Plus. At a mere 5kg (11 lbs), this compact energy marvel features an innovative fusion of a 3.75 kg (8.3 lbs) energy storage system and a 1.2 kg (2.2 lbs) solar panel, mirroring the weight of two combined MacBook laptops. Designed to fit into an average backpack seamlessly, the 300 Plus comes equipped with SolarSaga 40W pad-sized solar panels, incorporating a clever four-fold design for the most convenience.

With a remarkable 5% lighter and 30% smaller profile per unit compared to industry competitors, the Jackery 300 Plus is your new go-to power companion for any adventure. Setting up this outdoor solar power system takes just one minute, and the intelligent one-button operation provides instant access to 18 working states displayed on a user-friendly screen.

Charging is a breeze with the dual PD 100W design that allows you to charge two devices with lightning-fast efficiency simultaneously. The groundbreaking ChargeShield fast charge technology takes center stage, setting a new benchmark for safety and battery longevity. Thanks to a stepped variable-speed charging algorithm, even in high temperatures up to 45℃, the power station can be fully charged in around two hours.

Safety is paramount, with 52 protective mechanisms, 12 BMS algorithms, and four layers of physical protection. Backed by the highest level FCC/CE Class B certification, household appliances are well protected from electromagnetic interference.

The 300 Plus is now available for presale until September 1 at $399. A 40W SolarSaga panel is included.

Jackery 700 Plus: Empowering Your Outdoor Adventures and Off-Grid Experiences

The Jackery Solar Generator 700 Plus stands as your ultimate power hub, delivering a substantial output to energize a variety of devices, from kitchen appliances to electronics. With an impressive output of 1000 W, this powerhouse caters to a wide range of outdoor needs while maintaining its primary focus on outdoor applications. Its sizable 680Wh capacity ensures ample energy for extended outdoor excursions, enabling you to create simple and delicious meals at your campsite. Whether you're cooking up a storm or charging up your gadgets, the 700 Plus has you covered.

Experience the freedom of working off-grid as the Jackery 700 Plus seamlessly powers your cameras, laptops, and more, allowing you to capture breathtaking moments and stay connected in remote locations. This versatile power solution brings forth an immersive outdoor camping experience, letting you enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing modern conveniences. With the Jackery 700 Plus at your side, you're equipped to explore, create, and thrive in the wild, making every adventure truly unforgettable.

The 700 Plus will be available on Sept. 26, on Newegg.com.

Jackery 1000 Plus: Elevated Flexibility for All Scenarios

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus represents the pinnacle of portable power innovation and an embodiment of versatility. This groundbreaking addition to our Plus Series sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and adaptability, enabling you to power your adventures and necessities easily.

With an output expanded to 2000W, this versatile generator can easily handle all essential appliances. Whether you're embarking on a camping trip or needing backup power at home, the Jackery 1000 Plus rises.

With 1264kWh power and expandable capacity of up to 5056Wh, the Jackery SG 1000 Plus enables you to embark on your car camping and overlanding journeys. Delivering standard electrical power for outdoor essentials like coolers, coffee machines, ice makers, fans, and projectors, it's a dependable companion for various activities.

Achieving power independence has always been challenging, as the Jackery 1000 Plus charges in as little as 100 minutes from 0 to 100% battery level through fast wall charging. For outdoor adventures, use the sun's natural power to achieve a full charge within two hours and avoid grid dependency. The dual PD 100W design enables simultaneous charging of two devices while operating at a whisper-quiet noise level of 30 dB.

Jackery's commitment to reliability shines through with pass-through charging, ensuring that your devices remain powered even as the power station is recharged. During power outages, the Explorer 1000 Plus seamlessly transitions to battery power within 20 milliseconds, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply for your essential devices.

The Jackery 1000 Plus also has unmatched longevity. Its LFP (LiFePO4) battery chemistry ensures a lifespan of up to ten years, even with daily use. After 4,000 charge cycles, the battery retains 70% of its capacity, guaranteeing reliable performance for years. Coupled with durability and safety features, the Jackery 1000 Plus boasts a UL 94V-0 rated flame-retardant housing and holds a Class 9 impact resistance certification, demonstrating its ability to withstand drops from 0.9 meters for three repetitions. With UL certification and high-temperature protection up to 60°C, this power station is engineered to prioritize safety in every rugged scenario.

The Jackery 1000 Plus is now available for presale until September 1 for $1699, bundled with two 100W panels. You can also purchase the SG 1000 Plus kit, which includes two 100W panels, and a battery pack - in addition to the portable power station itself.

Lasting Commitment: Green Production for a Green World

With a commitment to bringing green energy to the world, Jackery proudly upholds the highest sustainability standards throughout business operations – made possible by ensuring products follow the best-in-class global safety and performance standards.

10 of Jackery’s products have obtained TÜV SÜD’s Carbon Footprint Verification, making Jackery the first brand to get verified on its carbon footprint among the industry. Furthermore, production materials for Jackery's solar generators are certified by SGS, one of the world's leading testing companies recognized for global sustainability and quality.

For over a decade, Jackery has pioneered renewable energy technology. The company strives to use its experience and expertise in solar energy to develop high-performance, safe, and affordable portable power generators that reduce people's reliance on fossil fuels.

The Jackery Plus Series redefines the boundaries of portable power, combining innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Discover the future of mobile energy with the new 300 Plus and 1000 Plus models, now available on presale until September 1, to power your life.

About Jackery

Jackery, the world's leading innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solution provider founded in California in 2012, is a global top-selling solar generator brand born with a mission to offer green energy to everyone, everywhere. Jackery launched its first outdoor portable power stations in 2016 and developed its first portable solar panels in 2018. Jackery has sold over 3 million units globally since 2018, and has been recognized by over 200 authorized media and organizations worldwide and received 58 prestigious international design awards. Jackery has fulfilled its social responsibility on a global scale and maintained long-term cooperation with global public welfare organizations such as WWF, NFF and IRC contributing its strength and value to boost global sustainable development and other public welfare.

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