Jackery Introduces Solar Generator 300 Plus at the University of Texas

Austin, Texas, September 22, 2023 - Jackery is a trusted global leader in manufacturing portable power stations, solar panels, and solar generators. Jackery again reaffirms its commitment to innovation by presenting its groundbreaking Solar Generator 300 Plus at the University of Texas. In the event, the aim was not only to introduce solar generators but also to help students understand the scenarios in which they can use reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

Jackery showcased not just a product but a vision for a sustainable future. As an industry leader in the solar generator space, Jackery is always at the forefront of helping everyone with green energy solutions. In this event, Jackery unveils a portable and ultra-lightweight Solar Generator 300 Plus that can snugly fit into a backpack. The event deeply resonated with the university crowd, drawing a footfall of over 3,000 curious minds.

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Solar Generator 300 Plus: Competitively Priced Power Source

Jackery's newest release — Solar Generator 300 Plus — epitomizes portability. Weighing a mere 11 lbs and accompanied by book-sized foldable Jackery SolarSaga 40W Solar Panels, it is the perfect off-grid power solution. This go-to power companion features a dual PD 100W design that charges appliances with lightning-fast efficiency and meets the demands of the modern world.

Its versatile application ranges from charging student study lamps during power outages to charging outdoor essentials during a weekend getaway.

  • Students, especially those living off-campus, can use the portable solar generator to charge laptops, study lamps, and other devices. Thus, it ensures their study sessions remain uninterrupted from power outages.
  • Power outages have become more common than ever. The newest Explorer 300 Plus is a reliable power source, which is ideal for keeping devices powered for long hours.
  • Solar Generator 300 Plus is the adventurer's best friend, all thanks to its portability and lightweight nature. Whether camping, hiking, or enjoying any other outdoor activity, the solar generator can power most small devices like smartphones, laptops, lights, cameras, and more. 
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Recognizing the financial constraints of college life, Jackery has combined groundbreaking and innovative design with affordability. This commitment ensures that sustainable energy solutions aren't just a luxury but a feasible choice for all, especially the youth and students.

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