Best 3 Indoor Generators for Backup Power: Safe, Clean and Quiet

What Is An Indoor Generator

Power outages have become an unfortunate reality of the modern world. But thanks to some best indoor generators, it's easy to power electrical appliances during rolling blackouts and brownouts. An indoor generator is a practical charging solution used at home that keeps your devices running during power outages.

Types of Generators

Whether you live in a house, apartment, or condo, it is crucial to have a dependable and safe energy supply. Some common types of generators for homes include the following:

  • Portable Solar Generators: Small, compact, and portable solar generators are typically fueled by solar energy. Their small size makes them easy to carry from one place to another for quick appliance charging. In addition, solar generators do not emit any harmful gases, making them ideal for closed spaces.
  • Standby Generators: They are a semi-permanent feature of the home that generally takes up more space than a standard air-conditioning unit. They have a large fuel tank that can supply electricity to home appliances in emergencies.
  • Gas Generators: Gasoline generators are popular charging solutions to power different types of appliances. However, they are highly flammable and produce emissions, which may pose safety risks.

Gas and solar generators are the two most popular solar solutions available to charge different types of appliances during short and long-term power outages. However, gas generators emit harmful gases, making them less suitable for indoor usage. Therefore, many homeowners are switching to solar-powered generators that are safe, clean, and quiet charging solutions.

In this article, we'll dig deep into the best indoor generators, what size generator will suit your needs, and how to choose the ideal one.

What Size Indoor Generator Do I Need?

Investing in a solar indoor generator for an emergency outage is inevitable, yet, most people find it to decide which is the right size generator for their needs. In simple words, the right-size solar generator is the one that can efficiently meet the electrical needs of your home by supplying clean energy.

But how to choose the ideal size indoor generator? To figure this out, you'll need to calculate the wattage of the appliances you want to use during blackouts with some extra power.

Before we understand the solar generator size or calculate it, it's essential to understand the general term "watts." The power output of the solar generator is measured in watts. The two power output figures that you must keep in mind when buying a generator include:

  • Starting Watts or Maximum Surge Power: It is the additional boost that the generator delivers for a short time to start high-power-consuming appliances. Most small appliances consume fewer starting watts, which can easily be ignored during calculation.
  • Running Watts or Continuous Power Rating: It is the amount of power consistently delivered by the solar generator. Your generator must be capable of supplying running watts for long hours for optimum operation.

For instance, a standard modern refrigerator generator requires nearly 1200 watts of power to start up. However, it draws only 200 watts of energy once for running. Since the refrigerator consumes starting watts for only a few minutes, you can easily ignore it during calculation.

Generally, the minimum wattage required for indoor use during a power outage is 2000 to 8000 watts. An indoor generator with a large battery capacity can power essential home appliances.

You must ensure the solar generator you buy is powerful enough to run all the appliances and start them up.

The below reveals the common indoor appliances with their starting and running watts. We will also discuss the essential watts required for 2 hours, 4 hours, 10 hours, and 24 hours.

House Appliance

Starting Watts

Running Watts

Power Consumption in 2 hours

Power Consumption in 4 hours

Power Consumption in 10 hours

Power Consumption in 24 hours


1200 watts

200 watts






1200 watts

200 watts





Washing Machine

2250 watts

1150 watts





Clothes Dryer

1300 watts

1300 watts






600 watts

250 watts






850 watts

850 watts





Coffee Maker

800 watts

800 watts





Sump Pump

1300 watts

800 watts





Electric Water Heater

4000 watts

4000 watts





While calculating the solar generator size for the home, remember that you don't have to run all the appliances at once. For example, you only need to use the stove when cooking. Similarly, you need a washing machine when doing laundry.

Additionally, appliances like refrigerators and freezers can be turned off for one or two hours without food spoiling. Considering these factors, you can understand that you don't need quite as large a solar generator as you think.

Best 3 Indoor Generators for Power Outage

The best indoor generator is designed to reduce electricity bills, supply safe power during blackouts, and positively impact the environment with green energy. However, not all indoor generators are created the same. There are several significant points to evaluate when finding the perfect indoor generator for your generator.

If you are struggling to find the best indoor generator for an apartment, consider the three popular Jackery Solar Generators suitable for small and large homes.

Best Indoor Generator for Long-Term Power Outage: Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus is one of the most popular expandable charging solutions for indoor use. It has a large battery capacity of 2042.8Wh and can charge 99% of your indoor appliances. It features diverse outlets to cover all your home power needs, from heaters to TVs and refrigerators.

You can add the Jackery Battery Pack 2000 Plus to the Explorer 2000 Plus to increase the overall capacities and capabilities of the generator from 2kWh to 24kWh.

For instance, if you want to power most appliances during long-term power outages, consider choosing Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus with 5 additional Battery Pack 2000 Plus. It also has wheels and a robust handle, making it easy to move around the house.

Jackery solar generator 2000 plus for the long-term power outage

Note: Data for reference only. Actual performance may vary.

Customer Review

"The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Power Station is a true game-changer portable power. Its exceptional expandability, ultra-fast charging, and smart app control elevate it above the competition. Connecting two units in parallel allowed me to expand the capacity to a whopping 24kWh, providing me with an abundance of power for all my indoor needs." — Jake D.

Best Indoor Generator for Big Family: Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro has a battery capacity of 3024Wh that can charge 99% of home appliances. It is a robust solar solution that can charge devices in large homes.

The power station is ideal for off-grid living and long-term power outages. One feature of Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro is its ability to power heavy-duty appliances from refrigerators to heaters and more.

You can combine the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro Portable Power Station with SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels to charge the battery. Thus, it ensures the solar generator supplies clean and green energy that positively impacts the environment.

Jackery solar generator 3000 pro for big family houses

Note: Data for reference only. Actual performance may vary.

Customer Review

"We live in the mountains of North Carolina. Losing power happens often. Jackery has become our go-to power source. The 3000 is the best of all. I can easily pull up the handle of the 3,000 and take the Jackery anywhere inside or outside." — Xskygod.

Best Indoor Generator for Rolling Blackout: Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is the smaller solar solution with a battery capacity of 1002Wh. It can power 93% of your appliances, ensuring you can charge most of your essential gear like lights, laptops, coffee makers, etc.

The solar generator is best known for its fast charging ability using solar panels in 1.8 hours. In addition, the display screen gives you all the information required to manage your power consumption.

You can connect Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station with home appliances for quick charging. It is compact enough to carry around, making it suitable for outdoor adventures like camping, RVing, etc.

Jackery solar generator 1000 pro for rolling blackouts

Note: Data for reference only. Actual performance may vary.

Customer Review

"I purchased this power station after Hurricane Ian and lost power for 3 days. This power station is the perfect answer for emergency power that can be used inside during a storm. I am comforted that I will be prepared if and when another Hurricane or storm comes to Florida." — FL Girl.



Indoor Average Power Used Hourly


Jackery Running Time

Running Sound (dB)

1 Meter away

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station


200 to 300 watts

2.8 to 4.2 hours

30 dB level noise emission, which is relatively quieter than a library.

Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro Portable Power Station


200 to 300 watts

8.5 to 12.8 hours

30 dB of noise level, which resembles a quiet rural area.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station


200 to 300 watts

5.7 to 8.6 hours

30 dB noise level, which is quieter than the library level volume.

One impressive feature of Jackery Solar Generators is that they offer pass-through charging features. You can recharge the solar generator using Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels while powering electrical appliances. Hence, you can rest assured that these robust solar generators will provide endless power supply when and wherever you need it.

How Does Jackery Work as an Indoor Generator?

Jackery portable power stations are eco-friendly indoor generators driven by practicality and safety. They are battery-operated portable, dependable, and clean power solutions for closed spaces like homes, apartments, and more.

Jackery Solar Generators combine a portable power station and solar panels. The soul of an indoor solar generator is its in-built battery or power station. The best generators for apartments and homes help you power electronic appliances and devices with pre-stored battery energy.

The higher the battery capacity of the solar generator, the longer you can use the electrical devices connected to it. In other words, your home devices plugged into the solar generator will receive electricity until it fully depletes the battery capacity.

Jackery battery generator for indoor

Once the battery charge is depleted, you can recharge Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations using highly-efficient SolarSaga Solar Panels. They have a high conversion efficiency rate and can charge the battery much faster. Once the batteries are powered, you can start powering your home or outdoor appliances again.

How to Choose an Indoor Generator?

While choosing the indoor solar generator, you must ensure it emits no toxic fumes and supplies clean energy. Solar generators are popular charging solutions to power low and high-power-consuming appliances as they are fueled by sunlight or solar energy.

However, the market is flooded with endless solar generators, making it challenging to understand which powering solution will align with your needs. To help you determine the best one, we've created a list of crucial points to consider when purchasing a solar generator.


The battery capacity defines how long a solar generator can supply electricity to your appliances. A long-term or extended power outage can leave your power station running dry. Therefore, you'll need to choose a solar generator with a large battery capacity that can integrate safely with the solar panels. 

The ideal way to choose the right battery size is by calculating the appliances and devices you want to power. For instance, if you're going to charge essential appliances, like lights, computers, and refrigerators, a solar generator that can supply 3000 watts would be ideal. In contrast, you can consider an expandable version to power more devices simultaneously.


While selecting a solar generator, you must ensure they are safe and reliable power solutions. Look for models with safety features such as current/voltage overload protection and advanced protective algorithms.

Ideally, the optimal and safe indoor generator will incorporate a BMS (Battery Management System) technology to offer robust protection to charging devices. This will ensure that the generator operates within safe limits and minimizes the chances of damage.

Jackery Solar Generators are equipped with advanced BMS technology that supplies clean and safe energy to appliances. The popular and ultimate power solution Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus features innovative ChargeShield technology to provide 62 protective mechanisms for extra safety.


The best indoor generator for apartments should produce little noise during operation. Jackery has in-built lithium-ion batteries known for their durability and longevity.

The popular Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro emits a minimum noise of 30 dB. This resembles the noise of a quiet library. Hence, Jackery Solar Generators are ideal for laptops, CPAP machines, heaters, and more at night.


Lastly, you must consider the brand from where you're buying the solar generator. Only a reputable brand manufactures high-quality products and offers long warranty years

Jackery is the solar generator global leading brand offering solar power stations and solar panels. The portable and efficient solar generators feature Lithium-ion or LiFePO4 batteries, ensuring you can get a safe power supply for years.

Remember, buying a solar generator for your home is a significant investment. It is one of the first steps in being prepared for an emergency and needs considerable thought. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that the indoor generator fits your needs, from portability to power capacity.

FAQs About Generators for Indoor Generators

Are there any generators that can be used indoors?

Yes. Solar generators are safe, clean, and quiet solutions for indoor power. They are designed using a lithium-ion battery with BMS technology to ensure charging safety.

One such safe indoor generator for apartments, homes, and condos is Jackery Solar Generators. They are portable and have a plug-and-play feature that's simply unbeatable.

In addition, the Jackery Solar Generators do not emit any harmful gases during operation. They are equipped with a BMS technology that protects the battery and charging appliances from overcharging, overvoltage, under voltage, and unnecessary temperature fluctuations.

What is the best electric generator for an apartment?

The best electric generator for an apartment should be portable, quiet, and highly efficient. It should safely charge the appliances without damaging the electric device. Jackery battery-powered generators are a great choice to charge indoor appliances.

These solar solutions convert solar energy into practical electricity, which is then used to power appliances like refrigerators, heaters, ACs, coffee makers, laptops, etc. The popular Jackery models include the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro and the expandable Solar Generator 2000 Plus, which can charge 99% of your home devices.

What is the best size generator for indoor?

A solar generator that can supply somewhere between 5000 to 8000 watts would be enough to power a typical home. However, it is best to choose a solar generator depending on power needs. You should understand how much electricity you will use every day.

For instance, you want to charge appliances like coffee makers, refrigerators, heaters, etc., that consume a combined 2000 watts. You can use Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro with a large capacity of 3024Wh to supply interrupted electricity.


Working Time of Solar Generator = Capacity in Wh × 0.85 / Operating wattage of the device = 3024Wh × 0.85 / 2000W = 1.2 Hours.

If you want to power 99% of home appliances and want an expandable power solution, consider Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus. You can increase the additional battery backups to expand the battery capacity from 2kWh to 24kWh.


Choosing the best indoor generator for apartments or large homes can take time and effort. The right way to select the ideal battery backup is by considering your charging needs during a power outage and matching it with the battery capacity of the generator.

When it comes to a solar generator that is both powerful and compact, Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro and 2000 Plus stand out as exceptional choices.

These solar generators feature multiple outlets to cover all your power needs. In addition, they have sturdy handles and wheels, making them easy to carry from one place to another.

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