20 Gifts for Campers Who Love Outdoor Adventures

Camping is one of the world's most popular pastimes or hobbies. It provides the perfect balance between adventure and safety — and is only increasing in popularity. Campers are thrill seekers who would rather spend their holidays camping across different new locations than spend a fortune on luxury travel.

Best gifts for campers

Finding gifts for campers is incredibly easy. You have to research your friend's camping preferences, and then you’re set to go! However, if you don’t have the time for research, the following list is meant for you. We will cover almost all essentials related to camping, including Jackery Portable Power Stations, a widely used accessory for campers.

Considerations Before Buying the Gift

Before deciding on the best gifts for campers, ensure you know the following. Consider the next as a checklist that will help narrow your gifting choices:

Season and Climate

Every camper has their preferred season for camping. Those who live in frigid areas wait for the summers to roll in, while those in hot and humid climates prefer traveling during the winters. You can give them insulated items or cooling agents based on their chosen season.

Experience Level

Some of you may have a camper friend who has been camping for as long as you can remember. Meanwhile, for some, the person concerned has recently started their journey. For experienced campers, you need to be more particular about your gift, but for beginners, almost any starting tool would be a great choice.

Camping Style

Some campers, especially those who travel in RVs, carry several items throughout their journey. For them, you can easily pick something that complements RV gifts for campers. For those who travel light and are minimalist campers, you can gift them items based on their immediate needs.

Safety and Health

Safety and health kits are some of the best gifts for hikers and campers. While outdoors, safety can never be enough.

Gifts for Campers

All campers are outdoorsy people. Often, the love of being outdoors amidst nature pulls people towards camping. While buying gifts for campers, ensure they add value to the outdoor setting. They must either have practical usage outside or can add comfort to one’s journey.

Best Gifts for Campers

Friends or family who are into camping are primarily simple and minimalistic, and their gifts should reflect similar values. As long as the gift compliments their love for the outdoors, the budget won’t matter. Here is a list of gift items to get you started:

1. Portable Coffee Maker

coffee maker gifts for campers

Coffee is a savior while camping. Whether you’re trying to freshen up following a long day of hiking and camping or have just woken up, coffee provides a fresh start to the day. A portable coffee maker, an AeroPress, or a Moka pot are some of the best gifts for hikers and campers. If your camper friend doubles as a coffee lover, there is no better gift than this.

2. Inflatable Tents

inflatable tent gifts for campersInflatable tents must be filled with air first, like inflatable pools. Once you pump air into it, the tent gets inflatable and becomes ready for people to move in. An inflatable tent eliminates the hassle of manually setting up a tent with all the strings and manually putting the nails in place.

All you need to do is find a plain land or a clearing where you can put the tent in place. It is also an excellent gift for beginners who are new to camping and have yet to get used to setting up manual tents.

3. Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 300 plus

A power station is one of the best gifts for campers who have everything. The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station has a portable and compact design, making it light in weight and easy to carry in a car or an RV. This power station by Jackery has four different charging options, including solar charging, which takes just four hours.

This unique gift for campers adds excellent value to their outdoor lifestyles by ensuring they always have enough power. It can charge various devices, from a rice cooker to a drone, and improve the camping experience by a significant margin. You can check the Jackery buying guide to see which product meets your power needs.

4. Portable Mini Stove

mini stove gifts for campersA portable mini stove is a small stove used to heat up small amounts of food and is easily one of the best gifts for campers. Campers are known for carrying them for their ease of use, lightweight material, and size.

If your friend is new to camping, you can easily give this item to them for heating water, soups, or making easy-to-make meals. However, make sure your friend knows how to pack it safely and avoid fire-related incidents.

5. Foldable Camping Chair

foldable camping chair gifts for campersA camping chair is much like your regular folding lounge chair, but it will let your camper buddy unwind and relax at their camping stop to enjoy their views. Once used, this camping chair is folded into a smaller piece, which increases its usefulness outdoors, and it saves a lot of space, too.

6. Card Games

card games gifts for campersNo matter where you go, whether on a camping trip or a family trip, card games will always travel with you, especially if you’re going with your family. It is a great way to spend time with your kids, especially at night and during camping adventures.

Campers and hikers may have a lot to do during the day, but at night time, card games can keep the party going. If you have a friend who camps with their partner or family, this is a pocket-friendly yet unique item to give that is relevant to camping.

7. Adult Sleeping Bags

sleeping bag gifts for campersAlmost every camper you know must have a sleeping bag ready to go with them. However, for those starting camping, a sleeping bag is a wonderful starting-out gift that will be on their list of must-have items.

If your friend prefers lying under the stars or inside a tent, a sleeping bag gives an extra layer of comfort that will remind them of their warm bed at home. Make sure you buy an adult sleeping bag with enough space for your fully-grown friend to adjust.

8. Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 1000 plus

Continuing with our suggestions from Jackery, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station is one of the useful gifts for campers and hikers who spend extended periods outdoors. It has an impressive 1264Wh capacity, making sure that campers have off-grid power.

It powers up to 99% of devices and has expandable capacity, making it a great addition to the list of gifts for campers who have everything. Moreover, it supports quick 2-hour solar charging and 1.7-hour wall charging to restore lost energy quickly.

9. Roasting Skewers

roasting skewers gifts for campers

First, we make the trip. Then we set up our tents, and finally, we lit the campfire. Almost every camping trip we know follows this plan. What’s next? We bring out the marshmallows! Wait, where’s the stick? Making them out of wood is an option, but it will take time.  

You can be the friend who makes sure this problem never arises! Gift your camper friends the unique gift of roasting sticks or skewers to complete the tradition of enjoying marshmallows while camping.

10. Solar String Lights

solar string lights gifts for campers

Camping sites do not have to be dark, drab, and damp. With a beautiful set of solar string lights, you can light up the place at night. This is an especially appealing gift for campers traveling with their kids.

It adds a bit of shine to the campsite and is one of the best gifts for RV campers, making the surroundings appear even more beautiful. Since these string lights are solar-powered, your friend doesn’t need to worry about electricity either.

Father’s Day Gifts for Campers

A lot of us have been introduced to camping by our fathers. From arranging trips, loading up RVs, and setting up camps, our fathers are our ultimate camping guide. So, if your father is into camping and has no plans of stopping anytime soon, don’t shy away from gifting him Father’s Day gifts for campers. The following are some things you can start with:

1. Woolen Blankets

woolen blankets gifts for campers

If your friend and their family mostly go camping during winter, gifting woolen blankets is an easy way to wish them a comfortable trip. Woolen blankets are generally lightweight and can easily fit inside a backpack.

They ensure warmth in outdoor settings, where temperatures drop by leaps and bounds, especially at night. A comfortable blanket is an excellent gift for kids and older people to ensure they don’t fall sick during camping. This makes it a perfect gift for your dad if he’s into camping. 

2. Hooded Down Jackets

hooded jackets gifts for campersA hooded-down jacket is the ultimate protector during the harsh, cold winters. While camping is supposedly a soothing experience, for some, camping during winter adds to their adventure quotient.

Hooded down jackets are generally made from warm insulating materials, which keeps people warm under all conditions. You can gift this to your camper friend or family member, including your father.

3. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 500The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station is a popular item on the Father’s Day gifts for campers list. It is an ideal gift for campers and hikers that delivers a powerful 518W capacity. Like all other power stations by Jackery, it is lightweight with a design that emphasizes portability during outdoor adventures.

With three convenient charging options, including solar, it provides a reliable source of power and energy wherever your friend decides to take it. So, if your father loves adventures and has other essential camping gear covered, you can gift them this item without hesitation.

4. Outdoors Knife Set

knife set gifts for campers

A knife may not be a traditional gift, but it is an excellent item for people who go outdoors. An outdoor knife set typically contains knives of different sizes, which can all be used for various activities. From cutting cords and ropes to preparing meat and vegetables for cooking, a knife set is a typical utility tool that you can give your camper parent.

5. Thermos Flasks

thermos flasks gifts for campersInsulated or thermos flasks are a must-carry essential for camping trips. This gift item is perfect for cold weather, like a few other entries on our list. This flask keeps heated liquids, like coffee, tea, or water, warm for longer.

Similarly, an insulated flask cools the drinking liquid by minimizing heat transfer for warmer weather conditions. A simple yet essential camping item, you can gift this to your camper dad.

Gifts for Campers and Hikers

A hike follows a majority of camping trips. Sometimes, a hike is the sole reason why people take to camping. For people like them, gift ideas should consider both aspects of their journey. It should be helpful while camping and hiking. Sometimes, hikes require creating a unique spot for camping, which is easily identifiable on the way back. Considering all such factors, here’s a list of gifts for campers and hikers.

1. Walkie Talkie

walkie talkie gifts for campersA walkie-talkie is hands down one of the best gifts for campers for communication. While usually gifted in pairs or more, walkie-talkies can help campers stay in touch with one another while hiking. It is an essential on the list of gifts for campers and hikers. They are also a helpful addition when it comes to safety while camping.

2. Portable Fire Pit

portable fire pit gifts for campers

Many of our camping trips occur in the jungles or areas surrounded by natural vegetation. One of the main risks associated with camping in the open is mistakenly lighting a fire in the wrong place. With the recent increase in forest fires, we must protect our forests at all costs.

Considering this, you can gift a portable fire pit to a camping and campfire enthusiast.  A portable fire pit can hold a good amount of firewood and prevent it from leaking onto any surrounding vegetation not meant for burning.

3. Waterproof Dry Backpack

dry backpack gifts for campersNot all camping occurs in winter under the dry and cold sky. Some campers would instead go camping in wet seasons to enjoy the greenery around them. Campers must carry a sturdy backpack that doesn’t soak or get soggy too quickly. A waterproof, dry backpack ensures that no rain, storm, or spillage can damage the backpack or its contents. Moreover, it dries quickly, making it one of the most ideal gifts for campers.

4. Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus

jackery solar generator 300 plusThe Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus is at par with other power stations by Jackery when it comes to helping outdoor trips and activities. It is an excellent camping gift since it combines the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station with the Jackery SolarSaga 40W Solar Panels, making sure there is a steady power supply during outdoor adventures. The small yet powerful system uses solar energy to charge devices such as computers, drones, coolers, and cameras. If your camper buddy is into eco-friendly choices, it is a must-have for them.

5. Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

emergency survival kits gifts for campers

The outdoors can be unpredictable, and so can injuries or other damages. An outdoor emergency survival kit combines first-aid essentials and tools for basic repairing. Whether traveling by car or on foot, you can use an emergency survival kit to buy yourself some time before seeking expert care and opinion. If you have a camper friend who has almost everything else on this list, you can surely go ahead with this essential yet very important gift item for them.


Some people live and breathe camping. They camp long distances across mountains, wilderness, and national parks only to seek the ultimate thrill. If your friend is one of them who has made camping inseparable from their persona, we hope the gift ideas from the above list of gifts for campers satisfy you.

When nothing else goes right, you can always rely on the powerful yet lightweight power stations from Jackery. These power stations will ensure your friend never runs out of power when they are camping in the woods. If you wish to know more about products from Jackery, discounts, and other offers, subscribe to our newsletter today.