30 Best Golf Gifts For Pro and Amateur Players

Golfers are some of the most passionate sportspeople out there. Not only are they ambitious about their achievements, but they also are extreme perfectionists. Finding gifts for them isn’t exactly challenging, considering how golf as a sport comes with several necessities that can be fulfilled as a gift.

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However, not all golfers require essential items. Some of them mean a lot to us, and we want to surprise them with unique golf gifts to make them happy. In this list, we have pointed out the best gifts for golfers across different levels of expertise and budgets from your end. For instance, the Jackery Portable Power Stations are a hit with golfers who prefer practicing outdoors.

Considerations Before Buying the Gift

It would be best if you considered the following things before buying the best gifts for golfers:

  • Experience: The type of gift you will buy depends on your friend’s experience level. Are they new to the game? Or have they been playing for a long time? Their status as a pro-golfer or an amateur will determine the gift that best suits their needs.
  • Age: Like many other sports, golf requires certain leeway for the older players. While buying golf gifts for your golfer friends, make sure you know their ages, as it can help you select the best gift items based on convenience.
  • Budget: Golf gifts can be expensive, but this expense brings premium items that last a lifetime. In this list, you will find many gifts for golfers under extremely pocket-friendly ranges, too.

Best Golf Gifts

This list will help you find the best golf gifts for the pro and enthusiastic golfer. We have gifts catering to all, from men, women, fathers, and even disc golfers! Without further ado, let’s dive into the best golf gift ideas for you to consider.

Golf Gifts for Men

Golf is a universal sport played by people of all genders. Despite its overwhelmingly open nature, here are some gift ideas that will appeal to men:

1. Golf Dashers

golf dashers golf giftsGolf Dashers are one of the best golf gifts for men since they can help golfers with performance and flair. These shoes will give your friend the stability and traction he needs for a great swing while improving his style and look on the course. Golf dashers are the best option to support a golfer's stride and footwork and help improve the overall golfing experience. Moreover, these shoes go with almost all other sports looks and can be worn besides golfing to other outings.

2. Golf Gloves

golf gloves giftsGolf gloves are an essential part of golfing attire, whether professional or recreational. It has emerged as one of the best golf gifts for men. Besides protecting the hands, these gloves will give your friend a better grip on the golf club, which is vital for keeping a steady and forceful swing. The more premium golf gloves you get, the more improvement there will be in his play and comfort levels.

3. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 500

The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station is a perfect gift for golf lovers. It guarantees a dependable power source for golf outings in the great outdoors with its 518Wh solid capacity. It offers three options for those who need to charge while on the go, including solar. It blends perfectly with golfing and other related activities as it is light and easy to carry. This power station is a valuable gift for serious golfers since it improves the game by giving gadgets like GPS units and rangefinders a steady power source. You can check Jackery's buying guide to choose the best portable power station for gifting.

4. Smartwatch

smart watch golf giftsSmartwatches stand out for their sleek, fashionable look and technology. They will improve your friend’s golfing experience by providing fitness features, GPS monitoring, and swing analysis if you can integrate them with relevant apps. This gadget, besides golfing, will also improve his daily life and become a valuable tool with many uses. This is also a great addition to the list of best gifts for golfers who have everything.

5. Golf Frames or Glasses

golf frames golf giftsGolf frames or sunglasses explicitly designed for the golf course or any other large field, in general, are another ideal entry to the list of golf gifts for men. They are customized for better vision and less glare at the course, and they provide UV protection. Moreover, such sunglasses will make him look stylish and significantly boost his self-confidence.

Golf Gifts for Dad

Most of us have come to know about golf from our dads. Here is how you can show your dad and his love for golf some due appreciation.

1. Golf Club and Ball Combo

golf club and ball golf giftsThe combination of a golf club and ball set is one of the most meaningful golf gifts for dads. It is an ideal gift as it shows your respect for your father as a golfer. With high-quality clubs, this thoughtful gift will improve his game and ensure he can keep working on his performance. Most importantly, this gift acts as an acknowledgment of his enthusiasm.

2. Classic Golf Watch

classic golf watch golf giftsA classic analog golf watch is one of the best golf gifts for dads since it has a particular class and premium feel attached to it. You can get your dad a metal watch with a silver strap, which is the most popular type of watch that pro golfers are seen wearing. Besides adding a bit of refinement, the traditional design expresses your admiration and will make him look elegant on the course.

3. Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 300 plusFor golfers who enjoy the great outdoors, the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station is the ideal present. With a battery capacity of 288Wh, it is designed for golfers who use a variety of electronics as it provides a steady power source for equipment like GPS units and rangefinders during long days on the course, making it a valuable and thoughtful gift for golf lovers.

4. Golf Bag with Wheels

golf bag with wheels golf gifts

A golf bag with wheels increases the former’s utility while making it even more convenient to carry. With this considerate gift, taking clubs becomes much more manageable, which makes moving and playing throughout the course better. The wheels are a practical addition to a golf bag, ensuring he can enjoy the game without worrying about hauling around a big, hefty bag.

5. Paid Golfing Vacation

paid golfing vacation golf giftsA paid vacation is undoubtedly the best among all other gifts for golf-loving dads. You will do him one of the best favors in his life through this act that will let him enjoy both passion and pleasure. A paid golfing vacation will let your dad relax, play on world-class courses, and make some of the best memories in his life. This is hands down one of the best gifts for golfers.

Golf Gifts for Women

The best part about finding golf gifts for women is that their gifts tend to be multipurpose. Keeping that in mind, here are some gift items you can gift to your favorite lady golfer:

1. Private Lessons with a Pro-Golfer

private lessons with a pro golfer golf giftsPrivate lessons from a pro golfer will be at the top of the list of golf gifts for women because it will offer them a distinctive and personalized learning environment. This gift will let her improve her abilities, gain knowledge, and sharpen her golfing expertise under expert supervision. This is a fantastic gift since it will appear as an investment in her passion only to increase her confidence in the long term.

2. Cooling Towels

cooling towels golf giftsCooling towels are necessary items that help relieve golfers from the heat and calm them during long hours under the sun. Regardless of her experience level, the incredible feeling will help ease tension and help her concentrate and perform better at the game.

3. Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus

jackery solar genertor 300 plus

For female golfers who want to get more out of their outdoor experiences, the Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus is the perfect gift for them. With the help of Jackery SolarSaga 40W Solar Panels, they can recharge the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus — even without an electricity outlet. This will let female golfers charge their phones, GPS units, and other equipment off the grid. This helpful gift from your end will improve their golfing experience and other outdoor adventures they may have planned.

4. Golf Simulator

golf simulator golf giftsA golf simulator, which turns any space into a virtual golf course, is one of the best gifts for golfers as it allows them to practice their skills and have infinite fun in the comfort of their house. With the help of this immersive technology, your friend can practice and play golf in any weather, all while getting essential data and insights based on her performance.

5. Sunscreen for Protection

sunscreen golf giftsThis is one of those golf gifts we don’t initially think about. Golfing requires standing for long hours under the sun during play. A bottle of SPF-infused sunscreen will let you put her skin health and well-being on the course at the top. You can look for sunscreens formulated specifically for outdoor activities to protect the skin from damage caused by harmful UV rays. This skincare gift is multipurpose as it will help her on the course and other daily activities. Gift the golf-loving lady in your life sunscreen for better health and improve her golfing experience.

Golf Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is the best season for spreading joy and love – with gifts! You can choose from the following to make your favorite golfer’s Christmas even better.

1. Golf Net Practice

golf net practice golf giftsA golf net practice set is one of the best Christmas gifts for golfers. With the help of this lightweight and portable training setup, your golfer friend will be able to practice golf in their backyard regularly at their convenience. With a golf net practice kit, you can make their Christmas memorable and encourage their focus on golf by giving them a gift that promotes year-round practice and skill development.

2. Customized Golf Balls

customized golf balls golf giftsCustomized golf balls are a fun way of adding a unique touch to Christmas golf gifts. The light-hearted nature of this gift makes it an excellent Christmas gift for your golf-loving friend. You can give customized golf balls by imprinting a message, logo, or your friend's initials. As we said, it’s a quirky way to increase every game by combining your friend’s enthusiasm for golf with the cheer of the holidays.

3. Jackery Explorer 100 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 100 plus

If your friend loves playing golf while traveling, the mini Jackery Explorer 100 Plus Portable Power Station makes a great Christmas present. It's ideal for short golf outings because it can charge many small devices simultaneously and has a 99Wh capacity. For golf lovers, its USB-A outputs, small size, and travel-friendly design make it a thoughtful and practical Christmas gift for your friend.

4. Indoor Golf Setup

indoor golf setup golf giftsAn indoor golf setup for golf fans makes up for one of the most fantastic Christmas golf gifts. With this adaptable kit, your friend can turn any area into a golf course and practice all year. It offers a realistic and engaging indoor golfing experience, making it ideal for the winter. It’s the perfect gift for those who can't get enough of the game, even when the weather keeps them inside.

5. Golf Travel Bag

golf travel bag golf giftsA golf travel bag is one of the best Christmas gifts for golfers or enthusiasts who enjoy playing the game while traveling. This helpful storage bag ensures portability and durability while guaranteeing that your friend’s clubs are safeguarded when traveling. You can gift your friend worry-free travel with a good-quality and spacious storage bag.

Gifts for Disc Golfers

Disc Golfers are not like regular golfers. While it has a name that may confuse some of you, disc golf, as a whole, is an entirely different sport. Here are some gift items you can consider buying for your disc golfing friend:

1. Disc Set

disc set golf giftsA disc set has various discs that can improve your friend’s golf game. This is one of the best gifts for disc golfers because it comes customized with discs for different throws and distances.

2. Disc Storage Bags

disc storage bags golf giftsDisc storage bags come second in the list of best gifts for disc golfers as they combine organization and usability, making them the perfect present for disc golfers. They improve convenience and add enjoyment to every round, with specific pockets assigned for discs, accessories, and personal things.

3. Disc/Frisbee Goal Post

disc goal post golf giftsA disc or frisbee goal is what disc golfers aim for while trying to score a point. For disc golfers, this is a simple yet practical gift that brings the excitement of the game to any open area. This easy-to-set and carry target improves their practice, allowing for longer backyard disc golf sessions. You can help your friend improve at disc golf by giving them a disc golf post to enhance their play and make practice even more accessible.

4. Windproof Umbrella

windproof golf umbrellas golf giftsA windproof umbrella is an excellent gift for disc golfers, which also qualifies as one of the best regular golf gifts. It is a sturdy and resistant shade that helps improve the disc-throwing experience. Because of its weather-resistant design, your friend can play well on windy days. This helpful gift will improve their disc golf experience by letting them keep their throws accurate without much resistance from the wind. Overall, this is something different that qualifies as one of the best gifts for disc golfers.

5. Insulated Cooler Bags

insulated cooler bags golf giftsFor disc golfers, insulated cooler bags are the perfect gift because they keep their snacks and drinks cold while they play. These bags are helpful and easy to carry, and they improve the disc golf experience by keeping refreshments cold, making the game more comfortable and enjoyable.

Golf Gifts Under $50

Not all of us have a lavish budget for golf gifts, but a true gift's essence lies in its meaning and not the price tag it bears. Here are some affordable golf gift ideas in the $50 range.

1. Golf Ball Tray

golf ball tray golf giftsUnder $50, a golf ball tray is one of the best golf gifts because it provides organization and usefulness. This inexpensive tool makes it easier for golfers to reach their golf balls during practice, which leads to a more efficient and joyful practice. It's a kind and reasonably priced gift that improves their game and shows that you care about their golfing experience without exceeding budget.

2. Golfing Log Book

golf log  book golf giftsA log book is one of the best gifts for golfers under $50 as it is a pocket-friendly and valuable item that will help your friend note down important points from a game. With this gift, golfers can record their performance, evaluate it, and set goals for future performances. It's an important item that doubles as one of the best gifts for golfers who have everything.

3. Sports Visor

sports visor golf giftsIt combines fashion and course use. This reasonably priced equipment protects the eyes from the sun, improving vision while playing. It's an affordable, thoughtful gift that combines flair and usefulness, making it an excellent option for anybody wishing to give fashionable, affordable golf gear.

4. Sports Bottle

sports bottle golf giftsA sports water bottle combines convenience and hydration on the golf course, making it an excellent under $50 golf gift. This practical yet affordable item makes sure golfers stay hydrated while playing. Because of its reasonable price, it's the perfect value-for-money gift.

5. Golf Cap

golf cap golf giftsA golf cap combines fashion with sun protection on the course, making it one of the best gifts for golfers under $50. This addition to a golfer's attire will protect their eyes and give them a fashionable look. It’s an affordable, thoughtful gift that will improve your friend’s golfing experience without causing you to lose out on a significant sum.


The ultimate goal of golf gifts is to ensure your friend improves at their game.  From golf gifts for men, women, and dads to gifts for disc golf players, this list has curated gifts under all budget segments and utilities. Let’s not forget the powerful and portable power stations from Jackery that can make every outing experience safe. For more information on Jackery products, related discounts, product releases, and other offers, subscribe to the Jackery newsletter today.