25 Outdoor Gifts That Make Life Easier For the Nature Lover

We all know someone who loves the outdoors. The four walls of their house do not suit them as they count their days for the next big outdoor trip or event. Loving the outdoors can mean two things: they either love adventurous outings such as camping, hikes, treks, or fishing or love hosting backyard BBQs, picnics, and more.

outdoor gifts by jackery

Choosing outdoor gifts for them is easy as long as you show love and appreciation for their choice of lifestyle. Jackery Portable Power Stations and Jackery Solar Generators are popular and helpful gift ideas for those who love camping and similar adventures. For others, we have more convenient options on this list.

Considerations Before Buying the Gift

You should consider the following before buying the correct outdoor gift for others.

Type of Outdoor Activity: What type of outdoor activity do they prefer? Are they more into camping or hikes? Or do they like doing social activities in their backyards? Based on their preference, you can choose the gift that suits them the best.

Season and Climate: Depending on where your friend lives, you can choose the type of gift that is consistent with the weather. If your friend prefers outdoor activities during winter, you can then direct your attention towards winter gear and products. You can choose more valuable gifts in the hotter seasons if they love the summers.

Outdoor Experience: People hosting and conducting outdoor activities for a long time tend to have almost everything they need. For beginners, however, giving them the basics can sometimes be seen as wishing them good luck. However, for the experienced, you can always go for unique gifts such as power stations or solar generators.

Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Outdoor lovers remain brave in uncomfortable or unprecedented situations, but there’s no harm in choosing gifts that will give them more convenience. Here is a list of items that will surely make the life of an outdoor person much better!

Outdoor Gifts for Men

People always complain about how difficult it is to find the right gifts for men. However, if the man in your life is an avid outdoor enthusiast, finding the perfect gifts for him becomes much more manageable. Here are a few items to consider while searching for outdoor gifts for men.

1. BBQ Grills

bbq grills outdoor giftsBarbeque grills are more closely associated with backyard outings than adventure trips. However, they are a great way of bonding and hosting social gatherings at our homes. For camping trips, a BBQ grill is a great gift. If your outdoor lover friend has the space to accommodate a grill, you should give them this staple item.

2. Tumblers

tumbler outdoor giftsA tumbler keeps temperature-controlled beverages like hot or cold coffee intact through its insulated design. They come in stylish designs and are portable and lightweight, making them easy to carry. If the person you’re planning to buy a gift for is a coffee lover besides being an outdoor enthusiast, then a tumbler is just what you need. Tumblers are the perfect outdoor gifts for men who love their beverages. Rest assured that your friend is going to love it.

3. Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 300 plusInnovative technology and dependable power supply come together effortlessly in the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station, making it a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts. Its smart app control by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi makes battery management easier. If you are unsure which portable power station is ideal for your needs, you can check Jackery’s buying guide. 

It ensures the safety of all your electrical appliances by providing a pure sine wave and consistent voltage, and the further layer of security supplied by ChargeShield technology protects your devices against any potential damage. This compact yet practical power station makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates reliable outdoor power options and modern ease.

4. Fishing Pole

fishing pole outdoor giftsFishing is one of the most popular outdoor adventures among men. Fishing trips are frequently a part of camping outings, too.  Whether your friend is a long-time fisherman or has recently picked it up as a hobby, a sturdy, well-made fishing pole is one of the best outdoor gifts for men you can give them. Fishing is renowned for its patience and the joy it brings following a successful quest. With this item, you can encourage your friend to go for their favorite activity even more.

5. Quick Dry Sweatshirts

quick dry sweatshirts outdoor giftsOutdoor adventures can be unpredictable. It can be cool and dry one moment and wet and cold the next, and this is where quick-dry sweatshirts help. Sweatshirts are the ultimate comfort wear for cooler weather. While looking for outdoor gifts, you can buy your friend a comfortable sweatshirt, but make sure it is made of quick dry materials. Ask your friend their preferred clothing size before you purchase this excellent gift for them.

Outdoor Gifts for Women

Quite the opposite of men, finding gifts for women is considered incredibly easy. But if the woman is an outdoors lover, finding the right match might be a bit challenging. To find the best outdoor gifts for women, make sure it is practical and valuable.

1. Sunhats

sunhats outdoor giftsNot all outdoor adventures happen in winter. You cannot always wait for cooler weather to hold a backyard outing with your family and friends. A sunhat ensures you remain protected from the sun, whether enjoying yourself in the backyard or hiking trails in moderately warm climates. Consider its comfort and extend it as a gift to your outdoorsy friend. Not only will they love it, but they will appreciate you for being mindful of their little comforts.

2. Sunscreen

sunscreen outdoor giftsWe don’t talk enough about sunscreen! This is easily one of the best outdoor gifts for women, although men should use it too. Sunscreens save us from the sun's harmful UV rays and prevent ailments such as skin cancer by a considerable margin. You can gift your friend bigger jars of fully-body sunscreens if they tend to spend more than average time outdoors. Make sure you read into the SPF count and brand reliability before purchasing.

3. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 500With its ideal balance between portability and power, the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station makes an excellent outdoor gift for women. It helps carry out many outdoor activities and can be charged in three easy ways. When fully charged, it supports multiple appliances charging for long hours.

Its user-friendly features and large battery capacity of 518Wh make it the ideal travel companion for women who love camping or need emergency power at home. Its attractiveness is increased by its reasonable weight of just 13.32 lbs, making it easier for women to carry with them.

4. Gardener’s Harvest Basket

gardeners harvest basket outdoor giftsA harvest basket is one of the best choices for outdoor gifts, both for gardeners and campers. If you’re trying to think of a gift for a woman who loves hand-picking fruits, vegetables, and berries, raw from their gardens or other natural spots, a basket will be a good fit for them. Just ensure the basket has ample space to hold a good stock.

5. Outdoor Wine Table

outdoor wine table outdoor giftsA fancy addition to the list of outdoor gifts for women, an outdoor wine table adds a certain degree of classy look and feel to one’s home. A wine table will elevate the environment if your friend already has a gorgeous garden with a patio. Similarly, it will look good on the front porch as long as it is spacious. Try buying a wooden one; it will go better as a gift.

Outdoor Gifts for Kids

Kids and teens are the toughest lot to find a gift for. Their preferences keep changing over time; sometimes, they like one thing only to reject it a few days later. Their unpredictable nature becomes an even more significant challenge when choosing outdoor gifts. However, in the following list, we have given outdoor gifts for kids our best shot.

1. Bike for Kids

kids bicycle outdoor giftsWhen engaging children in outdoor activities, starting them off with cycling is a great choice. If you’re browsing outdoor gifts for kids, you can start them off with this gift item. Knowing how to ride a bicycle is an essential life hack that almost all kids must know. You can be the one who encourages them by giving them their first bicycle.

2. Kid-Sized Fleece Jackets

fleece jackets for kids outdoor giftsIf you or someone you know likes taking their kid on outdoor trips like camping or hiking, this will be a handy gift. Kids are prone to soiling clothes outdoors, and an extra jacket while camping will be a life-savior. This is especially true in colder regions where outdoor activities mainly occur in lower temperatures. An additional layer of clothing for a chilly outdoor adventure is always welcome for a kid.

3. Small-Sized Backpack

small-sized backpack outdoor giftsIf you’re looking for something cute in the list of outdoor gifts for kids, a small backpack should be your go-to! You can buy your kid a mini backpack that they can wear without adding much weight. You can customize this backpack or buy one with pictures of your child’s favorite cartoon. The kid will surely love this gift.

4. Waterproof Boots

waterproof boots outdoor giftsWaterproof boots are an important footwear choice for kids who love outdoor activities. They give comfort and protection in damp weather and prevent the insides of the shoes, including socks, from getting wet. These boots, made of water-resistant materials, keep feet dry in muddy or rainy places, making them one of the best outdoor gifts you can give a kid.

5. Books on Camping

books on camping outdoor giftsBooks about camping are a great way to educate young outdoor enthusiasts and also inspire them. Reading such books will help them learn about new adventures, get closer to nature, and teach kids essential life skills surrounding the outdoors. A camping book is hands down one of the best gifts for outdoor lovers, whether for a kid or an adult. 

Outdoor Entertaining Gifts

Outdoor entertainment gifts are helpful throughout the year, especially during events and festive seasons. They are a must-have item in social gatherings, especially if playing movies and other videos is a big part. Here are some items you can buy as an outdoor entertaining gift:

1. Portable Projectors

portable projectors outdoor giftsIf your outdoor enthusiast friend dreams about open-air movie marathons, a portable projector is an excellent gift. Such lightweight projectors allow viewers to turn any area into a makeshift movie screen as long as there is a clear background. These projectors are perfect for outdoor movie evenings and also a great choice for outdoor gifts.

2. Bluetooth Sound System

bluetooth sound system outdoor giftsHaving already talked about projectors, this list of best outdoor gifts is incomplete without mentioning a proper sound system. Outdoor movie nights will only feel complete once you have a good-quality Bluetooth sound device to go along with it. Besides watching a movie, your friend can use this to play music at backyard parties and other celebrations. This type of sound system can be controlled remotely with the help of Bluetooth on your phone or other device.

3. Picnic Table

picnic table outdoor giftsA picnic table is one of the popular outdoor furniture that is inseparable from social gatherings. These sturdy tables are commonly built of wood or other durable materials, providing a social space for hosting a picnic and sharing experiences. Picnic tables are ideal for backyard get-togethers or even camping trips. They are helpful and valued furniture that adds value to outdoor spaces, making them a handy item in the best gifts for outdoor lovers.

4. Hammocks

hammocks outdoor giftsWhenever we see a hammock, we think of comfort and relaxation. Their simple design makes it a safe space for everyone and a must-have for those with beautiful gardens or backyards in their home. They are a peaceful place where your friend can lounge, read, watch the sky, and spend time with their loved ones. All of this makes hammocks one of the best outdoor gifts.

5. Wine Coolers

wine coolers outdoor giftsIf your friend is a wine lover but has yet to learn how to store and refrigerate wine bottles at the ideal temperature, then a wine cooler is the best gift for them. These coolers preserve the flavor and scent of the wine by keeping them fresh under the perfect temperatures. Wine coolers can fit into different spaces as they come in many sizes, from countertop units to more extensive built-in storage.

Outdoor Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the best season for giving and receiving gifts, as they go hand in hand. With this in mind, you can choose anything from the following list as an outdoor Christmas gift.

1. Decorative Christmas Lights

decorative christmas lights outdoor giftsNext on the list of outdoor Christmas gifts are decorative Christmas lights. Christmas is all about bright lights and decorating every corner of one’s house. If your friend has yet to buy and put up Christmas lights this year, make sure you are the one to give them this amazing decorative item.

2.  Dinner Napkin Sets

dinner napkin sets outdoor giftsDinner napkin sets are the ultimate class meets utility gift item for you to consider. These sets are made from various fabrics, with satin being the most popular choice. They improve the look of the table decorations and give a well-organized vibe. They can be used multiple times and are easy to clean and reuse. Dinner napkin sets come in many colors and designs and can even be customized.

3.  Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus

jackery solar generator 300 plusThe Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus is an environmentally friendly device and a fantastic gift for outdoor lovers. With multiple outputs to charge different devices, it's a compact solar generator that can be carried for quick outdoor activities like camping.

It has four recharge options, including solar panels that ensure a continuous power supply in any environment. Its silent and simple design improves user experience, and its capacity to power computers, drones, coolers, and cameras makes it an essential outdoor companion.

4. Clear Wine Glasses

clear wine glasses outdoor giftsClear wine glasses add a tinge of sophistication to your everyday glassware set. It is an excellent choice for outdoor Christmas gifts, letting you and your friend enjoy your preferred wines. Their clear design helps the colors of the wines come to life, making wine tasting an even more enjoyable experience. They go well with almost all types of brunch, dinner, or lunch settings.

5. Wooden Cookie Trays

wooden cookie tray outdoor giftsChristmas is defined by the aroma of homemade, freshly baked cookies. A wooden cookie tray is an affordable yet helpful item that can be considered a  Christmas gift, especially if your friend is planning on having a backyard Christmas gathering. It is a bonus gift if they love baking already. These wooden trays will add an aesthetic look and feel to the cookie-baking process.


There are many options for outdoor gifts as long as they serve an actual purpose outdoors and match your friend’s style and choices. We hope this list has helped you find the perfect gift if you are looking for an outdoor gift. We have included unique items from the Jackery Portable Power Stations and Solar Generators to everyday gifts like tables, glasses, and napkins. You can subscribe to the Jackery newsletter to learn more about our products, discounts, and other offers.