10 Tech Gifts For Teens: Cool Gadgets as Gift Ideas

Teenagers are a tricky lot when it comes to gifting. Their preferences keep changing, and with the influence of social media, you never know which trending item is dominating their bucket list. Gifts are a great way of saying thank you to the teens in your life, be it your children, nieces, or nephews.

best tech gifts for teens

Jackery is glad to be a gifting partner for so many people out there. We have found that tech gifts for teens have always been the safest option. Tech always has items that are both useful and trending and are great gifting options for teenagers. This list will share the top 10 tech items to gift your teenage buddy.

Best 10 Tech Gifts for Teens

Considering their ever-changing natures and personalities, you may be wondering what to give your teen friend. But gifts are forever. A lot of thought goes into gifting them all while keeping in mind whether your teen will like the gift. With all that considered, let's look at the best tech gifts for teens now that the holiday season is around the corner:

Jackery Explorer 100 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 100 plus portable power station

If you're dealing with a teen who loves hiking and biking across trails, then the Jackery Explorer 100 Plus Portable Power Station is the item you should stick to. It is a power station that is lightweight to carry around and is a great companion for hiking and biking trips in the wilderness.

Jackery Explorer 100 Plus can power electrical items such as smartphones, iPads, and AirPods! While hiking, some of these electrical items greatly help the traveler. So, if your teen is into adventures but is afraid of trying out a longer trail, this right size of power station will keep him the company they need.

Mini Drone

mini drone for teens

A mini drone is another portable option you can explore as a gift. It is a cool gadget for teens that is wildly popular among those who are into photography. If your teen is into aerial photo and videography or is willing to try it out on an amateur level, then a mini drone is the perfect gift. These drones are handy and do not need much time to set up. They are easy to operate and can be flown even with minimal experience.

Charger Bracelet

Next on our list of tech gifts for teens is charger bracelets. Can you imagine a teenager without a phone these days? Gifting a teen charger bracelet is like giving them the most important thing in their life.

A USB charger bracelet can charge their phones whenever needed, especially when they are away from their chargers. Besides charging regular phones, it can also charge other USB-enabled devices, making it the perfect gift for the tech-loving generation of teens.

3D Drawing Pen

3d drawing pen for teens

It doesn't take a lot of effort to guess that 3D drawing pens are for the more artistically inclined teenagers. It is a cool tech gift for teens that will make the teen in your life the happiest. 3D drawing pens can make life-like 3D models out of plastic.

They are easy to carry and are quite like 3D printers but more cost-effective. Teenagers who are into 3D model-making are simply going to love this. Let's not forget that besides being a cool gadget, it is also unique.

Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 300 plus portable power station for teens

What is better than a portable power station? A portable power station with even more power. This Jackery Explorer 300 Plus is a notch up from the previous inclusion in our list. The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station has all the features you can expect off a Jackery portable power station that will help your adventurous teen set on new paths.

What's more, it can charge multiple smart devices simultaneously. So, if you're looking for a power-packed portable power station that also doubles as a cool tech gift for teens, this is the one you should go for.

Wireless Gaming Headset

wireless gaming headset for teens

Gaming has long been the go-to activity for teenagers. It has mostly stayed the same with this generation, but gaming technology and tools have improved significantly over the years.

One such best tech gift for teens is wireless gaming headsets. These headsets work like regular ones without the extra hassle of managing long and tangled wires. This can be your default gifting option, especially if you're planning for a teen heavily into gaming or music.

Digital Camera

You may feel that gifting a digital camera isn't a top choice with today's smartphones. We believe that here's where you might be wrong. A digital camera is a standout gift because it is unique.

Teens are a formative time in a person's life, and if you think your teenager has a great sense of photography, then be the first one to push them in the right direction. Give them their first digital camera and show your unique choice for tech gifts for teens.

Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker for teens

As the saying goes, health is wealth. There is no particular age to start your fitness journey. Whether your teenager is into sports or a health and fitness enthusiast, giving them a fitness tracker will significantly help them.

Fitness trackers can track steps, heart rate, body temperature, and SPO2 and are helpful partners in one's fitness journey. This comes as a handy gift for the teen if you're looking for cool gadgets for teens.

Galaxy Projector

galaxy projector for teens

We started this article by discussing social media trends and how they influence teenage bucket lists. Here's one tech gift for teens that has become hugely popular in recent years. It is a simple yet beautiful gift item that will transport your teen out of this world. Yes, you guessed it right: it's the viral galaxy projector.

A galaxy projector can project a myriad of colorful lights that look and feel precisely like the galaxies and supernovas from outer space. We can't think of any teen who wouldn't like this in their room.

Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite for teens

We have made sure that our list contains tech gifts for teens who are artistic, outdoorsy, or both. Staying true to that spirit, here's the ultimate gift for the reader in your teenager. If you have a teen who would rather spend hours reading books than be outside, it is easiest to give them a Kindle Paperwhite.

A Kindle Paperwhite is a lightweight reader that can access thousands of books online. If you want to give them a display that is wider than a regular Kindle, then a Paperwhite is an awesome addition to your gift ideas.


If you want to impress and surprise the teen with the best tech gifts for teens, here is a list that will help you the most. No matter what their preferences are, we have provided you with various gift options to choose from.

For the outdoorsy teen, you can have the Jackery Portable Power Stations and fitness trackers to 3D pens and galaxy projectors for the artist in them. You can look through the Jackery product catalog and choose from a wide range of portable gifts to give your loved ones.

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