User Manual: Jackery Manual Transfer Switch for Whole-Home Backup Kit

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User Manual: Jackery Manual Transfer Switch for Whole-Home Backup Kit
Imagine seamlessly switching to backup power when the electricity grid fails or there is a brief outage. With the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro and Explorer 2000 Plus combined with a Transfer Switch 306A1 × 1, you can wire six separate circuits from your home's breaker panel.
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Imagine seamlessly switching to backup power when the electricity grid fails or there is a brief outage. With the Solar Generator 3000 Pro (Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro + SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel) and Solar Generator 2000 Plus (Explorer 2000 Plus + SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel) combined with a Transfer Switch 306A1 × 1, you can wire six separate circuits from your home's breaker panel. 

When there is an unexpected long-term power outage, blackout, or brownout, you can simply flip the switches on the integration panel and keep all your home appliances powered with a Jackery whole-home backup kit.

Transfer Switch for Whole-Home Backup Kit

Step-By-Step Process to Install the Transfer Switch

Integrating with Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro or 2000 Plus secures your home and keeps the refrigerator, garage door, light switches, and outlets in the main living area charged.

Jackery Manual Transfer Switch acts as a mediator between the utility meter and the solar generator. You'll need a TT-30P to L5-30R power cord to hook up 3000 Pro or 2000 Plus to the transfer switch.

Once you have installed the transfer switch, follow the steps to use it during a power outage.

Step 1: Insert one end of the TT-30P to L5-30R power cord into the AC outlet of Explorer 3000 Pro or Explorer 2000 Plus.

insert power cord into ac outlet

Step 2: Insert the other end of the power cord into the power inlet on the transfer switch.

insert other end of power cord in transfer switch

Step 3: That's it! Your whole house backup kit is ready to supply electricity to all the main appliances for long hours.

whole house backup kit is ready

Step 4: Turn on the Explorer 2000 Plus/3000 Pro and then switch on the AC outlet.

turn on the explorer 2000 plus or 3000 pro

Step 5: Turn on the switch from LINE to GEN and all the necessary circuit breakers on the breaker panel.

turn the switch from line to gen

Safety First: Only a qualified electrician should perform the Jackery Manual Transfer Switch installation process in compliance with all applicable electrical codes.

*To power your home circuit with the 2000 Plus or 3000 Pro, you will need a TT-30P to L5-30R power cord to hook up your 2000 Plus or 3000 Pro to the transfer switch.
*Suggested length: 10ft, or customize the length based on the height of the transfer switch from the ground.

Download the Manual Transfer Switch PDF

Jackery Manual Transfer Switch Tech Specs

Jackery Manual Transfer Switch allows you to safely connect the portable power station to the home's electricity system. Check out the technical details below:

Jackery Manual Transfer Switch Data Sheet




60 Hz






5 Years

Dimensions (W × H × D)

7.75 × 11.25 × 4.75

Maximum Watts


Amps @125 VAC




Power Inlet, NEMA

NEMA L5-30

Circuit Breaker Protection

Each Circuit

Shipping Weight (lbs)

10.92 (Transfer Switch Only)

Benefits of Jackery Manual Transfer Switch Installation

With the Jackery Manual Transfer Switch, you can switch between power sources without any hassle. Designed with safety in mind and built with a metal cabinet, the transfer switch is ideal for indoor use.

Plug & Play Home Backup Solution

Switch from on-grid power to off-grid within 0.5 seconds. The integrated whole-home backup kit that includes Explorer 3000 Pro/2000 Plus, Transfer Switch, and Power Cord keeps all the essential circuits running when a blackout hits.

Clean & Quiet Charging Alternative

Unlike traditional gas generators, the solar kit works silently and without emitting any fumes. Instead of gas or fossil fuels, these batteries use solar energy to run all the essential appliances during an extended outage.

Safe Battery Backup For Home

The home backup kit is built with industry-grade materials and is cULus 1008 Listed, making it a safe and reliable power solution. You can customize the home backup system and select up to 6 circuits from the breaker panel to offer extra peace of mind.

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  • Randy Smith

    Do you installed transfer switch ? what the best size generator to run a frig, a/c, lights ? Is there a person to consult with ?
    How long does a generator last and is it re-furnishable

  • Glenn

    I have an RV trailer that requires 30 Amp of power to run it. What would I need to get?

  • Diane Albright

    Would this power my well pump?

  • Edward Barnes

    I understand I can run my solar power at the same time as I have power coming from the utility company. Is this correct? Can I plug my solar battery into a home outlet to recharge my batteries with utility power at the same time I use Jackery products to run things that take more power to run? Ex: Can I use utility power to run my lights and TVs and use solar power (Jackery batteries) to run my microwaves, A/C and freezers?

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