Ultimate Guide to Must-Have Glamping Gear [Checklist PDF]

Glamping, sometimes called glamorous camping, is the perfect solution for anyone looking to step out under the stars without leaving any of life's luxuries. For many people, glamping is like turning boring camping into a luxury activity suitable for the whole family.

glamping packing checklist

If you want to make your experience memorable and comfortable, you'll need to pack glamping gear like cooking appliances, TVs, coolers, etc. But there comes a question — How to cook food or charge a smartphone with no power? That's where Jackery Solar Generators come in!

Jackery Solar Generator 500 or 1000 are ideal glamping companions with high capacities. In this guide, we'll walk you through the glamping checklist to pack all the essentials in your bag for your next trip.




Rated/Peak Output


Cycle Life

Solar Generator 1000

jackery solar generator 1000


1000W (2000W Peak)

Lithium-ion Battery

500 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Solar Generator 500

jackery solar generator 500


500W (1000W Peak)

Li-ion NMC

500 cycles to 80%+ capacity

What Does Glamping Mean?

Glamping is a relatively new word that combines glamorous and camping. It's like a luxury camping where people can enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort.

But what is the difference between glamping and camping? To put it in a word — the difference lies in the luxuriousness.

Glamping offers comfortable amenities and accommodations typically not available in traditional camping. It typically includes access to electricity, full bathrooms, and running water.

The ultimate goal of glamping is to achieve the perfect balance between a great outdoor experience and comfort. In contrast, camping is a more rustic experience where you usually camp under the stars or in a tent.

How to Turn Regular Camping Into Luxury Camping?

Glamping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without leaving home luxuries behind. But you'll need to pack the right glamping gear to turn regular camping into a luxurious one.

Invest in Better Bedding: If you have ever camped in the past, chances are you used a sleeping bag for a comfortable night. For glamping, carry air mattresses and camping quilts to create luxurious bedding.

Set up Different Cooking Stations: The next step is to set up multiple meal-prepping stations to cook food and make drinks. Add a colored or patterned tablecloth to make your table more sanitary and easily clean after every meal.

Plan Entertainment: Glamping is about enjoying the things you love and exploring the local attractions. While many campsites have games and amenities available, bring your favorite lawn games, musical instruments, and card games for entertainment.

Change Campsite Ambiance: Bring string lights and candles to change the overall ambiance of your tent or campsite. If you don't want an open flame, carry some battery-powered candles.

Must-Have Glamping Gear

Rather than packing ordinary camping accessories that you would bring to a typical camping trip, it's important to carry the right glamping gear to take your luxury camping experience to the next level.

However, carrying things you do not need will waste space in your packing bag. This glamping packing checklist includes all the essential gear you must pack before you leave your home for luxurious camping.

Glamping Shelter

You can't go for luxury camping without a shelter or tent. That's why you need to focus more on this part. Some of the best glamping tents that will keep you warm and dry in style include a lighted cabin tent for a group of friends or large families or a bubble tent as a backyard hangout space. Some glamping tents, shelters, and other related gear include:

  • Lighted cabin tent
  • Pop-up bubble tent
  • Magnetic screen house
  • 4-season bell tent
  • Folding cot
  • Sleeping bag
  • Foam air mattress topper

Glamping Power

A portable power station or battery-powered inverter generator is an ideal power source for glamping. This will help you supply stable power to mini coolers, CPAP machines, coffee makers, etc. Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations have an ergonomic handle design and lightweight nature.

  • Jackery Solar Generator 500
  • Jackery Solar Generator 1000

You can recharge these portable batteries using Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels. Simply connect the power station with the solar panels to power all your glamping appliances. Investing in a suitable power station will help you charge smartphones, lights, and other small devices.

Glamping Kitchen

Everyone's favorite camping part about glamping is the food, and that's why a great camp kitchen setup is important. You will need the right cooking dishes, an electric grill, and a camp stove to cook food. Likewise, you'll need appliances like portable ovens to warm up those delicious foods.

  • Dish set
  • Electric stove
  • Outdoor camp oven
  • Ice maker
  • Coffee maker
  • Portable electric grill
  • Camping table

Glamping Hygiene

Regardless of where you're camping, you must take a hot shower in the morning. There are many portable showers available that can help you stay fresh and active. Since you have packed a hot shower, you'll probably need a privacy tent or a portable cleaning room. Also, pack some deodorant wipes to keep the smell of sweat away.

  • Portable camp toilet
  • Personal towel
  • Portable privacy tent
  • Portable shower
  • Deodorant wipes
  • Hand warmers

Glamping Clothing

The suitable glamping clothing will depend on the season and location of the campsite. However, you must remember that nights are often cold regardless of the season. Therefore, it's best to carry some warmer clothes just in case the chilly winds try to ruin your glamping experience.

  • Lightweight jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Activewear bottoms
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-shirts
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers or flip-flops

Glamping Hiking

If you're planning to hike on your next outdoor adventure, make sure you carry all the essential hiking gear. For instance, you must pack a fleece or insulated jacket in case the weather becomes cold. A compact repair kit comes in handy when repairing a tear in your backpack, a broken strap, a loose trekking pole, or any other unforeseen problem.

  • Firestarter
  • Map
  • Sunglasses
  • First aid kit
  • Compass
  • Hiking boots
  • Repair kit
  • Hiking pants

Glamping Accessories

Your glamping setup needs a blanket to sit atop your cozy camping air mattresses. A comfortable glamping chair is one of the most essential things to watch the sunset or simply roast the marshmallows and spend some quality time. Some other accessories, like LED string lights, fire pits, lanterns, waterproof phone cases, waterproof speakers, etc., are great additions to your camping adventure.

  • Throw Blanket
  • Glamping chair
  • Hammock
  • Camping lanterns
  • Side tables
  • Fairy lights
  • Fire Pit
  • Waterproof speaker
  • Waterproof phone case

Here‘s a glamping checklist PDF you can save and keep handy while packing your essentials for luxury camping.

glamping packing checklist

Jackery Solar Generators for Glamping

Glamping offers the best of both worlds — the adventure of camping and the luxury of home. But you must bring a portable power source for recharging appliances like TVs, coolers, mini-refrigerators, grills, and more.

Jackery is a renowned manufacturer of industry-grade solar panels, generators, and power stations. The popular and ideal Jackery Solar Generators for glamping include Solar Generator 1000 and Solar Generator 500.

They combine Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels to collect and convert the sun's energy into electricity and Explorer Portable Power Stations that store electricity and power appliances.

how jackery solar generator works for glamping

These solar generators are lightweight, portable, easy-to-use charging solutions ideal for charging small appliances.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 combines Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station and SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels to power most outdoor appliances.

The portable and compact power station weighs only 22 lbs, making it an excellent choice for camping trips, over-landing, and RV adventures.

The power station has multiple output ports to charge 8 appliances at the same time. With the help of 2*SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels, you can recharge the power station in 10 hours.

jackery solar generator 1000 for glamping

Customer Review

"It's a great portable power source. Easy to use, fits well in small spaces, has a long battery life, and is very dependable. We enjoyed using the first one so much that we bought a second one. We use them for camping and boating. We would absolutely recommend this product." — John Dugan.

Jackery Solar Generator 500

Jackery Solar Generator 500 has a battery capacity of 518Wh with multiple output ports to charge outdoor appliances.

The power station features an AC outlet, a 12V car output, and three USB ports to provide stable electricity to mainstream electronics and small appliances.

Unlike traditional gas generators, Jackery Solar Generator 500 produces less than 37.9dB of noise during operation — making it ideal for night usage.

jackery solar generator 500 for glamping

Customer Review

"I bought the Explorer 500 power source and the SolarSaga 100W solar panel for my CPAP when we go camping. Works perfectly. Use it for a night or two and charge it in the day. Never have to worry about power for my CPAP machine. And the built-in flashlight comes in handy, too." — Mark.



Cell Chemistry


Glamping Gear

Solar Generator 1000


Lithium-ion Battery

500 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Cooler (300W): 2.8H

Light Bulbs (7W): 121H

Fan (200W): 4.2H

Heating Pad (250W): 3.8H

Blender (350W): 2.4H

Slow Cooker (170W): 5H

Laptop (50W): 17H

Electric Blanket (80W): 10H

Solar Generator 500


Li-ion NMC

500 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Cooler (300W): 1.4H

Light Bulbs (7W): 63H

Fan (200W): 2.2H

Heating Pad (250W): 1.7H

Blender (350W): 1.2H

Slow Cooker (170W): 2.5H

Laptop (50W): 8.8H

Electric Blanket (80W): 5.5H

What Is Good About Glamping?

Glamping is where beautiful and rugged nature meets luxury amenities. Think of it as a short trip to the unexplored parts of the world. If you are someone who wants to explore the beauty and wonder of nature but also loves comfort, glamping is worth exploring. The core aim of glamping is to make your campsite feel like home and get a healthy dose of comfort and relaxation.

Glamping Gear FAQs

What size of solar generator do I need for glamping?

You will need to understand your power consumption needs to figure out the best size of solar generator for glamping. For instance, if you carry more appliances on the glamping trip, invest in a large-capacity solar generator.

Let's take the Jackery Solar Generator example to understand the working hours.

In this example, we assume you are using Jackery Solar Generator 500 to power small appliances like smartphones, laptops, lights, etc., consuming 100 watts.

Working Time = Capacity in Wh * 0.85 / Your device's operating wattage = 518Wh * 0.85 / 100W = 4.4H.

What not to pack for my glamping?

The essentials you pack during a glamping trip can make or break the entire experience. Now that we have covered what glamping gear is necessary, here is what not to pack.

  • Expensive Electronics: Most expensive electrical devices are heavy and take up a lot of space. It's better to keep them at home and hike, kayak, or swim without worrying.
  • Heavy Books: Much like electronics, many books can be a heavy addition to your backpack. If you want to read something during slow mornings, carry an iPad or Kindle to access unlimited books.
  • Strong Perfume: An unexpected visit from the neighborhood bear can ruin your glamping experience. Don't bring any strong sprays or perfumes that might attract unwanted creatures.

What is the best time to go glamping?

There's really no right or wrong time to go glamping. Whether it's the summer months or warm evenings, you can camp comfortably with the right glamping gear. If you are glamping in winter, you need a well-insulated and heated accommodation with necessary appliances like blankets, cushions, rugs, lanterns, etc.

Final Thoughts

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular among outdoor adventures wanting to enjoy the great outdoors. While you can pack any item, packing the right glamping gear can maximize your enjoyment.

Although some glamping destinations may have electricity, you are not going to find any outlets. For this reason, you'll need to add a power source like Jackery Solar Generators to the gear list.

The portable and lightweight nature combined with the large battery capacity makes it a smart choice for charging devices during glamping or other outdoor activities.

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