Jackery Expands Explorer Portable Power Station Line With 2 New Models

Solar-Ready, Lightweight, Portable Power Affords More People Outdoor Life

Milpitas, CA – July 23, 2018: Jackery, a trusted leader in portable power stations, is expanding upon a recently-released family of Lithium-based, solar-ready portable power solutions that made their debut in June. The Jackery Explorer Series now includes the Explorer 160 and Explorer 440 in addition to the Explorer 240 and the Explorer 500.

The new Jackery Explorer 160 weighs in at a mere 3.83 pounds and offers the ultimate combination in compact portability and power. At a price point of $199, the Explorer 160 is Jackery’s most affordable power station. The Explorer 160 addresses the growing market for outdoorists and is a convenient power source for urban mobile lifestyle. Featuring power via USB-C, USB, AC, 12V, the Explorer 160 also offers an optional, portable 50-watt Explorer Solar Panel that offers a full charge in just 5 hours .

The larger 440 watt-hour Explorer features increased power capacity and charges in just 8 hours. The Jackery Explorer 440 includes a variety of ports to connect to almost any device, including AC, DC, and USB power sources. An optional 100-watt portable solar panel enables the recharge of USB devices and the Explorer 440 itself.

“The reality is that the modern outdoor lifestyle needs outdoor power, not only for personal electronics but also practical gadgets and appliances. We’re excited to offer our customers a range of accessible price points and easy-carry form factors. The expansion of our product line demonstrates our commitment to enable more people to experience the outdoor life”, explained Z. Sun, Jackery’s CEO. “The Explorer line offers users maximum flexibility between portability and power capacity to meet each user’s unique needs for their outdoor lifestyles on budget.”

The Explorer 160 and 440 include a smart display and built-in battery management system for maximum efficiency while ensuring that users are aware of exactly how much power remains in the unit, further enabling the outdoor adventurer to avoid running out of power at an inopportune moment. Built with portability as a priority, each member of the Explorer product line features a built-in handle and splash-proof casing for user convenience while out on adventure. Weighing in at just over 12.5 pounds, the Explorer 440 is a necessity for explorers planning to maximize their experience outdoors.

The Jackery Explorer 440 is shipping in August at $499 and the Explorer 160, Jackery’s most affordable Explorer option at $199.99, will be available at Amazon, Jackery.com, and select channel partners in September.

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