Jackery to Showcase New Models at CES 2023

Jackery, the global leader of innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solutions, has announced that it will bring a lineup of its awarded conceptual products and two new solar generator products from its Pro family to the CES 2023, the world's most influential technology event and the largest consumer electronics exhibition in the U.S., that is scheduled to run from January 5 to 8 in 2023 in Las Vegas.

Jackery to Showcase New Models at CES 2023

Jackery's much anticipated CES appearance

Widely recognized as a rising star in the tech sector, Jackery is set to showcase its latest solar generator products that fall under the popular lineup of Jackery's high-end Pro family at the expo, which is expected to attract tens of thousands of attendees including industry professionals and investors from around the world. The new products will broaden the Pro family's power capacity options and allow Jackery to provide more flexible solutions for more customers.

As part of the Pro family, Jackery launched earlier this year the 1000 Pro and 2000 Pro models, with the premium Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro 800W been particularly favored by those who enjoy life outdoors and often go on camping or RV trips. The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is a model that moves up a notch by allowing a full charge to 2,160Wh in just 2.5 hours of sunlight. Award-winning television and film star Chris Pratt has expressed his fondness of the 2000 Pro model, saying the solar generator "provides unlimited renewable energy" and is "an absolute game changer."

Ensuring quality for 10 years

Jackery highly values quality, and now in its 10th year, it has become a pioneer and leader in the solar power generation industry with products that have won over an army of loyal customers over the last decade.

With its ongoing efforts to ensure product security, stability and efficiency, Jackery has topped the retail charts worldwide as a top-selling solar generator brand, and it continues to strive for excellence by pushing ahead with product iteration to offer customers a smoother experience.

As a result, Jackery has become a trusted global brand, and has taken up the largest global market share for solar generators, with its cumulative sales reaching over 2 million units worldwide, according to data from Euromonitor from August 2022.

In October 2022, Jackery topped the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale list as a best-seller. Meanwhile, during Amazon Prime Day, its products dominated the outdoor category in the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and Japan.

Over the past decade, Jackery has committed to green energy through its product design, and such efforts have been recognized on the big stage, winning numerous prestigious international awards.

Jackery has also been recognized for its exceptional product quality and been included on the annual lists of the best portable energy generators compiled by prestigious media outlets Forbes and the New York Times.

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