Jackery Calls Tech-Savvy Youth by Hosting "Passport to ASU" Event at Arizona State University

ASU University, USA, August 16, 2023 - Jackery, the global leader in manufacturing portable solar generators, power stations, and solar panels, recently participated in a groundbreaking event at Arizona State University (ASU), USA. In the event "Passport to ASU," Jackery aimed to bolster its brand presence among the tech-savvy youth and offer reliable and sustainable power solutions.

Jackery Passport to ASU student

In a world where the need for reliable charging solutions has surged to new heights, Jackery has once again captured the spotlight by introducing its advanced range of products, especially the compact yet robust Explorer 300 Plus and Explorer 100 Plus Power Stations. The results were overwhelmingly positive, drawing a footfall of around 700 attendees to the event.

Solar Generator 300 Plus: Small, Portable, and Economical

Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus is the most portable charging solution on the market that weighs merely 11 lbs. The Explorer 300 Plus boasts a large 288Wh battery capacity, which can be recharged using iPad-sized SolarSaga 40W Solar Panels. Anyone can pack the solar generator in their backpack and explore the untapped areas with no electrical outlets.

Solar Generator 1000 Plus: More Power with Large Battery Capacity

Jackery's other latest addition — Solar Generator 1000 Plus — is known for its expandable capacity and more power. It features a long-lasting and reliable LiFePO4 battery with 1264.64Wh battery capacity. The power station can be easily expanded up to 5 power levels, making it a versatile choice for outdoors, emergencies, households, and more.

Jackery is not just a brand that sells solar generators; it's a brand that empowers dreams. For this reason, Jackery held an exciting giveaway to engage with young audiences and help them embark on their outdoor journey. The participants had the opportunity to win one of the two flagship Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station.

The primary objectives behind the event were to introduce the state-of-the-art power stations to the tech-savvy youth of ASU and help young people understand the future of sustainable power solutions. Jackery is committed to providing lightweight yet robust green energy products and assisting youngsters to enjoy outdoor adventures.

Jackery has developed many advanced solar generators in the past decade and become the global leader in solar power products. The company is the worldwide top-seller with 150,000+ global five-star customer ratings and over 3 million units sold. Jackery has won many prestigious awards, highlighting the company's commitment to green energy innovation.

Jackery proudly offers sustainable next-gen solar generators to help outdoor enthusiasts explore their surroundings without worrying about the power source. Jackery's presence at Passport to ASU is geared toward helping the younger generation understand the benefits of solar solutions and limit the impact of carbon emissions. For more information about Jackery products, please visit www.jackery.com.

Jackery Passport to ASU event

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