Eric’s Boy Scout Retreat

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Eric Chen

Eric’s Boy Scout Retreat

Eric, 12 year-old resident of Snowmass Village, a small town right outside of Aspen, Colorado, was born into a family that valued exploring the wonders of the great outdoors. His parents, adventurous and nature enthusiasts instilled their outdoor hobbies in him year-round following Colorado's intense seasons, from snowboarding and hockey in the winter to hiking and rock climbing in the summer. Their home contained an almost endless-like supply closet of the essential items that were necessary for off-grid living of any kind including durable clothes, shoes, campfire materials, portable power stations, solar generators, rock climbing gear, walkie-talkies, helmets, goggles, and many more accumulating each year.

After his 12th birthday, Eric, craving adventure with a tight community, set out to sign up for his local Boy Scouts troop. Upon initiation, he was able to meet new faces of varying ages, allowing him to make
friends and mentors.

The troop became most excited for the annual summer retreat at the Silver Queen Campgrounds, nestled within the forests of Colorado, south of Snowmass Village. Eric and his troop finally had the opportunity to apply everything they learned at their weekly Boy Scout meetings and meticulously packed for their two-day camping trip of educational and adrenaline-packed quests.

The June sky carried a bright blue color, tattered with light clouds, as they arrived at the campsite in the morning surrounded by tall trees and fresh, warm summer air. The families pitched their tents and prepared the communal areas for the array of activities planned for their camping trip. Eric and his family, well-versed in off-grid living, not surprisingly, brought the most up-to-date gear for everyone to share.

Before diving into the packed itinerary for the day, Eric made sure to allow his Jackery Solar Generator 1000 to be full, leaving it charging with its SolarSaga solar panels. Eventually, the scouts gathered together to embark on their first activity, rock climbing. Together they set off and followed a small trail until they reached their destination, scaling the tall cliffs that looked down on them beneath the summer heat, conquering physical obstacles, and bonding over shared triumphs.

Returning to their campsite, they devoured pre-prepared sandwiches before gathering around the campfire. They indulged in s’mores and stories, strengthening their brotherhood and youthful bonds with their tight-knit community.

The scouts said a final goodnight and went to bed for needed, well-deserved rest, eagerly anticipating the next day's hiking expedition. Unbeknownst to them, Eric and the scouts were to be greeted by a dark and dull morning light that contradicted the weekend weather forecast.

The campsite was awoken by heavy thunder and aggressive raindrops that struck the tops of their tents, transforming their campsite into a marsh of mud. Instinctively, Eric ran to his supplies to grab his trusty Jackery Explorer 1000, a portable power station that would prove to be the lifeline of their troop. It was able to provide power to charge their walkie-talkies, phones, and devices and allowed them to still cook ahot breakfast with their portable electric stove using its eight charging ports. Through the walkie-talkies, the scouts and their families maintained communication and an uplifting attitude amidst the tents.

Through many hours and charging various devices, the Jackery Explorer 1000 kept the troop connected and allowed the scouts to salvage the remainder of their summer retreat. Eventually, the gray clouds parted, revealing the familiar blue sky. Emerging from their tattered tents, the scouts experienced a defining moment of their brotherhood by forging through challenges amidst their adventures. The use of the Jackery Explorer 1000, had become a symbol of resilience through its reliability, ensuring their scouting traditions, whilst fostering growth and learning.

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