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Best 35 Christmas Gifts For Mom: Unique, DIY, Last-Minute, and More [2022 Updated]

Someone once said, "Life does not come with a manual; instead, it comes with a mother." Mothers are the superheroes of children's lives. Her responsibilities are endless, from managing houses to running companies and caring for every family member. 

That said, at least one person in the family owes a great big thank-you — coupled with a beautiful gift — to mothers this Christmas eve.If that person is you, it's time to jump into the list of best Christmas gifts for moms. We've listed the top gift ideas, from simple DIY to luxurious items, so you can make your mom feel extra special this holiday season.

So, get ready to delve deep into the list and pick the Christmas gift your mom will be happy to receive and use them frequently.

Best Christmas Gifts For Mom

Jackery Solar Generator ($319.98- $6199)

Another Christmas gift for moms on our list is the highly efficient and unbeatable portable solar solution. Jackery Solar Generator is a reliable and clean power source for RVs, campers, or as a backup solution during a power outage.

Jackery Solar Generator 500 is a good idea for mom who loves weekend camping, biking and fishing.  Mom can use it to charge a mini cooler, blender, e-bike, electric blankets during a weekend outdoors.  

best christmas gift for mom-jackery solar generator

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is the best choice for moms who love family camping. It can charge almost all small and large electric appliances, including electric blankets, cooking appliances, etc., and ensure you enjoy your camping to the fullest.

On the other hand, Jackery Solar Generator 2000 is an excellent gift for moms needing a clean home backup power supply source, especially for the long-term power cut.

Areas like Florida and Texas are prone to hurricane hits, long-term power outages, and blackouts, making power backup solutions necessary. Jackery Solar Generator 2000 is a robust solution with maximum power capacity that can help you with your home power needs. It can charge all the large appliances of your home, including refrigerators, TVs, etc.

This holiday season, give your mother a magic wand in the form of a solar generator to protect her during sudden power outages.

Sunglasses ($163 - $213)

Regardless of how often your mother travels, she deserves to own stylish and comfortable sunglasses.

Sunglasses might be the last thing on her wishlist, but a stylish pair of glasses can be her go-to choice when she plans for outdoor activities. Moreover, glasses will protect her eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Safety and style in one gift!

Let your mom enjoy her weekends, sunbathe, and walk to the beach without worrying about her eyes with a chic pair of sunglasses this holiday season.

christmas gift for mom-sunglasses


Grind & Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker ($146 - $162)

Every family has coffee lovers, isn't it?

So, give your mother this grind & brew single-serve coffee maker this Christmas so she can prepare coffee quickly. The stainless steel burr grinder, LED display, and built-in steep and release technology ensure that grinding and coffee brewing is done without extra effort.

Besides its modern and stylish look, the machine works efficiently to take some chores off your mother's plate. With this two-in-one coffee-making machine, your mother will love to serve coffee whenever you say. You won't mind making one cup of coffee for the family, thanks to the easy-to-use and efficient nature of the machine.

christmas gift for mom-coffee maker

Washable Silk Tee Set ($198 - $228)

Your mother might not purchase the silk tee set for herself, but we bet she had to receive it as a Christmas gift.

The oversized t-shirt and shorts are made from the highest quality silk, such as mulberry, which gives a relaxed feeling.

Gorgeous pairs of t-shirts and shorts are considered unique Christmas gifts for a mom that will melt her heart every time she wears them.

Mongolian Cashmere Scarf ($49 - $69)

The chic, affordable, and sumptuously soft Mongolian cashmere scarf is known to be the best Christmas gift for mom from daughter. Girls love scarves!

The luxury cashmere garment is thin and breathable compared to other traditional scarves, ensuring that it won't look bulky when she wraps it around her neck. A lovely scarf will be the perfect addition to your mother's wardrobe, available in different colors such as oatmeal, olive, heather gray, etc.

DIY Christmas Gifts For Mom ($5 - $10)

The best present you can give your mom is that made by hand. You can try multiple DIY Christmas gifts for mom this holiday season.

A diary or notebook covered with fabric is a simple method to transform anything special into a stylish Christmas gift, and it can be done quickly.

In addition, a wooden tray to keep all her essential bathtime essentials is another excellent Christmas gift idea for mom. And we bet she'll love the at-home spa treatment!

diy christmas gifts for moms

Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($95 - $120)

A portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the best gifts for mothers. They are compact in size and can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The best part about gifting a Bluetooth speaker is that your mother can enjoy her favorite songs while working. It is even a great partner for outdoor parties.

Plug in the portable Bluetooth speaker, and the whole family is ready to rock around the Christmas tree.

christmas gift for mom-portable bluetooth speaker

Sleep Stone Skincare ($45 - $65)

Every mother deserves a luxurious self-care moment, and this sleep stone skincare set is a great addition.

The soothing blend is perfect for bedtime or whenever your mom needs a dose of instant calmness. It is made with a mix of lavender and chamomile that cools and relaxes the mind and body.

Given the sleeping stone's relaxing and soothing properties, it is widely used as a pre-bedtime ritual. So give your mom this sleep stone skincare, and be her favorite child (You heard it right!).

christmas gift for mom-sleep stone skincare

Portable Mug Warmer ($129 - 199)

With a home full of kids, it is a real struggle for mothers to finish their coffee cups in one sitting.

With so many responsibilities, she has to settle for a lukewarm brew. But not more! A portable mug warmer is the new-gen tech that ensures your mom drinks hot coffee every time and anytime. The battery-powered heating source keeps the drink hot and tasty until she finishes it.

In addition, the humble mug warmer is easy-to-use and, of course, easy to clean. You can keep your cup on the tiny hot plate, and that's it! Your mom's hot coffee is ready!

Baseball Cap ($26 - $30)

Adorably casual, your mother will love throwing on this hat when she steps out of the home. It is the perfect Christmas gift for moms from daughters who love sports and outdoor activities. Plan a badminton or baseball family match where your mother can show a loud and proud attitude with this cool cap.

Wool Slippers ($105 - $140)

The superhero of your life needs a warm and cozy pair of slippers to take care of her soft silky feet. So get her breathable, lightweight, and warm wool slippers, so she can walk around the house in style and comfort. Since they are easy to slide on and off, your gorgeous mom doesn't have to bend down (the culprit of her extreme backache!).

The rubber-soled version of wool slippers can be the best Christmas gift for moms and can be worn inside and outside the house. These wool slippers will also allow her to rock around the Christmas tree and enjoy the eve to the fullest.

Digital Frame ($149 - $229)

Thinking of a way to keep her connected with all the family members? A digital photo frame is the best answer!

For a tech-savvy mom, a digital frame serves as a link with her children. The digital frame is easy-to-use, set up, and has a vivid and sharp display showcasing memories.

No matter where you are, the digital frame allows you to send all photos to her mantle. You can simply upload your images, which will appear in the frame, and she can cherish your pictures.

Tip: Before you gift this digital frame, add a few pictures so she can enjoy her gift with some memorable images.

christmas gift for mom digital frame

Smokeless Fire Pit ($89 - $399)

If you are a family that loves to spend time on the patio or backyard, this smokeless fire pit is the right Christmas gift for mom.

The portable fire pit, when operated adequately, burns wood with no detectable smoke. The smokeless fire pit's less smoky and efficient nature makes it a valuable gift for mothers.

Instead of juggling with the smoke during the outdoor party, she can enjoy her time with family. Organize outdoor parties and get-togethers with this compact and efficient bonfire fire pit, and make it a premium gift option.

smokeless fire pit

 Bath Bombs ($6 - $11)

After a tiring day, all your mother needs is a relaxing bath (though she deserves a week-long stay at a fancy resort, too!).

Bath bombs are the best Christmas gifts for moms for an elevated bathing experience.

These bath bombs explode as soon as they hit the water surface, filling the whole tub with gorgeous shimmering shades, skin-soothing oils, and long-lasting fragrances.

All of which is to say that your mother will emerge from the bathing relaxed and good. Not to mention, they are handmade bath bombs. So, you can rest assured that your mother's skin will be protected from harmful chemicals.


christmas gift bath bombs

Smart Home Speaker ($49 - $174)

One of the most appropriate ways to keep your mother happy is to keep your family connected and comfortable.

Smart home speakers make your home even smarter by helping your mother control all the appliances, such as TVs, game consoles, etc., with one device.

The technology ensures that your mother can enjoy her favorite videos on YouTube, listen to music, and watch live news with one product.

As there are no buttons, your mother can easily make video calls. Hence, the product is worth every dollar.

Personalized Family Mugs ($32 - $50)

The best Christmas gifts for moms are personalized and memorable. That's why customized family mugs are loved by mothers.

Her love for the family will double whenever she sips coffee or tea from the customized mug. Print your family picture on the cup if you wish to add a touch of love and warmth.

Back & Neck Massager Pillow ($69 - $79)

After a long tiring day, mothers deserve love in the form of a back and neck massage pillow. The high-tech product can reduce stress and give them a sound, sweet sleep.

The massager pillow has an in-built mechanism that focuses on the pain points. As a result, it relieves stress from the aching muscles and ensures she wakes up fit and healthy.

If you intend to give her a present that she will cherish for years, you won't go wrong with a neck and back massager pillow.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds ($50 - $270)

Gone are the days when wired technology was a thing. Nowadays, people prefer the simplicity and flexibility of wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

If your mother is not utilizing the benefits of wireless devices, it's time to give her wireless Bluetooth earbuds. It is the perfect Christmas gift for a mom that allows her to enjoy songs on her playlist anytime.

A great piece of earbuds has everything from great calls to customizable features to fantastic music quality. So besides home use, modern moms can carry their personal best to the gym.

Christmas Gift - Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Cozy Throw Blanket ($48 - $60)

A cozy throw blanket is one of the adorable Christmas gift ideas for mom. It is a soft, warm, and comfortable blanket suitable for the chilly winds of Christmas.

The fringe along the edges makes the cozy throw blanket fun to play with. It is gorgeous to look at and will add a pop of pattern to your home space.

Whether she wants to throw the blanket on the bed and have good sleep or drape over a chair and chit-chat with family, the throw blanket is something she will love.

Teak Wood Tray ($20 - $100)

The minimalist lines and the chequered inlay of the teak wood tray set it apart from the traditional trays.

Deep sides and sturdy handles make the tray ideal for serving your mom a delicious and lip-smacking breakfast. You can even add cocktails and appetizers on the tray to bring a big smile to your mother's face.

Don't want to use it as a serving tray? Nevermind.

Just grab a beautiful vase of flowers and put it on the teak wood tray to beautify the corner of your home. Your mother will love the elegance it adds to your space!

christmas gift teak wood tray

Sherpa Scuff Slippers ($49 - $99)

Whether your mom is doing the house chores or lounging around, a good pair of cozy and fuzzy slippers can make a huge difference.

The soft sherpa inside and out makes the slippers durable and comfortable. Besides being extra comfy shoes, these slippers are super cute and functional. Another best part about the scuff slippers is that they are suitable for sensitive skin.

Leggings ($29 - $48)

If your mother is a fan of hot yoga, workout, and other sweaty activities, she would love to have leggings.

Available in solid fit and cute colors, these leggings are the premium choice for modern mothers. With these sweat-free leggings, she can run errands, lounge around the house, or visit the gym without worrying about sweat.

Hand Warmer Machine  ($50 - $130)

If your mom loves to spend her time outdoors (be it achieving her daily gym goals or attending her office), a rechargeable hand warmer is the best Christmas gift idea.  They are easy to use and incredibly comfortable that heats up within seconds. And the best part is that a rechargeable electric hand warmer is good for health. It can accelerate metabolism and promote blood circulation to ensure your mother is ready to enjoy Christmas eve. So, you can give your mom a heating device that will keep her hands warm during chilly winters as a Christmas gift.

White Sapphire Huggies ($250 - $330)

Regardless of which jewelry your mom loves to wear, a pair of hoops is one of the most important things she needs. So, why not give her the white sapphire Huggies this Christmas eve?

The small-size Huggies can be an excellent accessory for her everyday look. They are easy to wear and incredibly versatile, making them the first choice for busy moms. Whether she wants to pair it up with a t-shirt and jeans or go for a formal look, these white sapphire Huggies will make her look flawless in every attire.

Colorful Bowl Set ($10 - $50)

Mom spends half of her day in the kitchen, so give her this rainbow bowl set. The gorgeous, vibrant, and fun bowls with the perfect ergonomic shape will win the heart of your mom and other family members. Not to mention, these attractive and elegant bowls will make your Christmas meal extra memorable.

Alpaca Wool Blanket ($157 - $174)

The wool throw blanket can be an amazing and unique Christmas gift for mom. It is a warm, cozy, comfortable, and

christmas gift for mom alpaca wool blanket

soft blanket that makes it an excellent option for people with smooth and sensitive skin.

She will love the royal fiber and lightweight nature of the throw every time she uses it. After receiving this premium alpaca wool blanket, we bet she won't say no to late-night chit-chat and outdoor activities.

Chic Ballerina Flats ($195 - $220)

Nobody can deny the fact that mom walks maximum around the house. A sharp pair of flats can go a long way in helping your mother walk comfortably and do her daily activities.

The chic look of the flats makes them ideal for various looks, from formal attire to informal ones. In addition, the plush insole of the handmade, soft, and unstructured footwear ensures that your mother can wear them all day.

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Mom

Are you short of time and want some last-minute Christmas gift ideas for mom? We've got your back. Below are a few last-minute Christmas gifts for mom that you can receive in a few days or make at home with a few supplies.

Educational Gift Card ($25 - $100)

An educational gift card for your mom is one of the best last-minute Christmas gift ideas. In addition, many online websites offer fun and interactive classes for those who wish to explore new things.

Be it sharpening your cooking skills, picking up a new hobby, or learning other languages, your mom will love expanding her knowledge with the gift card. 

educational gift card

Streaming Service ($9.99 - $19.99)

Another last-minute Christmas gift for mom is a subscription to streaming services so she can enjoy her favorite music or binge-watch a movie in her free time.

The extra and quality "me" time she spends with herself is a bonus. So let her build some memories with herself with a streaming service subscription at affordable prices.

You can even pair the streaming service with any gifts mentioned above to melt her heart with the power of love.

streaming service

Fragrant Flower Subscription ($45 - $100)

The pleasure of receiving a bouquet of flowers is nearly unparalleled. So rather than giving one bundle of blossoms on Christmas day, give her a year-long joy with a fragrant flower subscription.

You can choose subscriptions of classic or seasonal flowers that will knock on her door weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. Pairing it up with a beautiful glass vase can double up the excitement on your mom's face.

She will love the beautiful scent of the flowers and remember the intense love of her children.

christmas gift fragrant flower subscription

Monthly Candle Subscription ($22 - $40)

What are more classic and loving gifts for moms than fragrant artisan candles?

If you intend to give mom beautiful and unique Christmas gifts, go with a monthly candle subscription.

They are the best gifts for mothers who love decorating their homes with fragrance. Pick the luxurious scent that your mom will love from the many available options on the market.

You can even go further and plan a romantic candlelight dinner for your mom and dad (your father deserves to be loved, too!) to make their Christmas more memorable.

christmas gift for mom monthly candle subscription

Hand-Painted Picture ($5 - $10)

Handwritten letters and handmade gifts are priceless. Those who wish to choose homemade Christmas gifts for moms can opt for a hand-painted picture.

Your budget-conscious mother will love this cost-friendly heartfelt gift made by her daughter or son. All you require is a canvas, a few colors, and the joy in the heart to create the portrait.

You can paint a picture of your mom, her beloved pet, or even the entire family — endless possibilities to give joy to your loving mom.

Audiobook Subscription ($8 - $15)

A subscription to unlimited audiobooks will be loved by every mother, especially if she is a book lover. In addition, an audiobook subscription is a perfect gift for any mom who enjoys literature or loves to try different recipes.

With this subscription service, your mom can access thousands of audiobooks on her electronic device. It is, undoubtedly, the perfect Christmas gift for bookworms who are often on the hunt for new books. 

christmas gift for mom audiobook subscription

Homemade Dessert ($7 - $10)

Who could deny some freshly prepared sweets? Try this budget-friendly last-minute Christmas gift idea if your mother is not on a diet.

You can either assemble an intricate cake or bake some simple sugar cookies to make the day memorable for your mom. She deserves every ounce of love, and a homemade treat can do half your task.

christmas gift for mom homemade dessert

Self-Care Gift Box ($130 - $300)

Self-care is essential, especially for mothers who work hard and have an extremely tight schedule. The self-care gift box consists of the floral bath bomb, a fragrant hand soap, scented candles, and drinks in a metal tumbler.

It has everything she will need to remove the stress of the day and make her night relaxing. So if you seek a gift for your mom that will benefit her health, this self-care box may be just what she needs this Christmas day.

Christmas Gifts For Mom From Daughter

Shopping for a mother can be tricky sometimes, especially when you don't know what will wow her. The thing is, mothers are unique, and so should be your Christmas gift.

Some beautiful Christmas gifts for moms from daughters include a self-care kit, a personalized mug set, matching caps, or even a homemade dessert.

If you are good at cooking, it's time to earn some good points by preparing a delicious sweet dish for your dear mom. You can even design a hand-painted portrait of your mother to make her feel special.

Christmas Gifts For Mom From Son

Shopping for gifts can be harder, especially when there are endless choices and the person is extra special.

Thankfully, there are some unique things you can give your mother on this occasion. For instance, a back and neck massage pillow will go a long way in giving her a relaxing night.

On the other hand, a solar power generator is a valuable choice in areas with more power outages. No matter which Christmas gift ideas for mom you choose, spend some quality time with her and remind her that you love her beyond words.


When it comes to impressing your mom with a beautiful and meaningful gift, no one knows what will work best other than you. While there are always last-minute gifts like service subscriptions, personalized and helpful Christmas gifts for moms will last for years and fill their heart with joy.

Endless options exist, from comfortable and warm slippers to tech products to Jackery solar generators. Happy shopping! Before you go, subscribe to the Jackery newsletter and stay updated with the latest news, product releases, and promotional offers about our products. So, you can save money every time you buy!


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