35 Best Gifts for Photographers of All Skill and Experience Levels

Photographers are some of the most creative individuals out there. We always marvel at the results of their photography, but few of us know how difficult it is for them to produce these results. Finding the right gifts for photographers depends on their experience level and the type of photography they are into.

gifts for photographers by jackery

If you want to give something meaningful to your photographer friend, this list will surely help you. Here, you will find powerful and lightweight Jackery Portable Power Stations and Jackery Solar Generators for outdoor photographers to charge most of their photography-related appliances. For the rest, we have many other options to choose from.

Considerations Before Buying the Gift

Before you buy your photographer friend a gift, here are a few things you need to consider.

  • Experience Level: You can base your gift choices on their experience level. Gifts for professional photographers may not suit a beginner. So, make sure you know where your friend stands before buying a gift for them.
  • Type of Photographer: Consider whether they are outdoor photographers or indoor studio photographers before choosing the right gift for them. Gifts like Jackery Power Stations and Jackery Solar Generators provide a steady backup power supply both indoors and outdoors.

Best Gifts for Photographers

You can choose the best gifts for photographers from the list below:

Unique Gifts for Photographers

Finding unique gifts is always the best action for photographers who seem to have everything else sorted. Here are some unique gifts for photographs that you can buy from:

1. Lens Cleaner

camera lens cleaners gifts for photographersA lens cleaner helps take clear images by clearing dust, fingerprints, and smudges from camera lenses, making it the perfect gift for photographers. It improves the clarity and sharpness of the photos and protects your friend’s priceless equipment, making it one of the most unique gifts for photographers.

2. Photography Books

photography book gifts for photographersA photography book is one of the best gifts for photographers because it gives them ideas and information on how to improve their technique. It will encourage your friend to be more creative as it offers details related to composition, techniques, and genres.

3. Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 300 plusThe Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station is an excellent gift for photographers who frequently go outdoors to take photographs. Its small size makes it easy to move in vehicles, and its many charging options—including a rapid four-hour solar charge, make it a great companion for wildlife photographers.

It is specially made for photographers who use various devices, including drones and cameras. This unique gift will ensure a steady power supply for outdoor photography sessions and charging necessary equipment during long-term shoots in far-off places. You can check the Jackery buying guide to choose the right power backup.

4. Wooden USB Flash Drive

wooden usb flash drive gifts for photographersA wooden USB flash drive is a stylish but helpful gift for photographers. It gives off a rustic look and provides plenty of storage for high-quality photos and videos. This fashionable item is a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift showing your friend how much you value their photography skills.

5. Leather Camera Strap

leather camera strap gifts for photographersA leather camera strap is one of the most unique gifts for photographers as it will help them stand out from their peers. Just because it is made of leather doesn’t make it any less flexible. Instead, it makes the strap even stronger. You can gift this accessory to your friend if you feel their whole camera setup will get a more refined look.

Cool Gifts for Photographers

Similar to unique gifts, here are some cool photographer gifts you can consider. These will help your friend stand out among others.

1. Mini Tripod

mini tripod gifts for photographersTripods are a big part of a photographer's tool bag, especially if they are into landscape photography. If your friend already owns one, but it is one of those long tripods, you can gift them a mini tripod to add to their kit. Mini tripods are primarily used for mobile photography and are constantly in demand as cool gifts for photographers.

2. Black and White Film Roll

black and white film roll gifts for photographersWe live in a time where owning vintage products makes us look cool. A black-and-white film roll is one piece of nostalgia that every photographer will love to have with them. There are still cameras that support such rolls, and you can encourage your friend to buy one such camera and use your gift.

3. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 500For photographers who frequently go for outdoor shoots, the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station proves to be a superb gift. Its strong 518W capacity and 500W inverter can successfully manage power surges, providing a dependable power source for cameras, lighting, and other photography equipment.

It meets a photographer's portability requirement with three charging options—including solar—and a lightweight, compact design. This power station lets photographers recharge it while on the go. This excellent gift improves an outdoor photographer's productivity by offering a stable power source for their devices.

4. Stylish Camera Bag

stylish camera bag gifts for photographersA stylish camera bag looks stylish and, at the same time, serves a bag's purpose of storage. It makes one of the most valuable gifts for photographers, showing an elegant design while enhancing one's style significantly.

5. Single Use Disposable Cameras

single use disposable camera gifts for photographersA single-use or instant camera contains a single film roll that can click pictures throughout its capacity. While your photographer friend may be used to clicking a large volume of images on their digital cameras, there’s a certain charm to this type of gift. It is a thoughtful gift that your friend will surely love, especially if they are open to experimenting with different cameras.

Gifts for Film Photographers

For film photographers, you need to find a different set of gifts. Here are some special gifts for film photographers you can check out:

1. On-camera Video Light

on camera video light gifts for photographersFilm photographers can't ask for a better gift than on-camera video lights, as they offer the perfect lighting settings for taking beautiful pictures under different lighting conditions. These lights improve video and static picture quality, allowing your filmmaker friend to produce professional photos. This is widely considered one of the best gifts for film photographers.

2. Hand-Grip for Camera

hand grip for camera gifts for photographersA hand grip for the camera offers a stable, comfortable grip that ensures your photographer friend takes steady shots during filmmaking. This useful tool gives the photographer more control over the camera, reducing any chances of the camera jerking or slipping off one’s hand.

3. Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 2000 plusFilm photographers will love the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station, which has a solid 2042.8Wh capacity to power multiple devices simultaneously. Jackery has one of the best battery management systems with a ten-year lifespan, making it a dependable and long-term emergency backup for outdoor film photographers. Film shoots are more productive and seamless when this portable powerhouse is used, especially when shooting outside or in unexpected situations.

4. ND Filters

nd filters gifts for photographersND filters designed for film photography are one of those good gifts for photographers that your friend will love. It will assist your photographer friend in slowing down motion in bright conditions for long-exposure photography. Photography heavily depends on the perfect amount of light, and this gift will help your friend choose the best conditions to start their film photography.

5. Teleconverter Lens

teleconverter lens gifts for photographersA teleconverter lens is one of the best gifts for wildlife photographers and those who are into film photography. It will increase the range of your friend’s current lenses while keeping the image quality intact. This lens type can capture faraway subjects, making it an ideal addition to a photographer’s lens collection.

Gifts for Aspiring Photographers

Aspiring photographers are a level ahead of beginners. For them, you can choose gifts that will help them get better at their photography skills.

1. Mobile Photography Accessories

mobile photography accessories gifts for photographersAccessories for mobile photography are excellent gifts for aspiring photographers. Mobile photography is one of the ways photographers start their journey. These accessories will only help to increase the capabilities of smartphone cameras as they include items such as mini tripods and lenses. It's a reasonably priced gift for supporting an aspiring photographer’s enthusiasm.

2. Shutter Release Cable

shutter release cable gifts for photographersAspiring photographers often face trouble with controlling their shutters. Knowing when to click the camera shutter is an art that develops with time and practice. With the help of a shutter release cable, you can help your friend take steady and sharp photographs while they continue practicing their skills with the actual shutter. This gift item will ensure that your friend continues taking good photos.

3. Paid Photography Course

paid photography course gifts for photographersFor those who aspire to become photographers, a paid photography course can be one of the best gifts for aspiring photographers. Ensure you gift a course with organized instruction, professional advice, and practical experience. Such a course will encourage a deeper learning of photography's rules and technical aspects.

4. Camera Lens Coffee Cup

camera lens coffee cup gifts for photographersLong photography sessions require a strong cup of coffee to sustain the day. Coffee helps maintain concentration, and you can add a bit of a twist to your photographer friend’s life by giving them a lens-shaped coffee mug. These coffee mugs are readily available online and are thoughtful gifts for a photographer. This also doubles as one of the best birthday gifts for photographers.

5. Video Editing  Software Subscription

video editing software subscription gifts for photographersHaving learned the ins and outs of photography, your friend might now want to learn to edit. Considering how most photographers ultimately edit their pictures, buying a year's video editing software subscription for your aspiring photographer friend will significantly help their learning.

Gifts for Professional Photographers

Professional photographers tend to have everything else sorted regarding accessories and equipment. Keeping it in mind, here are some gift items you can give them:

1. Wi-Fi SD Cards

wi-fi sd cards gifts for photographers

A Wi-Fi SD Card is one of the best gifts for professional photographers. This type of SD card makes photography sessions faster by enabling the quick, wireless transfer of high-resolution photographs. This leads to time savings and an overall improvement in photograph quality as it doesn’t require the photographer to upload the photos using a physical docket, as all uploads take place through Wi-Fi.

2. Full- Length Tripod

full length tripod gifts for photographersProfessional photographers are the best at handling full-length tripods as the latter offers the best stability among all other types of tripods. It will help your professional friend take perfect photographs even under challenging conditions. Thanks to this popular but helpful camera accessory, they can take consistent-quality pictures and frames.

3. Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station

jackery explorer 1000 plusProfessional photographers who go for long outdoor shoots, such as astrophotographers, will benefit significantly from the Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station as a gift. With a capacity of 1264Wh, it gives constant and reliable power for nearly all photography devices, up to 99%.

It has a fast 2-hour solar and 1.7-hour wall charging to meet professional photographers' needs. Besides improving outdoor experiences, this power station has remote Wi-Fi or Bluetooth control. It gives photographers a stable and adequate power source for their necessary equipment while working outdoors.

4. Glass Prism

glass prism gifts for photographersProfessional photographers are expected to take great photos with excellent quality and framing. Using the prism effect while taking pictures, especially for portrait photoshoots, is becoming increasingly popular, for which a prism glass is necessary. A prism glass adds a beautiful rainbow filter to images, improving the images' attractiveness by a mile.

5. Smart Tablets

smart tablet gifts for photographersSometimes, finding a suitable set of gifts for professional photographers is challenging. If your friend seems to have everything, from camera equipment to accessories, you can shift to a smart tablet for them to check their photos after taking them. They can easily plug in their flash drive or SD card to see how their images have turned out.

Gifts for Beginner/New Photographers

The best gift for any beginner photographer is encouragement. Besides that, you can always choose from the following list for gift ideas:

1. Mini Projector

mini projector gifts for photographersA beginner photographer must first analyze and learn how others take to photography before they can begin themselves. A mini projector will let them view photographs by others whenever and wherever they wish. This is one of the most helpful gifts for beginner/new photographers as it will help them learn and expand their creativity.

2. External Hard Drive

external hard drive gifts for photographers

A significant part of starting as a photographer is taking as many photographs as possible. But to do that, your amateur photographer friend will need ample storage to save the photos. Storing the images will let them go back to them, analyze and compare them with professional shots, and see how well they do for themselves. You can go for a hard drive with upwards of 512GB storage to help them on their journey.

3. Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus

jackery solar generator 300 plus

This is an item on the list of gifts for beginners/new photographers who would love to start shooting outdoors. The Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus bundle has the Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station that can be recharged using the Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels.

This improves the outdoor shooting experience by charging smartphones, drones, cameras, and small coolers. As a dependable and transportable energy source, new photographers can quickly charge their accessories while on outdoor adventures. It further advances their learning by keeping them safe when photographing unknown terrains.

4. Lens Cover

lens cover gifts for photographersWhile most beginners start with a camera, a bag, and appropriate lenses, one thing they tend to forget is a lens cover. Lens covers are equally essential camera accessories that only a few beginners pay attention to. Lens covers protect the lens from dust and scratches by keeping them covered when not in use. This is quite a simple and affordable item on the list of gifts for beginner/new photographers.

5. Camera Drones

camera drones gifts for photographers

Drone photography is wildly popular nowadays, and almost every amateur photographer wants to try it first. You can gift this item to encourage your friend to explore landscape and aerial photography. This type of photo and videography is trendy on social media, too.

Gifts for Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife photographers have the most exciting photography sessions, and they are our favorite. If your friend is a wildlife photographer, here are some items that will make their life easier:

1. Raincoat

raincoat gifts for photographersOne of the most prominent features of wildlife photographers is their patience. They have to wait hours and hours at the same spot, hiding from the wildlife surrounding them. This means they cannot move as they wish, no matter the weather – sun, rain, or snow. From this perspective, a raincoat is one of the most valuable things you can give a wildlife photographer.

2. Macro Lens

macro lens gifts for photographersWildlife photography is about more than just taking long and wide-angle shots. Sometimes, they require extreme close-ups of the smallest insects and birds in the wildlife. A macro lens will let your friend take sharp but highly zoomed-in photos of wildlife without getting too close to the creature, making it one of the most sought-after gifts for photographers.

3. Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus

jackery solar generator 1000 plusThe Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus is a great gift for wildlife photographers as it has an expandable battery capacity, accommodating up to three additional packs. It ensures a reliable and continuous power supply for extensive outdoor photography sessions, especially wildlife photography.

With a powerful 1264W capacity and a 2000W output, it supports the charging of 99% of all photography-related devices and meets the various power requirements of different equipment. Its battery cells can last up to ten years, making it a dependable tool for wildlife photographers in the long term.

4. Outdoor Shoes

outdoor shoe gifts for photographersWildlife photography requires exploring different landscapes and terrains; sturdy outdoor shoes are the best. Wildlife photographers tend to have everything with them but may need more safety and comfort gear. This is where you can step in for your friend and give them a pair of solid yet comfortable shoes to make their photography sessions in the wild easier.

5. Anamorphic Lens

anamorphic lens gifts for photographersYou can give your professional photographer friend this fantastic gift, which will significantly help them improve their creative ability. Regarded as one of the most popular gifts for wildlife photographers, an anamorphic lens gives images a cinematic feel and creates beautiful widescreen angles. This is a sophisticated but powerful lens that will help your friend’s work stand out from that of the others.


Photography is one of the most passionate hobbies out there. There are many items from which you can choose the correct set of gifts for photographers. We have divided our list based on experience level and photography style, and we hope you have found the gift you were looking for! From powerful Jackery power stations and solar generators to various camera equipment, this list has an option for all!