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Honda by Jackery 290 Review 2019

Honda by Jackery 290 Review

The Honda by Jackery 290 is a safe, quiet, and portable power station that is ready for any adventure. This portable power station was recently released in late-March and has already caught wind. In this Jackery 290 review, I talk about how it works, who it’s right for, and its benefits and drawbacks.

How the Jackery 290 Works

The Jackery 290 is a Honda Official Licensed Product by Jackery. It provides outdoor enthusiasts with on-the-go power, giving them a way to power up their favorite devices. This portable power station is able to charge laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It can also power up mini-fridges, TVs, and CPAP machines. With that being said, the battery only holds so many charges depending on the device you have plugged in.

The Jackery 290 is compatible with all your favorite devices, which include the following:

  • Laptop: The Jackery 290 portable power station can charge a laptop up to four times
  • Mobile Phone: This portable power station can charge mobile phones up to 17 times
  • Tablet: The Jacker 290 portable power station can charge tablets up to 14 times.
  • Mini Fridge: This portable power bank can run your average mini fridge for 3.4 hours
  • TVs: The Jackery 290 can power a 32” TV for 3.4 hours
  • CPAP Machine: This portable power station can power a CPAP for up to four hours.

These are just some of the common devices that can be used with this power bank. The major benefit of these types of power banks is that they have a 120-volt outlet. This means you can pretty much plug whatever you want while knowing that the power consumption will vary per device.

Who the Jackery 290 Is Best For

The Jackery 290 can help ensure you have the power you need on your next adventure or camping trip. Ideally, this portable power station is best for anyone in the outdoor community. More specifically, it can benefit people with vans, those who go on weekend road trips, and your everyday camper.

The Jackery 290 is best for the following people:

  • People in the van life community: From personal experience, this is the perfect van life essential to your van if you’re in the van life community. I don’t have any solar panels on my van, so this works perfectly when I need a bit of power on the road to charge up my laptop or camera. However, you could hook it up to solar to make the battery last.
  • People who go on weekend road trips: If you’re someone does a quick weekender from time to time, this power bank is a must. This can give you the power you need for the few days you’re off the grid.
  • People who typically camp often: It’s always nice to have a bit of power down at camp. This portable power bank can be a perfect thing to add to your collection of camping gear. Whether you need to charge headlamps, phones, or a portable speaker this has you covered.

With these things considered, this portable power bank can be beneficial to anyone that needs some extra power away from home. I know for me, before owning one of these by means of power was a Bestek Inverter that plugged into my cigarette lighter. However, the benefits of this portable power station outranked that small inverter in the blink of an eye.

Benefits of the Jackery 290

The Jackery 290 was recently released at the end of March, however, there are several benefits that are apparent right off the bat. First, this portable power bank has a lightweight design that allows you to take it anywhere. Next, it can pretty much power any AC or USB-compatible device. Finally, to put a cherry on top, it’s backed by Honda giving it some serious reputation.

The benefits of the Jackery 290 are:

  • Its portable and lightweight design: This portable power station is small, lightweight, and extremely mobile. It was designed for outdoor enthusiasts and offers absolute convenience, so you can take it on your next adventure.
  • It can charge your AC or USB-compatible devices: This portable power bank features two USB ports, one AV port, one 12V carport, and is compatible with an optional solar panel.
  • It’s a Honda Official Licensed Product: Jackery partnered with Honda on a series of portable power stations, which gives the Jackery 290 some great reputation. There’s nothing like being backed by a company as large as Honda.

Overall, this portable power bank can seriously add some value to life on the road or camping. Its function and design make it easy to take everywhere you go. The partnership with Honda is just an added benefit that gives it that little boost when compared to other portable power stations on the market.

Drawbacks of the Jackery 290

Although there are a handful of benefits that come with using this portable power station, it’s important we take a look at any of its drawbacks. These are things the product is missing or areas where it could improve its functions. This power bank has a small battery compared to competitors, it only has one 120-volt outlet, and is limited to 100-Watts of continuous power.

The drawbacks of the Jackery 290 are:

  • It’s a smaller battery compared to competitors: There are several other power stations on the market that offer a more powerful battery. However, if you’re a Jackery fan, they do have the Explorer 440 Power Station (440-Watt Hour battery).
  • It only has one 120-volt outlet: If you’re looking to charge or power multiple devices at one time, this may not be the right battery for you. It only features one 120-volt outlet and two USB ports.
  • Its power is limited to 100-Watt continuous: The Jackery 290 power is limited to 100-Watt continuous and 150-Watt peak. This means that the rated input power of your devices should be no more than 100-Watt.

However, I don’t think these drawbacks are enough to scare you away from this product. I’ve personally used this power station and it definitely holds its own. If the drawbacks above aren’t important to you, then you should be on your way to purchasing one of these. Additionally, if you think you’ll need more power or want to attach a solar panel, you can check out their other products listed in an upcoming section.

Jackery 290 Portable Power Station Customer Reviews

The Jackery 290 portable power station was released near the end of March, so there aren’t any customer reviews on their website quite yet. However, they have an excellent track record with their other products, which all have positive reviews. These products include the Explorer 240, Explorer 440, and the Explorer 50W Solar Panel.

Other Jackery Products

Explorer 240: Best for people who want a similar battery for a little less money.

Explorer 440: Best for people who need a more powerful battery.

Explorer 50W Solar Panel: Best for people who want to connect a solar panel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Jackery 290

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Jackery 290 are:

1. How Long Does It Take to Recharge?
The Jackery 290 portable power station typically takes eight hours to charge whether you’re using a 120-volt wall outlet or a 12-volt car charge. Additionally, if you’re using the Explorer 50W Solar Panel it will take around 10 hours.

2. How Long Is the Shelf Life?
The Jackery 290 has a shelf life of three to six months. This means if you don’t use it regularly, you will still need to recharge it every three to six months. In my mind, that’s a pretty solid time that it can hang out on your shelf.

3. Can You Use It Indoors for a Power Outage?
Beyond using this portable power station for the outdoors, this is perfect in the case of an emergency. You can use indoors during a power outage to charge your phone, laptop, LED lights, and more.

Honda by Jackery 290 Review Wrap Up
The Honda by Jackery 290 is Jackery’s newest product that was released at the end of March 2019. It’s slowly catching wind and can be the next best product to buy for your outdoor adventures. You can purchase one of these portable power banks by clicking the button below.



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