The Best Tailgate Generators Empower Your Tailgate Party

If you've ever attended a tailgate party in the past or are planning to do one in 2023, you are probably aware of the fun it brings along. It's a social gathering before any (basketball, football, or baseball) match where fans share love for their favorite team.

tailgate generator for tailgating party

Whether you're a low-key tailgater who wants to keep essential equipment like smartphones charged or a die-hard fan who wants to set up grills, TVs, fans, and more, all you need is a powerful yet compact tailgate generator.

Jackery Solar Generators are ideal for tailgate parties, all thanks to their portability, lightweight nature, and compact size. You can fit the solar generator on the back of an SUV or in the trunk of a car to carry power wherever you go.

Here are a few popular Jackery Solar Generators ideal for outdoor adventures like tailgating.




Surge Power

Noise Level

Solar Generator 1000

jackery solar generator 1000


1000W inverter (2000W surge)


Solar Generator 500

jackery solar generator 500


500W inverter (1000W surge)


Solar Generator 300

jackery solar generator 300


300W inverter (500W surge)


What Is A Tailgate Generator?

A tailgate generator is a portable, lightweight, and compact charging solution designed explicitly for tailgating events. These generators supply modest power output to essential electrical appliances like smartphones, TVs, speakers, lights, etc.

Here's why a portable power station is suitable for a tailgate party:

  • A robust generator lets you power radios, televisions, and other entertainment systems that can make your party more fun.
  • Many tailgate parties go from the cracks of dawn to the night, making them full-day affairs. A quiet tailgate generator helps you charge phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.
  • As tailgates are whole-day affairs and happen mostly in winter, the environment can be both cold and dark. A tailgate generator provides heat and mobile lighting to ensure all the partygoers are comfortable.

What Are The Types Of Tailgate Generators?

There are four main types of generators, including fuel, gas, diesel, and solar. The fuel, gas, and diesel generators come with high fuel costs, as they run on gas, propane, or any other kind of fuel.

Although they have a low initial cost, they're typically more expensive in the long run. Solar generators, on the other hand, usually run on the sun's energy and can charge most appliances using free and renewable energy. Let's explain them briefly.

Fuel Generators: These generators often use propane, natural gas, diesel, and gasoline as a fuel to charge appliances. The price of these generators will depend on the type of fuel you are using. However, they are less portable and less ideal for outdoor activities like tailgating.

Gas Generators: They are the most common and affordable generators that run on gasoline or propane fuel. These generators produce carbon monoxide and other pollutants, making them less eco-friendly choices.

Diesel Generators: They run on diesel fuel, which usually has a higher energy density compared to gasoline. These generators typically produce higher power outputs but are often associated with higher fuel costs. You'll have to spend 2-5 times more compared to gas generators.

Solar Generators: They combine solar panels and battery backups so they can provide power when and wherever you need it. They are environmentally friendly but are typically more expensive than gas generators.

Let's quickly reveal the pros and cons of different types of generators.

Tailgate Generators



Gas Generator

Low upfront cost

High fuel costs

Increases dependency on fossil fuels

Heavy and less portable

Diesel Generator

Power most critical appliances

High fuel costs

Complex maintenance needs

Limited run time

Solar Generator

Fully eco-friendly and emission-free charging solution

Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Lightweight and portable

High upfront costs but pay back in the long run

How Does A Tailgate Generator Work?

A tailgate generator is a portable charging device that combines solar panels and a battery backup. Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels capture the sunlight and convert it into electric energy, which can then be stored in the battery backup. Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations have a built-in inverter that converts DC to AC electricity to power most appliances.

The diagram illustrates how the Jackery Solar Generator works to charge appliances during the tailgating party.

how does a tailgate generator work

How Many Watts Does A Tailgate Use?

The watt consumption in your tailgate party will depend on how many appliances you use and for how long. The more electrical devices you use in your tailgating party, the more power you'll need.

Here is the simple formula to calculate the solar power required by each appliance.

Solar Power (Wh) = Appliance Wattage (W) × Number of Usage Hours (H)

For instance, if you are using an electric grill that consumes 1200W for 30 minutes (or 0.5 hours), the total solar power required will be 1200W*0.5H = 600Wh.

This table reveals the common appliances along with their wattage consumption and duration.




Solar Power Needed

























What Size Of Solar Generator Needed For A Tailgate Party?

Choosing the right size of solar generator for a tailgating party will depend on how much power your appliances consume. Jackery offers a wide range of portable, compact, and robust solar generators for all tailgaters.

Suppose you are using Jackery Solar Generator 1000 to power most appliances that consume 500 watts of energy. The working time will be:

Working Time = Capacity in Wh * 0.85 / Operating wattage of the device = 1002Wh * 0.85 / 500 = 1.7H.

That said, Jackery Solar Generator 1000 will supply stable electricity to 500 watts-consuming appliances for 1.7 hours.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 combines Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station and SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels. It has a large battery capacity of 1002Wh and can efficiently charge most of your outdoor appliances, including TVs, blenders, radios, projectors, and more. The battery backup features multiple input and output ports to charge 8 devices at the same time.

jackery solar generator 1000 for tailgating

Customer Review

"Great portable power source. Easy to use, fits well in small spaces, has a long battery life, and is very dependable. We enjoyed using the first one so much we bought a second one. We use them for camping and boating. We would absolutely recommend this product." — John Dugan.

Jackery Solar Generator 500

Jackery Solar Generator 500 has a battery capacity of 518Wh and seven output ports to charge multiple appliances simultaneously. You can power the solar generator using solar panels, an AC adapter, or a car outlet and then charge all your small electronic devices for long hours. It has a solid handle, which makes it easier to carry during outdoor activities like tailgating.

jackery solar generator 500 for tailgating

Customer Review

"I bought the Jackery Explorer 500 power source and the SolarSaga 100 solar panel for my CPAP when we go camping. Works perfectly. Use it for a night or two and charge it in the day. Never have to worry about power for my CPAP machine. And the built-in flashlight comes in handy, too." — Mark.

Jackery Solar Generator 300

Jackery Solar Generator 300 is one of the most compact and portable charging solutions for tailgating, RV trips, camping, and more. The quiet tailgate generator emits only 36.4dB of noise, making it ideal for the outdoor experience. In addition, it has a weight of 7.1 lbs, which is 35% lighter and 40% smaller compared to other competing and same-capacity products available in the market.

jackery solar generator 300 for tailgating

Customer Review

"I love the jackery unit and the solar panel. I have used it on many camping trips and need it for my CPAP machine when we don't run the gas generator. Quickly charges. I also use it for the kids' swimming pool pump; it works perfectly on clear days and, even without a solar panel, lasts long enough to operate as needed." — Mark P.




Operating Temperature

Tailgate Appliances

Solar Generator 1000


500 cycles to 80% capacity

14-104F (-10-40℃)

Projector (50W): 17H

Television (75W): 11H

Cooler (60W): 14H

Lighting (20W): 42H

Phone (7W): 121H

Speakers (25W): 34H

Solar Generator 500


500 cycles to 80% capacity

14-104F (-10-40℃)

Projector (50W): 8.8H

Television (75W): 5.8H

Cooler (60W): 7.3H

Lighting (20W): 22H

Phone (7W): 62H

Speakers (25W): 17.6H

Solar Generator 300


500 cycles to 80% capacity

14-104F (-10-40℃)

Projector (50W): 5H

Television (75W): 3.3H

Cooler (60W): 4.1H

Lighting (20W): 12.4H

Phone (7W): 35.5H

Speakers (25W): 10H

How to Choose The Best Tailgate Generator?

The best tailgate generator will depend on a few factors, such as capacity, portability, price, noise, run time, and more. However, it's worth considering that you'll use the solar generator for other trips like camping, RV lifestyle, and more. The generator of your choice should meet your requirements without being heavy.

  • You will need to transport your solar generator to and from the tailgating location. This means it should be portable and compact to fit in your vehicle. Remember, if it's too large, it'll become a major hassle.
  • Solar generators should emit little to no noise during operation, ensuring the sound does not interrupt your tailgating party.
  • The working time of the solar generator will depend on its capacity. However, the choice should not be solely based on the capacity. Instead, a solar generator for tailgating should be a combination of portability and large battery capacity.
  • Lastly, you'll need to finalize a proper budget and choose a solar generator that aligns with your needs.

Tailgate Generator FAQs

What power capacity is best for a tailgate generator?

Smaller solar generators, like Jackery Solar Generator 500 and 300, are great for short tailgating parties where you want to charge cell phones, speakers, and other small electrical appliances. If you are hosting a large tailgate party, you may need Jackery Solar Generator 1000, which can efficiently supply power to coolers, TVs, slow cookers, and more.

How long does a tailgate generator last?

Jackery Solar Generators 1000, 500, and 300 have a long-lasting battery capacity with up to 500 life cycles to 80% capacity. Proper maintenance and appropriate care are the keys to ensuring your solar generators last long and supply power for years.

Is a tailgate generator worth it?

The best tailgate generator can improve the overall tailgating experience and provide home comfort even during outdoor adventures. You don't need to worry about electric outlets to power appliances while enjoying your tailgating party. A portable solar generator can be charged using solar panels and power your most-used devices like cell phones, laptops, cameras, speakers, TVs, etc.

Final Thoughts

A portable tailgate generator can make or break your tailgating experience. These generators are ideal for outdoors due to their portable, quiet, lightweight, and compact nature. Jackery offers a variety of solar generators with large capacities ranging from 240Wh to 24000Wh.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 has a battery capacity of 1002Wh to charge multiple appliances for long hours. It weighs only 22.04 lbs, making it easier to carry around during tailgating, camping, and other outdoor activities. On the other hand, Jackery Solar Generator 300 might be ideal for small parties where you need to charge only a few appliances.


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