Happy Birthday Jackery

In 2012, a former battery engineer from Silicon Valley founded Jackery. The startup wanted to create eco-friendly products that could supply all the power needs of people who spend time outdoors or on the go. Jackery developed its first lithium portable power station in 2015.

Jackery is dedicated to developing green power products. In 2018, Jackery released the SolarSaga 60W, its first solar panel. Since then, the research and development team at Jackery has been committed to developing products that not only power all of your outdoor needs but help protect our planet as well.

On November 16th, Jackery will be celebrating its 8th anniversary. Over the last 8 years, Jackery's growth and innovation have taken it from just another startup to a competitive force in the market.

Jackery utilizes an intelligent manufacturing system that relies on professional automation equipment to create a consistent product. In addition to automation, Jackery has added a 10 million dollar laboratory, advanced quality control system, and self-developed automated testing equipment to help innovate and create quality products. As Jackery turns 8 years old, let’s take a look at the line of solar-ready portable power stations Jackery now has to offer.

The Jackery Explorer Power Series

The Explorer series has something for everyone, whether you want to keep your devices charged on a hike or you want a backup power source that will run larger appliances.

Explorer 160

At 3.84 lbs, this small portable power station can be charged by a wall outlet, car port, or an optional 60W solar panel. It is light enough to take on a hike and powerful enough to recharge handheld devices like smartphones and tablets several times. It will also power any device under 100 watts. Coupling the Explorer 160 with the SolarSaga 60W provides you with an unlimited source of clean energy. The 60W solar panel can completely charge the Explorer 160 in 5 hours. 

Explorer 240

For those that need a little more power, the Explorer 240 has a 240Wh capacity, which can run a 5W LED light for 40 hours or recharge a laptop 3 to 4 times before needing to be recharged. The extra power still comes in a surprisingly lightweight package at 6.6 lbs. Just like the Explorer 160, the SolarSaga 60W solar panel can be used for clean and free power from the sun. You can also charge this power station by plugging it into a wall outlet or car port.

Explorer 300

The Explorer 300 is a great starter option for short camping trips and as a backup power source with its 293Wh of power. It can be recharged in 5.5 hours from the sun with the SolarSaga 100W solar panel. Like all power stations in the Explorer series, it can be charged with a car port and wall outlet as well.

Explorer 500

The Explorer 500 can supply 518Wh of power and only weighs 13.32lbs. It can easily be carried on a camping trip, tailgate party, picnic, or it can be brought from room to room as a backup power source. It has a built-in MPPT to maximize solar charging from the optional SolarSaga 100W solar panel. The great thing about having a lithium battery-powered portable power station is the fact that you can take it anywhere. Unlike gas-powered generators, there are no fumes or gasses to worry about. You can use it inside a tent or your house.

Explorer 1000

The Explorer 1000 is one of the most powerful, portable power stations with its 1002Wh capacity. This flagship portable power station can run TV’s and charge all of your devices like it’s smaller Explorer counterparts, but that’s not all. The Explorer 1000 can run an electric grill and mini-fridge. It can also run a CPAP machine if you are looking for a backup power source in an emergency.

The Explorer 1000 can utilize two of the SolarSaga 100W solar panels at once with an adapter cable. You can charge the Explorer 1000 with the sun in just about 8 hours. Like most of the power stations in the Explorer series, it has pass-through charging. That means you can use the charging power while it is charging.

SolarSaga 60W and 100W Solar panels

SolarSaga 60W

The 8 years of top-notch research and development have allowed Jackery to make some of the most efficient portable solar panels on the market. Jackery’s monocrystalline solar panels have an efficiency of up to 23.7%. They pair easily with the Jackery Explorer series by simply plugging them in. The panels also have USB A and C ports to charge devices like cell phones directly from the solar panel.

SolarSaga 100W 

Use Jackery Products as a Solar Generator

A typical generator can generate electricity for use in real-time and runs on some sort of fossil fuel. Most Explorer series power stations feature pass-through charging. In other words, you can use the charging watts directly. By combining the optional SolarSaga solar panels with your Jackery product, you can use a Jackery portable power station as an eco-friendly solar generator

The power station will divert power you are getting from the sun directly to any devices you are running. Any excess power will be stored in the battery for later.

The Explorer 1000 plus two SolarSaga 100W panels will create a solar generator with the ability to produce up to 200 watts of power in real-time. This is enough power to charge your devices and run many devices like your laptop, a 60W mini fridge, a fan, or a TV with the sun while still charging your power station.

Jackery solar generators produce no fumes and don’t require gas. So make sure that when you purchase your Jackery portable power station, you choose the option to bundle the appropriate SolarSaga solar panels with it as well.

Use Jackery Portable Power Stations Everywhere

People often share photos of camping or power outages while using the Jackery Explorer series of portable power stations. There are tons of other ways that you may find a Jackery portable power station to be useful in your everyday life.

Keep it in your car. A portable power station in your vehicle ensures that you always have power wherever you go. You can use it to charge a cell phone if your car battery dies or keep your laptop charged on the go.

Power up your backyard events. You may want to plug in a blender to mix up some cold drinks for a summer party or set up a cell phone charging station to make sure no one misses the perfect photo op. Perhaps you want to do a backyard movie night and need to power the projector. 

No matter the get-together or event you may have in your backyard, with a Jackery portable power station, you don’t have to worry about noisy generators or long extension cords that become trip hazards. You can bring the power where you need it.

Use a power station for remote repairs. Regardless if you are fixing a fence, working on a boat or RV in storage, or any other type of repair project, a portable power station can help. You can avoid carrying a heavy gas-powered generator by setting up an Explorer 1000 and two optional 100W solar panels. This will give you quiet, clean power to charge batteries and run many power tools.

Ultimately if you have ever been in any situation and wished you had access to a socket to plug into, you could benefit from a portable power station. Browse through the Explorer series to find out which size of the portable power station and a solar panel that is right for you.

Looking Forward to the Future

Jackery has gone from being just a startup to producing some of the most powerful and robust portable power stations in the world. As Jackery turns 8 on November 16th, their birthday wish is to continue to innovate, grow, and provide eco-friendly products that power your life wherever you may go.

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