Solar Emergency Generator: Everything You Need to Know

Whenever a power outage, blackout, or brownout occurs, the thing that comes to mind is keeping the refrigerator running and lights on. Solar backup generators are less noisy and can charge most of your appliances indoors and outdoors. The solar emergency generator combines a portable backup battery power station and solar panels. As they harness energy from the sun, these battery backup solutions do not emit toxic fumes.

solar emergency generator by jackery

Jackery provides a wide range of Jackery Solar Generators with different sizes and capacities. These emergency battery backup solutions can charge 99% of home devices like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and more. Both Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus and Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro have large capacities of 2042.8Wh and 3024Wh, respectively, and can even be connected to the utility meter.




Rated / Peak Power



Solar Generator 3000 Pro

solar generator 3000 pro


3000W (6000W Peak)


Length: 18.6 in (47.24 cm)

Width: 14.1 in (35.81 cm)

Height: 14.7 in (37.36 cm)

Solar Generator 2000 Plus

solar generator 2000 plus

2kWh to 24kWh

3000W (6000W Peak)


Length: 14.7 in (37.36 cm)

Width: 18.6 in (47.3 cm)

Height: 14.1 in (35.94 cm)

Solar Generator   2000 Pro


solar generator 2000 pro


2200W (4400W Peak)


Length: 15.1 in (38.4 cm)

Width: 10.5 in (26.9 cm)

Height: 12.1 in (30.75 cm)

What Is A Solar Emergency Generator?

A solar emergency generator is a combination of power station and solar panels that can charge appliances when the electricity grid is down. All you need to do is plug in the devices to the power stations, and they'll start recharging the appliances.

Jackery Solar Generators feature NMC or LiFePO4 batteries and can provide backup power for home or off-grid living. They are counted among the best solar emergency generators to charge 99% of home electrical devices for extended periods.

Why Is Emergency Solar Generator Important?

If you are still unsure whether you need an emergency solar generator, here are a few benefits to keep in mind.

Emergency Power Backup

Power outages or natural disasters are becoming more common than ever. This is the reason why many people are switching to portable solar generators for reliable electricity supply. These emergency solar generators can provide power to all the essential appliances when the grid is down.

Power Medical Devices During Outages

If someone uses a CPAP machine while sleeping, they need a continuous electricity supply. Having an emergency power backup can help you overcome the uncertainties of blackouts or brownouts. For example, power stations can charge the CPAP machines throughout the night and even during outdoor adventures.

Support Illumination and Essential Appliance

When the power goes out or the grid is down, the darkness can be dangerous. Without proper illumination, it can be tricky to navigate home or the surrounding area, which increases the risk of injuries. For these reasons, a solar emergency power generator is a reliable choice to keep everything powered.

For Emergency Communication

If the power outage extends, essential appliances like mobile phones can run out of charge. That's where a reliable solar battery backup seems like the ideal solution.

How Does A Solar Emergency Generator Work?

A solar emergency generator works by creating electrical energy from sunlight and then storing it in a battery backup for future use. Jackery Solar Generators combine Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations and Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels that work in tandem to collect, convert, and supply electricity to appliances. The monocrystalline and highly efficient solar panels absorb the sun's rays and then convert them into DC electricity. The battery backups have a pure sine wave inverter that converts the DC to AC electricity, which is then used to charge appliances.

How Does A Solar Emergency Generator Work

Jackery Solar Generators for Emergencies

Whether you want to prepare your home for a power outage, reduce high electricity bills, or even charge your whole home, there is a range of portable solar generators from Jackery that fit any scenario. They do not run on fossil fuels, making them completely clean and eco-friendly choices for homeowners.

Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro 

The large Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro is the absolute powerhouse capable of charging 99% of home appliances. This larger unit comes with four wheels and a foldable handle to increase the mobility of the solar generator. The Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro Portable Power Station can be recharged via 6*Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels in only 3.5 hours.

jackery solar generator 3000 pro

Customer Review

"I ran a couple of outlets for lights and power by using my new Jackery generator. It allows me to have the power I need and also have a backup in case electricity drops in the house. It's very quiet and charges up quickly from house power, and the two included solar panels. The generator uses wheels to move it quickly." — Allen Lewis.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus 

The large Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus has a LiFePO4 battery of 2042.8Wh and can power almost all your electronics during a power outage. Plus, the capacity can be expanded from 2kWh to 24kWh with the help of an additional Jackery Battery Pack 2000 Plus. The solar battery backup can even be integrated with your home using the Jackery Manual Transfer Switch.

jackery solar generator 2000 plus

Customer Review

"Enough power for me for van camping or in a power outage. Holds charge well. Heavy, but the handle is sturdy, and so are the wheels so easy to move. We haven't charged with solar panels yet, but they seem high-quality." — Mo.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

If you only plan to run a few essential electrical devices, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro could make more sense. It has an impressive battery capacity of 2160Wh, allowing you to charge 96% of home appliances efficiently. You can recharge the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station with 6*Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels in under 2.5 hours.

jackery solar generator 2000 pro

Customer Review

"I used it for my CPAP and to run a small fan when the power was out. It worked really well. This one is much larger and will run the CPAP, fan, and coffee maker, which are really the most important things. I am very pleased with this product and would definitely purchase it again." — Maria Campbell.


Solar Generator 3000 Pro

Solar Generator 2000 Plus

Solar Generator 2000 Pro



2 kWh to 24 kWh


Life Cycle

2000 cycles to 70%+ capacity

4000 cycles to 70%+ capacity

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity






Length: 18.6 in (47.24 cm)

Width: 14.1 in (35.81 cm)

Height: 14.7 in (37.36 cm)

Length: 14.7 in (37.36 cm)

Width: 18.6 in (47.3 cm)

Height: 14.1 in (35.94 cm)

Length: 15.1 in (38.4 cm)

Width: 10.5 in (26.9 cm)

Height: 12.1 in (30.75 cm)

Recharging Methods

Solar Recharging: 3.5 H (6*Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels)

Wall Recharging: 2.4 H

Car Recharging: 35 H

Solar Recharging: 2 H (4*Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels)

Wall Recharging: 2 H

Car Recharging: 25 H

Solar Recharging: 5.5 H (6*Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels)

Wall Recharging: 2 H

Car Recharging: 24 H

Output Ports

AC Output (x1): 120V~ 60Hz 25A Max

AC Output (x3): 120V~ 60Hz 20A Maximum

USB-C Output (x2): 100W Maximum, 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A

AC Output (×4): 120V~ 60Hz, 20A Max

AC Output (×1): 120V~ 60Hz, 25A Max

USB-A Output (x2): Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max

USB-C Output (x2): 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)

AC Output (x3): 120V, 60Hz, 2,200W (4,400W Surge Peak)

USB-A Output (x2): Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Maximum

USB-C Output (x2): 100W Maximum, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)

Working Hours

Air Conditioner (1150W): 2.2H

Sump Pump (800W): 3.2H

Space Heater (1800W): 1.4H

Coffee Maker (1000W): 2.5H

Microwave (1000W): 2.5H

Air Conditioner (1150W): 1.5H

Sump Pump (800W): 2.1H

Space Heater (1800W): 58 min

Coffee Maker (1000W): 1.7H

Microwave (1000W): 1.7H

Air Conditioner (1150W): 1.6H

Sump Pump (800W): 2.3H

Space Heater (1800W): 1H

Coffee Maker (1000W): 1.8H

Microwave (1000W): 1.8H

How to Choose the Best Solar Emergency Generator?

When choosing the best solar emergency power generator, you must consider some key factors.

Battery Capacity and Storage: Battery capacity is generally measured in ampere and watt-hours. The larger the Wh rating of the solar generator, the more energy it can store.

Solar Input Capabilities: Check how many solar panels you can connect with the battery backup to increase the efficiency and charging speed.

Charging Speed: Next, understand how fast the battery backup can be recharged via solar panels. It's best to choose a solar generator that can be restored more quickly so you are always prepared for emergencies.

Number of Output Ports: If you want to charge multiple appliances simultaneously, you'll need to choose a power station with many output ports. For example, Jackery Solar Generators come with different AC, USB-A, and USB-C ports, so you can power multiple electrical devices at the same time.

Eco-friendly: Solar generators can be recharged via solar panels and do not emit fossil fuels. This makes the emergency solar backup solution an eco-friendly choice.

Cost-efficient Energy Solution: When choosing the battery backup, you'll need to consider the budget. Jackery provides a wide range of portable solar systems at different prices.

Solar Emergency Generator FAQs

Do solar-powered generators really work?

Yes. Solar-powered generators work great to keep your lights and other essential appliances running. They are a great way to have extra electricity on hand and leave the worry of power outages behind.

Will my solar generator survive an EMP?

The solar panels will often survive an EMP, but many other components might need replacement.

Is it worth buying a portable solar generator?

Yes. A reliable battery backup or a portable solar generator is a handy choice for homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts. It's an eco-friendly solution that can power your appliances, especially helpful for those living in areas prone to blackouts.

Would solar panels work in an apocalypse?

If you have solar panels and a home battery system, you never have to worry about losing power. Even on cloudy days, solar panels can absorb the sun's rays and turn them into electricity.

How many years will a solar generator last?

A well-maintained solar generator can last 5-10 years, making it a worthy investment for homeowners. However, the exact battery lifespan will depend on its type. For example, Jackery Solar Generators with lithium-ion or LiFePO4 batteries can typically last up to 10 years with minimal maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Solar generators come in all styles and shapes to serve extended power outages, blackouts, and brownouts. Many solar emergency generators are portable and highly efficient, ideal for indoor and outdoor adventures. In addition, they do not operate without emitting any noise or toxic fumes, so you can run them in apartments and condos. If you are looking for a solar generator that offers unmatched efficiency and reliability, you might like to try Jackery Solar Generators. They have large battery capacities, allowing you to run multiple appliances for long hours.