25+ Football Party Games: Hilarious, Free Printables, Activities for Small Groups, & More!

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25+ Football Party Games: Hilarious, Free Printables, Activities for Small Groups, & More!


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The football season is rapidly approaching, meaning it's time to choose the perfect party spot, prepare the delicious delights, and, most importantly, pick some fun football party games. However, with so much fun already happening, it might be hard to create the most memorable and happening atmosphere — especially once you are done with the game day cocktails and snacks.

If you are curious about how to level up the epic night, here is the list of the best football party games for all ages. We have covered everything from free printables to hilarious and football-themed party games. In addition, there are also games for small groups, big parties, and even indoors. The best part? Most of the gaming options do not require you to DIY anything or spend a lot of money.

Why Football Party Games Matter?

It may seem a little counterintuitive to look for games for a football party because you are already watching a game. But let's be honest — you'll find some people who don't care much about the game or aren't cheering for their team the whole time. That's where football party games come into the picture.

Football parties are much more than gathering and watching the football game. These games are one of the best ways to keep guests entertained and laughing. While there's no doubt that the game can be exciting in itself, games provide an alternative entertainment during these times.

The best part of football party games is that they are fun for both football lovers and those who don't have much football knowledge or fandom.

Football Games for Your Party: A Starter List

The famous football is the most anticipated game of the football season. Thankfully, there are various types of football games available out there. From free printables to hilarious and football-themed, there are a lot of football games for a party to check out.

Pin the Football on the Goalpost: The game participants need to be blindfolded, spin around, and try to pin the football on the goalpost. Whoever pins the most footballs wins the game!

Wing-Eating Contest: There isn't a more iconic football snack than chicken wings. It's a perfect football game for foodies, and whoever eats more wings will win!

Football Party Games - wing eating contest

Celebrity Dress-Up Contest: If you're throwing the football party in celebrity style, ask all the attendees to come dressed as their favorite celebrity, and whoever gets the highest votes will be considered the winner.

Football Toss: The football toss is another fun football party game for kids and adults alike. This football, see who can toss more footballs into the buckets to score points and then win prizes.

Football Dice Game: Give the kids some candy, dice, and a free printable football dice game so they can be busy for hours. It's like kids have to roll their way to eat the candy.

Free Printables Football Party Games

The football party games printable is ideal if your guests are low-key and want to sit down and play games. They're great for playing while enjoying your favorite football party food. Here are a few football party games free printables that you can download and get started straight away!

Football A-Z Game: This is one of the perfect games to play in this football  game season. You can print and distribute this game card among the players and ask the guests to write down any football or football-related word. The person writing the most words wins!

football party game football a-z

Football Pick ‘Em: This interactive game is perfect for a football watch party as it can be filled out before the football match starts. All you need to do is print the free football party game card and distribute it among all your guests.

football party game pick em

Game Day Bingo Cards: It's a great way to help kids learn about the game or even for adults who want to play bingo based on gameplay and not on commercials. Each of these cards is filled with things that players might do or typical football penalties.

football game day bingo cards

10 Hilarious Football Party Games

If you're looking for the best hilarious football party games, here are a few options that you've never played before. You can play these games during half-time or even before the activity starts! Check out the 10 hilarious football party games in the following section.

Face Goal: For this, you'll need two players and mini-stuffed footballs. One player with a bucket of small footballs stands 10 yards from the other, who stands with upright hands. To play, the first player must hike footballs underneath their legs into the field goal — without hitting the other person in the face.

Lineman: In this game, players stand at one table end and then slide cookies on a football tablecloth. The point is to land them touching the line. Players must land one cookie on each of the lines to win.

Candy Contest: You'll have to give each player a wrapped delicious candy. All the players have to eat an entire candy, including unwrapping and swallowing the candy. The first player who completely eats the candy wins!

candy eating contest game

Football Points: Cover the party table with any football tablecloth and hand someone four stuffed mini footballs. Have them stand six feet away (or a little closer) and ask them to toss their four footballs onto the table. If they land one mini-football on the table, they win points.

Football Trivia: If you think you've some of the biggest football experts in your crew, consider playing football trivia. It's time to challenge your guests to a football-themed trivia contest; whoever knows more stats will win.

Football Word Scramble: This little brain-testing challenge will keep your kids occupied throughout the night. It's played by using small square-shaped tiles and is a fun diversion for adults if you include some challenging terms as well.

football word scramble

Football Knockdown: Players toss the old pigskin at a pyramid of football-themed plastic cups in this game. All you need is a white pen, a football, and some brown cups for this entertaining activity.

Football Hot Potato: The foam football adds a twist to the classic game where players form a circle, and one person holds the football. It is passed around the circle when music plays, and the person holding the football at the end is out of the game. If you're hosting the football party outdoor, the Jackery Solar Generator 500 is your best bet to charge all the appliances, including music setups.

Half-Time Commercial Bingo: We all know commercials are one of the best parts of football. Watch your favorite brands or celebrities and then make one big card or different cards to collect. All the guests will be ready to watch and get BINGO!

Potluck Cook-Off: football day is the time to get competitive in the kitchen. See who can cook a delicious pot of chili or appetizers and pick the winner!

potluck cook off game

Foot Ball Party Games for Small Groups

If you want to invite only a few close ones to your football party, there are many ways to enjoy the epic night. Check out some of the best football party games for small groups. 

Football Minute To Win It Games: It's a huge hit among kids and adults! You can play before, during commercials, or after the game. They take just a minute or two to play and are hilarious to watch!

Pick Six: It's a viral TikTok game where players try to pick six dollars blindfolded to win it all! You can even replace dollars with something more exciting, like treats, gifts, or anything.

Football-Themed Party Games

Football is incomplete without football-themed party games. Here are some football party games to keep your guests entertained.

Football Bingo: Everyone loves the Bingo game, and for a football version, you can create your own boards and fill in football-themed words. This is one of the great football-themed football party games for everyone.

Balloon Football: There's something therapeutic about keeping a football in the air. It's a simple and timeless enjoyment of keeping the football from touching the ground.

balloon football game

Football Home Party Games: Enjoying the Games at Home

For many people, a football party is like an annual gathering. If the weather doesn't permit outdoor games, here are a few football home party games.

Football Food Competition: If you want to play this indoor game, all you need to do is break the attendees into two teams and give each of them an identical set of snacks. The team that creates the best football-themed treat will win!

football food competition

Football Word Game: It's like a little brain-teasing challenge in the form of a football word game. All the words are related to football and aren't hard to unscramble for kids or adults!

super bowl word game

Keeping Everyone Engaged: Activities for All Ages

If your football party includes children, teens, and adults, here are some activities to keep everyone engaged. These games are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Don't Drop the Pizza: Give all the football party guests a pizza box to see who can balance the box from point A to point B on their heads. Whoever gets straight from one point to another without dropping the box on the floor wins a treat like an extra slice of pizza.

don_t drop the pizza

Fun Football Field Goal: You need small stuffed footballs and a basket for this game. The kids will pick a partner, basket, and football. The game starts when one kid drops the football to another kid's foot, and the teammate tries to kick the football off their foot into the basket.

Safety and Preparation Tips for Game Time

While playing the football party games, you must keep all the guests safe. Here are some safety and preparation tips.

  • You must consider the comfort levels of all participants while selecting the football party game ideas. Make sure everyone knows the pre-defined rules and regulations of the game.
  • Once you've decided which games to play, get all the props and playing areas ready.
  • You must encourage kids and adults to drink plenty of water or juices so they can stay hydrated. If serving alcohol to adults, drink responsibly.

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    The football parties aren't just about delicious food. One way to entertain your guests is by playing the football party games. They are a great way to engage guests who aren't into football. If you are all set to throw an unforgettable football party, consider investing in a reliable solar-powered generator. Jackery has an exceptional range of solar generators with different sizes and capacities to deliver energy to run a football party from setup to teardown.

    Football Party Games FAQs

    What is the football pre-game party?

    The football pre-game party is an opportunity to get together with your favorite people and watch the exciting football game. There are drinks, snacks, and games to offer an overwhelming sense of excitement.

    How do you throw a successful football party?

    In order to throw a football party, start by decorating the table like a football field, using balloons and banners to deck out the space, preparing delicious foods, and, most importantly, choosing the suitable football party games.

    How do you entertain kids at a football party?

    Entertaining kids in the football game may feel intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! There are many kid-friendly games, crafts, and foods that will keep them busy and entertained throughout the football night.

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